Remembering Hera….the peacock goat……………………

As I was reaching for the laptop last night to blog a bit…..the laptop signed off and began doing updates. No way to stop it and so no night portion. I’ve been to town today so haven’t been here to Blog so jeesh…this’ll be a shorty!!! While out, I got to show someone my art and they are pondering on a commission. Yay. Last night I worked on Hera. Hera is a beautiful peacock pattern angora goat that my friend Mea had bred. Mea and I both loved Hera. I, of course, loved her from afar….like Mea loves my Georgia. Well, Mea went on vacation last year and came home to a dead Hera and at least one more as well. She has the pelt, but I wanted her to have a painting, so………………….I’m doing Hera. What a beautiful goat. They have one color on the front half of the goat and a darker on the back half. They can also have the black mascaratype markings. And….not only am I doing a peacock goat painting, but………when Mea discovered I was getting a doe from Red falcon Ranch…..she said…..hey…you should get Natalia…she has peacock blood! So….it is in the works for me to get 2 does now instead of one…and I just saw that the deep red giver herdsire is also for sale. Hmmm, gotta talk to hubby. Not sure if he’ll spring for more….I was blessed he said he would pay for Natalia.

Picked up meds for Gypsy, hubbys cat who somehow has gotten the ringworm now that the others are all healed. She rarely interacts but apparently she interacts enough. Jeesh. Jesse is working outside at the bar today….spreading mulch around and the guy is going to start paying him what he already owes for all the time he worked at the bar…plus the bar has reopened. That is good for Jesse and bad for me….driving him to is not so bad except for loss of time in my day……driving him fro… that’s the hardship. Late at night and can’t start on my sleep beers till I pick him up which can be 2am. Not good for my life. He sure is excited though. He likes to work, less boring than here. Same ole, same ole. Ahhh crap…brainfreeze. Love the smoothies….hate the brainfreeze. Oh ya…..the house finally warmed up last night around 11pm, then it was up every half hour or so to turn it down till it was finally at the right spot.

While in town, I realized that the Fairy Door pendant that Jane surprised me with, was upside down on my pouch. Hmmm… wonder the fairies didn’t come help me at the festival….they couldn’t get in the door…it was upside down! Lol. So, I have rehung it appropriately. I’ve regathered all my painting supplies and although they have grown….I now have them all in my room. It’s amazing to me the differences in fiber. I went to do Hera last night and none of the fibers seemed right. I never did find the exact one I wanted, but I came close. Moonee curls were close, but too long and too wide, but the right shade. Went with baby Maya instead…more appropriate anyways. Baby curls for baby curls. Or should I say…..Beloved baby curls for a beloveds baby curls. Nearly done with Hera. Worked on it till 4:30am…even after….as I was climbing into bed….I threw some wisps in…..and bed around 5:30am. Yup…once I start….it’s hard to stop…real hard.

So…..I wonder whats up with CAGBA….I still don’t have any paperwork. I do know my herd ID, cuz Mea looked there and it showed up…but no paperwork whatsoever has reached me. Surely there is some???? Remember, I’m new at this registering business. Hehe, trying to justify the new goats to Jesse. He’s like…but I have to feed the majority…you need to sell some of your bucks!!! Yes, that’s true. Just gimme a bit to get over the sale of the others and I’ll be ready again. Maybe spring. Ok….well……….guess that’s it for today. Have a good’un. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















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