…….figuring things out

Ok……so………..yes, I got five hundred dollars and yes I’m mostly ok with it, but the coat sale was a real piece of work. I was “worked” by two little old Japanese ladies, twins. I was hustled, basically. In the end, they got it for 500. After they walked away, hubby informs me that the husband was willing to pay the whole 2 grand. I told him to drop the subject and that next time, tell me that while it’s still relevant. I was still stewin about it yesterday but I’m ok now. See……….the reason the coat was priced so high is cuz it is MY COAT. I figured if someone wanted it that bad, they could have it but they would have to pay a lot. My desperation let me get worked. Live and learn.

It was cool there. Perfect weather for fiber arts…you know, warm things???? There was a pool at the park and Jesse kept wanting to swim. He did finally get his chance Sat. night when it was a bit warmer but that’s when he discovered the hot tub!!! Lol. 20 year olds. I would never have gone swimming in cold, pool or hottub. I had to drive in the dark so many times that I’m wondering if God has partially healed my night blindness. Some was not hard at all, other times was awful. Nearly the whole trip home was dark. Blue was a good boy except for the time he escaped from the Rv and went looking for me. He’d made it all the way to the side door…20 ft away when hubby found him. My Blue.

I’m anxious to get painting again but thing is….I’m just so tired still. I’ve decided to just go to bed early and see if it helps. If I were to get started on a painting, I’d never go to sleep. Ye know…..I hate keeping something to myself. It feels like a lie. So…..the thing I’m gonna do is……..enter a call for submissions. If I should be chosen, it would be a solo showing. There will be 5-7 chosen. I’ve contacted a local photographer to see how much they would charge to photograph the paintings, but if it’s too expensive….I’ll just lay them out on black sheet or something and that’ll have to be good enough. You know….all the photos I have are on my bed, just finished….with the laptop in the background!!! I have lighting equipment, never used but jeesh….finding it…and knowing how to use it….jeesh again. I spoke to my old art teacher tonight and he suggested the photographer. I’ve messaged them, we’ll see. There’s a deadline. So, there it is. I am now confidant enough to try for a solo showing at a gallery. Wowza people. This is huge! Well….it’s time. 1:02am = 3 = trinity. Love love.

I did indeed go to bed early….and I feel a tad rested. I pretty much took a waste day today. Not completely, I’m working things through in my brain….plus I gathered photos for paintings. Needs to be done sometime, so sometime was today. There is a Canadian cold front coming in today and the wind is howling and the temps are dropping. Will be down to 30 tonight. I really don’t like the cold. I mean, really really. I avoid cold like it’s the flu. I had to go feed…but that’s it. I have progressed to thermal underwear and layered sweatshirts. Jesse has been unloading the Blazer and bringing it in here and now my room is once again…..swamped with stuff. It’s a wonder I get any work done in here. Hubby has finally gotten it sunk into my head that he hates spaghetti. Well, I love it, so………..tonight I’m making him something completely different…two completely different meals. What fun. The things us wives go through, eh??? A tree branch is banging on the house now……………oi ve…….hard to sleep with that. Needs trimmed but it’s only Tuesday……that’s a weekend thing. Yikes.

Haven’t heard back yet from the photographer. Ye know……sometimes we are directed to do something….not for the immediate results…..but for the connections and learning in the long run. Maybe I was never supposed to make a ton of money at the fest….but get the idea of galleries in my head. Maybe since I’ve told y’all what I’m tryin for, you can lend your energy towards it. Imagine……a 1700 sq ft…..SOLO showing. Imagine!!! That’s for real artists…..maybe I am one now. So………..I was planning to get a website…..got a company I want to use…met him there…..but now I wonder if I should wait till after I’ve applied for the gallery showing. Also, new business cards……which comes first….the website or the card design. Probably the website…so I then know how to design the cards??? So much on my brain right now….plus all of you….I think about other things besides myself ye know. I’m concerned for my Mea, she seems so down lately. Please pray for her hubby to find a great job!!!…(maybe in the Austin area???? Lol) So many friends, so many issues. Love you guys. Ok, well……………………Signing off here at YeeHaw Ranch, while sitting on my warm bed. Stay warm people.














4 thoughts on “…….figuring things out

    • Ya I know but hey, it’s worth a shot. You guys liked em without touching! The photographer hasn’t responded yet. Ill probably just do it myself. :)). Hugggggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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