Butterflies swimming in my belly………………

No pretty words tonight. I’m exhausted beyond measure. I’ve come close to completing Deer. It took forever and was a real buggarbear. I even had to extend the background to accommodate long legs…I keep telling you, I tend to go BIG. It may not be perfect, but by God……I tried. Hard, hard ass position to attempt. It’s close, I’ll say that. Gosh, my brain is slowing. Tomorrow is loading up day and I’ve accumulated a list of things I need so…..I gotta make a town run. Gonna do it in the morning, try to get up early. It’s only 2:30…not even. I need………..Ink for the stamp, tiny envelopes for the needles, index cards, more Styrofoam balls, and a money apron. Hehe, probably go with the Home Depot one. Just a little half apron with a bunch of pockets, for tools…NAH, for MONEY!!!!!!! Oh LORDIE….let me make enough and more….to pay hubby off…..and to buy my kids some stuff for Christmas and to buy more product to make more paintings. Oh ya…and to pay all the things I’ve promised!!! The pendant(chlorite), the ½ lb of award winning gray fleece from Kai Mohair, and oh wait…hunny paid for that…for the shoot, can’t ever remember the name of it but it’s rare silk and it’s golden. GOLDEN SILK!!!! Yes!!! They say it’s even nicer than regular silk…what???? Gotta wait 2 weeks for it to arrive but ya. And gold is an excellent color for me….what with all the animals.

I guarantee my little Crystal and Flower are very happy right now. Back with the flock…oh wait…herd. I am wanting Babydoll sheep. I don’t usually like sheep. Flighty things. But the Babydoll are appealing to me intensely. Also, that’s the lamb I plan to paint in the next few days. But ya…they are back with the herd. Flower didn’t really have anyone in particular to return to…just the herd. No more crying baby sounds out my window again. Hmmm, everytime I remove babies…I go through withdrawl. Oh Lordie…how to fall asleep tonight or the next few nights…when I’m so dang tired. I need a break when this is all over………………………BUT………I still gotta shear. What fun, yay! Night night peoples. 2:34am GO!!!!! = 9 = endings. Ps….still haven’t found the missing items yet.

Well………….I did get up early and went to town. The Blazer is packed to the ceiling…and I have to drive it. We have a car tow and even 2 16 ft flatbeds, but no, I’ll be driving. No work getting done on the drive…………..not only that, but terror…of driving on I-35. What fun….and I won’t be able to see behind me at all with the back loaded to the hilt. A bad glitch. Oi ve. Gathering and finishing again today. Too much stuff. Won’t all fit in the Blazer so some will have to go in the Rv and we’ll have to juggle around it that first night. The deer painting is at a standstill. It is basically as good as I can get it. It probably could be better if it could be removed and put on a larger background but that’s too risky. Not sure what to do. Heeeeheee….I think I’ll just start another one tonight instead. That lil lamb.

Crystal is indeed happy now. She stood between my legs, looking up at me, wanting me to pet her. Yup….happy baby. In fact….it has been decided that my girls are all………….too happy babies….in other words……we been feeding them too much cuz they all have bellies. None are pregnant, as you all know….so….they are fat. Have to ease down on the grain. The baby boys got to eat greenies today and I put them up and fed them to help Jess…ha….than I forgot to close the gate…..so they were all out again by the time he went out. So much for helping. Am I nervous yet? No. My hands are shaky, and I have a few nerves….but not yet nervous. Ha…guess I’m done talking about the goats! Hehehe. Actually….stuff to do….so I gotta run. Not sure how the blogging will go from Thursday to Sunday…….so be prepared to give me some slack, eh? Signing off with butterflies in my belly….at YeeHaw Ranch.










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