Rule number one: Take Business Cards to Event…!

Oh my gosh, what a mind blower I’ve just had. I had to drive 1-35 for about 20-30 miles and I did it!!! The first night, Jesse got no sleep whatsoever, so he should’ve been useless the next day but he wasn’t. He was awesome. We got up at 6am and I had to drive in the dark(nightblind) cuz the Blazer was too full to hold all three of us. Made it safely and unloaded then tried to figure out how to set it up. It took three tries. The last one was from Susan at Yarnorama….she asked if I wanted her advice. I said, heck yes. So…in the end, it ended up with no panels as triangles. All were in accordion wall shape….no wheels. We had two walls at the entrance and it almost seemed like a door. Oh wait…we did have one triangle and it housed the Godstick. Lol, a tall green stick in my room in a bucket….there are several, kept falling one night till finally I said, Ok God, I get it and I stuck one in a festival box. Hubby wanted to know why we were taking it I said cuz God said so we began to call it the Godstick. Well, hubby comes walkin into the booth carrying it, so I stuck it inside the one lonely triangle. Guess what….it became a tam hat holder. Lol. We’ll take more next time.

So, there we are, all set up and the people begin to wander through. The reactions were beyond priceless. I was paid compliments fit for a queen. It was so awesome. Many stopped in their tracks in shock. Some exclaimed when one caught their eye. Nobody expected it or had ever seen anything like it and all were stunned. Many many people said I needed to have them in galleries. But nobody bought anything. Not one single item. Not even a five dollar item. It was scary. We got beer that night so Jesse could sleep and nope….only about an hours worth cuz he was scared of not selling anything. Scared for me, but apparently it was enough sleep. I had so many compliments on my son as well. How well mannered, outgoing he was and how proud he was of me. They made a point to tell me when I would arrive back at the booth during one of my forays into the fest.

Saturday was at 9 so we got to sleep in a bit. Just me and Jess again and hubby would arrive later to cruise thru and bring Blue to see me or to bring lunch….which he fixed in the Rv. Around 1 pm, I was beyond being able to keep the tears in. I was so disappointed. Loved the compliments but so disappointed. We had a couple sales and then the damn coat fiasco. Maybe I’ll tell it another day. That was a $500 sale. Finally money, even if done in desperation. So many people said or acted like they would come back and get one…but only one did. She was a felting teacher at Baylor University. The Baylor Bears. She struggled between getting Einstein for her house or Bear for her office. She paid full price, $500. She said: “I’ve seen hundreds of fiber arts books and hundreds of fiber art objects and you are the best fiber artist I have ever seen.” Holy guacamole!!!!! So, once that happened, I relaxed. One had sold. I was sure more would go too but it’s ok. It was a good sale.

My many forays into the other buildings were twofold. One ….to meet people and introduce myself. Two….to look for sources for fiber. I went from alpaca basket to alpaca basket, feeling each one. In the end, the lady opposite my booth had the softest. I coveted it and wanted the entire amounts. 11 ounces of one and 4 oz of another. I also got a silk lap. A silk hankie that you spin from, only way huge and way thick and way soft and way shiny and pretty! I also paid for the award winning gray curls from Lisa that I had ordered. Then, today, I was wandering and found a great deep red alpaca for really good price. At the end, I went for the place I had scoped out for wool and bought 3 bags, 8 oz each for 14 bucks. Great deal. I Also got to see and touch some of the muga silk I’ve ordered from Camaj. It won’t be here for a few weeks but oh my was it nice. Then, hubby surprised me today with a feltloom painting he made of a SmileyFace! He wanted the background purple and the smiley bright yellow and so he bought the whole batt of each so I could have the extra. Yay!!!! So, I made a real fiber haul. I best cut this off now, way wordy already. Night night folks….thankyou so much for the support. I cherish it. Now you guys finally get to see the rest of the paintings. 11:18pm = 11 = Master number. 😀

Oh wow, the tireds have captured me. I am so draggin today. Ran to town to get groceries and see if the bank was open. NOT. The girls were happy to see me but the baby boys were more interested in food. Everyone looked good. Think it either freaked the baby boys out for us to be gone…or….they were just extra hungry but they ducked away from Jesse….and none approached me. Strange. Baby Smokey Sneezy kitten is very happy we’re home…..claiming my lap constantly….and looking up at me adoringly.

I felt you all with me at the festival. Everytime I felt myself losing hope……I thought of you guys and I pushed on. I am so blessed. All in all, it was a very good experience with me and my mind is spinning with choices on what to do next. I think I’m going to apply for something…gonna keep it quiet to secure the energy around it…and if I should happen to get it…well, I’ll tell you then…shoot, if I get it, you’ll be hearing the screams. But that’s a big dream. Ok….I’ll tell ya more tomorrow about the weekend. Later people. Big sigh of relief. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













4 thoughts on “Rule number one: Take Business Cards to Event…!

  1. Sheri, the booth looked great and I love how each painting was able to be showcased to perfection. I can see why the lady from Baylor was so blown away! That bear must have really called to her….. What a great adventure you had!


    • Thank you!!! It took awhile to figure out the best setup but I like the end configuration. Yes…she came back for it!!! Paid cash. So cool. ❤

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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