………let’s help the NATIVE AMERICANS……….????? Anyone?????

Have you ever watched a butterfly come out of its cocoon or a cicada come out of it’s shell? As it changes from one thing….into something else entirely? I’m witnessing it now. My son, with all his talents, has created a soundcloud site where he puts out music he likes. Most of it is fresh new stuff that he tries to supply quick. Well…………this site gains so many listeners each day it’s crazy. It’s been up about as long as I’ve been twitterin, maybe a few weeks longer, and he had 40,000 plays today. Just today. Yesterday was 37,000. That’s like being a DJ on the radio and having 40,000 listeners!!!! I think he’s doing awesome work. He’s also still producing electronic and hip hop music and doing quite well with it. He still doesn’t have all the equipment he needs. I was supposed to buy him a mixer with the money from Kid n Ewe but I didn’t make enough.

No painting tonight. My friend needed a friend (tv), so I messaged with her all evening. When we were truly done, it was midnight. I didn’t feel like starting one that late. We had a very intense conversation about religion and spiritual and the difference. Heavy duty. I grew uncomfortable. Go figure. I’m used to blogging about my beliefs but not one on one. Very strange for me. She assured me she was just trying to understand me and I know that to be true….but how to understand the understandable? Hehehe. Try though, please, it’s much appreciated.

Well……..fast forward about an hour or so and ya….I did. I started a painting this late. It’s now 3am and I think I’ve pulled myself out of it…not too hard cuz it’s so little in. Not sure how it’s coming either cuz I’ve never done one like this and we shall see is all I can say. Oh ya…the Hera painting. She loved it but in the end decided she wanted Hera’s babys curls in it…so all I gotta do is remove the backend gray curls and replace them with what she sends me. No biggie. That way, she’s actually got a part of Hera in it. Man…the sleepies have hold of me. Better go now before I stop making sense, lol. Night night and shhheeeeeeyyyaaaaaaaaaa! 3:05am = 8 = infinity.

Hmmm. Had to take the boy to rake mulch for the bar, then he forgot cigarettes and gloves so had to drive back. Owner invited me inside for chicken noodle soup, which I ate, then back home with the boy cuz he was done. Finally, at 2:30, I got to start back on the painting. Got a bit worked on…coming along. This one is a male Lion head. Gorgeous photo….hope I do it justice. Been juggling the idea of getting an older red buck from the same people I’m getting the other two. Not sure yet. Found out he’s the father to the red doe I’m getting, some agree with breeding that, some don’t. So…..I probably won’t get him. Oh well. It was an idea and he was priced for sale.

And…………………….it’s stickerburr season AGAIN. The majority of the goats are wearing the stickerburr necklaces. Gosh I hate that, but the area is so big, I don’t even know where the burrs are in the bigboy acreage….I do in the L and I need to pour vinegar. Maybe I’ll do that Sunday. Hope it works. It’s funny. You can take a fleece from goat to yarn…and still find stickerburrs as you are spinning. I say funny….not so funny when you get surprised by one.

My dog Blue is feeling insecure and chewing hotspots. Ever since the Rv trip, he’s been chewing himself raw. 3 huge strips, raw. Everytime I leave him alone…he does this. I need to shear him and get it over with so he can’t hurt himself anymore. Poor baby, such emotional issues. Never shoulda used that shock collar on him when he was a baby that the training people recommended. It made him nutty. He’s a good boy mind you, but he’s still nutty. He reads my mind and barks when he thinks it’s necessary. He also barks at every word and correction to the kitties. I tell him I can handle it, but he doesn’t think so. What a dog. Oh ya. While feeding, I got to looking at Heaven. Maybe she’s got such a funny red color cuz shes not RED! I guess it’s more like chocolate milk. Wowza…I have a brown goat!!! Well, Star is too, but she’s so dark its nearly black. Funny chocolate milk, that’s what we’ll call her color.

Gypsy came to visit me in my room!!! How rare!!! She’s just hangin out with us. Oh my, and she just laid down on my bed!!!! That makes me happy cuz we used to be so close till I brought home more cats. Well, this lion needs a face and eyes so I best get to it. Y’all take care now, ya hear??? Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya on Sunday as usual. Thanks for bearing with me while I was so busy. You guys rock. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…..Mea loved the Hera painting, but decided she wanted some of Heras baby’s curls in it…so she’s sending me some to use in place of the gray. Hehe, hoping I remember to add the photo. My shortterm memory is pretty bad. PSS…… I saw a Native American wondering why people were in such a hurry to help the people in the Phillipines when there are so many here who need help. That tells me……………..THAT THE NATIVES ARE SUFFERING……….WE NEED A DRIVE….A BLANKET, CLOTHING, COAT, SCARF, MITTEN, FOOD, EVERYTHING DRIVE!!!!!…………….. BUT…..the Elders…………they need…MEDS, SHELTER, ELECTRICITY and FOOD, which basically means money since you can’t box those things up. This calls for a $$$ donation drive. Anyone wanna help with this? Not my thing but I will if I gotta. Okie Dokie. Later!!!

















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