Nerves are kickin in……………………………………!!!

Wow….I realize that these blogs are boring as all getout and even short to boot….please bear with me while I do this thing. This BIG HUGE thing. This lil ole hermit’s head is spinnin. Jesse came down and insisted on tagging paintings. He’s been pushing me to do it and he called it procrastipainting. Hehehe. Cuz I said I had to work on this deer. So…..I pulled curls while he held up paintings and I called out a price and he wrote it and tagged it. Eventually he decided his handwriting sucked so I wrote the rest of the prices. Lol. I finished up some things that were either not quite done or not fit for sale. I also, as you can gather…started Deer. Fawn to be exact and boy oh boy is it Hard!!! I always pick the hardest dang poses man. Believe me, it’s not on purpose…it’s just what spirit chooses…what strikes my eye. Someone asked me to do horse…..I haven’t yet found a good horse photo. I should look through Rachel Abraham’s wild mustang photos. No, people….I’m not saying there are not good looking horses on the net…’s just that none have spoken to me yet.

Did I tell you I overheated the polymer clay needles? Yup….I did the directions…too hot. Bubbled up the first half but I’m taking them anyway. None of my stuff is perfect…only God does that. Lowered the heat for the 2nd half and yay. I had a long narrow needlefelted scarf that was pink/red and green….repeated all the way through. I had no idea why I was making it at the time…thinking it was mighty ugly all pink and green. Well…………………time goes by, Sheri is going to a show and wala….out come all the unfinished or unliked items. I took that scarf and made it beautiful today. I count that as quite an accomplishment. The Armani painting needed some work too and Jesse got in on that one. Still not him, but a white goat is good. It’s 3:30am and I can’t guarantee that I’ll have time to write tomorrow afternoon so I’m trying to write now.

Tomorrow I gete to put the baby girls back with their mommies….well, with ones mommy. Flower will just rejoin the herd and she’ll dearly love that, but Crystal will get to see her mom again. She could’ve seen her today but Milly wouldn’t come up to the fence. They really hate being separated. They cry to go eat greenies and now they cry cuz they see the girls out for pasture walk since they’re not penned in now. Marshall will be easy to catch…shit…walk right up to him and take his horn. He did indeed get at least one gal, so I’m happy that he rejoins the boy herd victorious. Yay Marshall!!!! (Milly).

Twitter update……crap can I be stupid. All these people I acquired thinking they would see my stuff…nope…the only ones who see your posts are your followers….so….much deletion has happened. I’m about to the point of stall. I hover at the 2,000 mark and am basically out of people I can honestly delete. If I said I Follow…I follow. I’m deleting pot posts and news posts and celeb posts and spiritual or fiber, etc….in order to keep the people. Funny. Oh ya…..I am hovering near the 1,800 mark…….1,797 at the moment…it was 1798….. 2 seconds ago. So…for all you who don’t do twitter….you are at least getting a feel for what it is and what it’s like….through me.

Back to Deer. This deer is pointed away from the camera, showing his butt….but his head is turned toward the camera. Quite an interesting photo to do and good grief is it challenging. I seem to keep challenging myself….harder and harder. I’m using Heaven curls for this one. Remember…I’m keeping them….all mine. Red…I’m short on red. And brown….but I think I made a deal for browns…yay. Still don’t know what to do with Blue while we’re gone…leave him out or in for Cathy to let out twice a day. And the cats….the litterbox????? Oi ve. Ok…..done now. Nightie night night pretty people…I mean inside………3:44am(hello angels) = 11 = Master number…or 2 = Mother and Intuition….ya. Love you Summer, Amasa……and You too Jesse!!!!!!!

Ahhhh, talk about a chicken without a head!!! Yikeseys……..Gathering, fixing, finding….hehe, lost some things….haven’t found em yet. Counting. I have around 30 paintings. 2 are tiny and then not counted, are 5 backgrounds to sell as is, without me adding to them. So hard deciding what to take too….extra stuff…ye know? Should I or shouldn’t I? My brain is swirling with unfinished thoughts and dropped memories and just plain….overwhelm. Oh….about the twitter thing. I just said I was at a stalemate with it and guess what? Apparently I’ve reached the magic number of followers and I now have a higher follow limit. Who knows what the limit is…let ya know when I reach it.

Moved Marshall out as I said I would and Crystal and Flower are back in the fold. All went well. Also, we wormed them before putting them in the L…Flower has a cough. Ok….well, I’ve just got too much to do while I’m still sober, lol. Deer is coming along…jeesh, a tough one. Then I realized I haven’t done any sheep paintings and all these sheep people…so, need to try and complete a lamb painting too…shoot, maybe at night there. Okie dokie people………..nerves are kicking in. I feel like an artist who is about to have their stuff in a gallery!!! A show! In a way, I am! Tomorrow we load up. Got my last pkg today, just in time….now if only I can find those missing parts! Yes, I shall find them. I’ll go to the 4th floor in my mind, that outta do the trick. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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