one cold country gal………………….

Well…….another nothing night. I’m on quite the break, eh? When hubby came home and said turn off the heater….on a night that was to go to 30 degrees…..I was unhappy. Then I discovered that my big fiber bag was still in the Rv. Jess had only unpacked the Blazer so my stash wasn’t here. Plus…where are all my parts, tools? That and it’s cold…so here I sit…under the blanket with a ton of clothes on, and no heat. So far not too bad. Weather app says 41 right now. Everytime I go out to the girls pasture….it looks like some are missing. The group looks too small. I think somethings wrong. Something is….I’ve sold them. Jeesh oh Petes this is hard stuff. And back to the paintings… I wonder if I’m stalling. The show was so hard on me. Was great in so many ways but also so very hard. Harsh. Thick. Icky. Tense. Maybe that’s why I’m not rushing into it although I now have around 75 photos ready to go. I could paint anything I want…ready in an instant….if all my supplies were here. On the other hand….I have enough supplies to make one right now…here. And I don’t. The new stuff would do it in a heartbeat. So many luscious fibers. Waiting…….waiting for me to be inspired enough……to create.

I splurged and rented Man of Steel. 6 bucks!!!! Jeesh. The price of convenience. Oh….Twitter update. I now have my followers and followings….even. Or close. At the moment…it’s at Following: 2,812………..Followers: 2,814. Probably around week number 9. Think I’ve got this Twit thing figured out. We shall see. I’m starting to notice that some of the new followers are regular people. Maybe they’ll stick around through my Follow insanity. It’s bad folks…I’m addicted. I’m really good at it. I no longer follow people. I only follow if they follow me….with a few exceptions. There…..enough with the twitosphere. I guess it’s bedtime for this ole Bonzo. Oh ya…..I wrote most of the Hoegger Blog tonight. Not sure what the deadline is anymore, but I’m writing one. Nightie night my friends…nightie night. 1:54am = 1= Beginnings…Yay!

Well, I crawled into bed with all my clothes on…all the many layers….and found all that was blanketish for my bed, crawled in and barely moved. The house had an intense chill all day and it was warmer outside than inside. Finally, around 3pm, the propane guy arrived. Yayayayaaaay. I’ve got it way up to take the chill out. I was too cold to paint last night and the same today. Tonight should be good to go. SO many things to paint….for others, for the gallery thing….so much to choose from. Sold the pyr pup painting to a lady who has an awesome collection. She couldn’t afford full price so I told her if it didn’t sell at the show, I’d sell it to her for what she could pay. Done deal. Mailed off. I could’ve marked it down there…there were definitely people interested but nah….I like the idea of the collection.

Did I tell ya I met the shearer there at the Kid n ewe? He was Mr. Specks personal shearer and I asked if he traveled. He said…I never have, but I guess I can. SO……………..I have a shearer!!! Now to decide… finish up the stragglers and he come in spring….or….just come now and do all. Don’t like that idea cuz it would eliminate many coats as useable. Sometimes we have yuk decisions to make. Let them freeze or let the coat get matted from being on too long. The answer usually for me is…..leave a cape on. So hard to even think of such things when I’m still so cold. Poor babies…they didn’t have piles of blankets, but they all appear ok. I made the rounds and the Bigboys are still in rut…yay…..cuz I wanna breed that red doe, Pirrouette, from Red Falcon Ranch as soon as she arrives which should be around 2 weeks. Oh jeeze….you don’t know about that. While at the fest, Jane(Moonee’s original owner), told me there was a wagontrain set up from Minnesota to here, if I needed a goat from there. I had been kicking around the idea of a dark red since I sold my Lily before I started painting and am pert near outta red goats. I only wanted one though….and she was willing. I have a buddy for Pirouette…Lila, who has no cuddlepartner now that Lily is gone. So now….I will have reds for my paintings. As it is, I’m using old Lily fleeces, which will run out.

I still need a source for: lower priced/mid quality wool, white and brown…..that has been to the mill and is mill carded into the big batt sheets. Seriously need a SOURCE. Have enough to get me through another month or so and that’s it. Know anyone????? Man….this heater needs to hurry and warm up the house before hubby comes home when I’ll have to turn it way down. Cathy said…put some glovies on……ya right….I gave em all away! Oh well…..cookin now…warmer there. Well…later folks. Keep smiling……………….!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch…tad warmer.














4 thoughts on “one cold country gal………………….

  1. A new goat, I bet she is coming through my house, but I haven’t been told yet, humm, I know James boy is, so your girl must be. You should get Natalia as well, then you could have one of my goats with you. She is up at Red Falcon as well, just thinking!!!
    Be good, Hugs!!!

    • Yes hon she is coming thru you! Last to know, eh??? Can’t afford a 2nd…have other things I need at moment. Didn’t make much $$$ last weekend

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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