Workin out how to help the Elders…

Holy crapola and shenanigans! 2 new kittens! Knew about them, remember…from Terry, the guy building my 55 Chevy Truck. We got her sister as well, Coco….who is medium haired like a cougar or leopard…but Mocha….mocha is a fuzzy gorgeous variegated silver grey thing. Most awesome. We shall see how it goes tonight cuz I’m planning on them staying in my room. With cats……never never just let them free in your home. Let them out in one room. One room, so you can find them for Gods sakes! They will hide, or most will…these are extraordinary and they didn’t. They are having a hard time with Bluedog cuz there were no dogs there, but these are basically feral. Beautiful and loving and feral. More love. Ya.

I worked on a painting tonight. Jesse came in and said it was too big, it would end up a cub. In the end…which is far away…he might be right, it is a cub. I told him sometimes it’s the artists prerogative to turn it into what it wants to be. The reason I’m doing another Bear…is cuz if I do the raffle…..the local people……well, Giddings, has the Buffalos and Bastrop has the Bears. I figure that might up my odds of getting raffle donations. Pray I follow through people…I lack that ability and need prayers for it. Thank you and night night. 1:32am = 6 = earth….which to me means…Go for IT. Night!!!!!

Had to take Jess and the riding lawnmower again down to the bar and drop him off. It was a long non day. We then drove back to the house to get my bow…..then to the bow shop for a release thingiemajig. Where I don’t pull it with my fingers. Very strange. Now I have a hard time seeing my little light sight things. May need more adjustments. Very tiring play, bows. It kept stinging my wrist again so we got a wrist guard. By the time I have all the “things” on….that will “help” me…….I can’t even open and close a door. Then we went back cuz he lad problems with the mower. The owner guy bought our lunch while we then waited for him to finish up. That was cool. Oh….and the weather! Jeesh……in the 80’s today! How weird. We are back to the AC again. Texas weather….ya ya, I know….other states have it too.

So……..I’m still going ahead with the raffle. I’ve spoken with Mechelle at T’ootsie healing circle from the Najavo/Dine tribe and she says it’s very hard there. Year after year. She is delighted people are stepping up to help. Still working out details for the best ways to do this. Any volunteers are greatly appreciated. They need warmth, their meds, food, electricity…just things we all take for granted. The Gov is supposed to be taking care of them after sticking them in these prisons…..but nah….they got better things to do. Have ya been to a “RESERVATION”? Hmmm….break that word down. Reserve….put aside. ……ation. Starvation, nation, deprivation, activation(to be active about) and now…we come to the last one….the need for…salvation. Bless these souls and warm their bones and hearts. Please consider buying a $20 ticket for a good warm cause….Save a Native. I’m working out the particulars now. Ok, well…..I’m running late, so………………………signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.











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