me……a fundraiser?????……WHY not????

This is the write up I will place at the Fundraising site……: “Once upon a time, the American Government placed the native peoples of this land….on “reservations”. They stuck them there so they could control them. They put them in the harshest environments and said deal with it. They continued this line of thinking up until today. Do we just accept that? Do we just accept that they go hungry and freeze in the winter because they have no food and not enough money to pay the electric bills? Or their medicines. Even shelter for some, due to overcrowding of tiny homes and alcoholism blowback. The point is….these sacred people are suffering. What a shame. A shame on us. Let’s remove that shame and start caring for our Native Americans and especially our Elders. These are the closest we have to true history and a remarkable spiritual society. They have given us much. Isn’t it time we gave back?”

I am calling it….the Elder Crusade. The word fits, I googled it. What do you think? I’ve opened an account at and placed my starting goal at $10,000. Youcare doesn’t charge fees, yay Mea for discovering that. I’m also doing the raffle. I’m attacking it twofold. As a fundraising thing and as a raffle. Up for grabs is……..Buffalo and Little Bear, just finished tonight and looking mighty spiffy if I say so myself. Thought it was a mess. So did Jesse but he didn’t tell me till I pulled it out of the muck. I just love it folks. Wow, I love being happy with my art….feels so good now instead of sooooo bad.

Ok….so I have a pet peeve. Folks….I AM WHAT I AM. I am who I AM. Never try to hide it. I smoke. I once sent a lady a whole box of goodies…handmade beautiful angora hats, scarves, glovies….and told her to choose. The response? It smelled like smoke. Not one work about the beautiful things. That hurt my feelings so bigtime. Now….I’ve had the same response about the Pup painting. Man, in this day and age of Febreeze….it upsets me so. I work really hard on these paintings. So it smells a little when you first get it cuz I lost the febreeze bottle……but dang….it will fade away and the painting is every bit as good…with or without that smell. Jeeze, it will be hanging on a wall…not hanging above the kitchen table, hovering. Let it sit outside on a porch or something for a night or two, safely, of course…jeesh. I’m not gonna apologize for smoking. I’ve done it since I was 11. I’m an artist at 52. Love me or hate me.

The two new kittens are under my bed and have been all night long. Since about 8pm and it’s nearly 3am. They were scared by Blue walking into the room and Katy bar the door…………..they are NOT coming out. Hehe….Jess was just down here for awhile…..everytime my head turned to the right, I smiled and got excited. One time, he said…ya, I know, the painting is good. Heheheheheheheeeeee. Hehehehehheeeeee. I just kept being surprised when my eyes would light on it. Whoa. I like that. What fun. Ok….bedtime for Bonzo. 2:33am = 8 = infinity and beyond!!!! Hehehe. Lol. Night night my sweets.

Kitties woke me up again, but I put all their stuff in a corner so they didn’t have to go past Bluedog, boy are they terrified of him. And now…..SneezySmokey is wheezing. The vet said he would most likely get sick everytime a stressor was there like new cats and we got new cats. Oi ve. Ok….went to town and got raffle tickets. Also stopped in a frame shop to ask how she would frame my paintings, while there, asked how to find the photography store. Whatcha need that for? Well, I need high pixel photos of my paintings, to send into a request for submissions for an art showing. She says…Oh so and so…and up pops this lady we didn’t know was there. She’s about to be named President of the art guild. Hehe. She will do them for ten dollars a painting. Cool. She’ll do them the same way I do, just under a good light and with the right camera. I could probably do it myself but don’t think I will.

So, the lady needing help with her electric bill…some thought it might be a scam….not. Real lady and the grandchild needs clothes size 6-8 and shoe/boot size 2. Can anyone help with that? Or should those be bought new? I’m so new at this. I was considering Walmart gift cards for those type items. Remember when my opportunity to be a Secret Giver was taken away???? Hehehe. This is better!!!!! I love the Natives, No matter that they know not what they want to be called, which makes naming this Fundraiser a wee tad difficult….I love the Indians. I love THE PEOPLE. Ya…my kind of gifting. I surely hope others have an affection for them…or else, this will be a flop. If I had time, I’d make roundloom hats and scarves. I know they’ve already had a snowstorm at some of the tribes. Snowed em in in fact. Have you ever thought about their plight? Have you ever been there? There are no stores. Just desolate shacks. I wonder how far they’d have to drive or walk to get to a Walmart to use the giftcard??? Oh, there might be a tee tiny store at the main corner, but that’s it. Barren.

Mea sent me the fiber for the Hera painting. Wowza….she vacuum sealed it and there be some fiber crammed in there!!!! She even sent me some buffalo. Talk about Brown!!! Little Bear is finished but woulda looked great on him. Several browns for my paintings too. Colors I’ve never played with before!!!! YUM! Thinkin I may try something different tonight. Jesse and I been kickin this idea around and I’m aimin to start it tonight. It’s a portrait. I only did the first one playing around and the 2nd one for my daughter, but I’ve learned a lot since then and think I can do it. You’ll laugh when you see who it is……but in case it flops…I ain’t tellin yet. Okie dokie. It’s that time. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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