busy bee…………..so short blog!

Dang….I still haven’t gotten INK!…for the whatever needs my signature thingies. Shoulda listened closer. I finally finished the snow leopard and Jesse and I spent the evening making sculpey needle holders. We actually had fun doing it. We seem to be a bit competitive. Hehehe. I’m having a hard time with Daylight savings time, as usual. It always messes with me so bad. I got gripey and shouted out…must be 9 o’clock cuz I’m wanting a beer!!!! The clock read 8. Hate hate hate this thing. Don’t hate many things. Speaking of things…..the huge expensive foam piece is SO BIG…..that I didn’t use it when finishing up the painting. See, I splurged…goofy me, and got that piece, another square piece in a wrapper, pre-prepared and 2 inches thick…which is what I’m used to…and laying there amongst the sizes….was a twin to my piece here. So I got it too. I had just told Jesse it was gonna be expensive but crapola….man…..63 bucks was a stunner for me. Back to the needles….looks like we got 33 done. Yay!

Hubby cleaned the Rv today and put fresh sheets on the bed….he sleeps there and I sleep in the upper bunk and Jess sleeps at the table. Twitter report……1,655 followers…6 weeks and 2 days. Problem is…..I can’t follow anymore people. Just a few then I’m blocked till a bunch of people unload me. Either that, or I gotta weed down my personal choices………………………or…………………..unfollow people who I said I would follow. Ordinary people playing the follow game. I’m such an honest person that I don’t want to do that….SO…..I shall have to wait for any more twitter play. I didn’t paint tonight after I finished the snowbaby. We did the “fingerneedles” and that was about it. Then I racked my brain for what else I needed…what was missing…and added to my to do list. Yikes. It says it’s 1:38am = 3 = trinity!!!! but to me, it’s 2:38am = 4 = angels!!!!!!! Yes!!!….. I’ll take either one and both! Night night sweet peas.

It is loose end day. Gathering them up and finishing them off. So much to do…so much to pack…so little room. I really can’t take much time right now to blog. Everyone is fine and healthy……will be moving Marshall out tomorrow and the two babies get to rejoin the girls then too. Signing all the unsigned paintings and finishing up and making ok some not so ok old paintings. I’ve got a few things packed into containers, and I have 2 stacks of stuff. Sorry folks…I’m in go mode. Gotta go. Very short blog…but very little time left for me to ready things. I hope you understand. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















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