Goat freedom……..and heaven foam

Once again, it’s very late. 2:30am and I have to drive to Austin in the morning. Hubby’s not going, just me and Jess. I am 99% done with the snow leopard. Oi ve….zapped me, it did, it did. It was a tough one indeedy. Snow leopard. All those spots….but that was only the half of it! He still seems to be lacking the spark of life. I thought I figured it out….but alas, the teeniest spark is still needed. But I can’t work on it anymore….too drained….too exhausted. When we went to town, I needed light bulbs for the 5 light fixture I bought and hubby needed an electronic cable so we went to Walmart. Walked past the Christmas ornaments and thought…..that would be quick……so I bought Styrofoam balls. Yup….soon as we got home…..I was needling away. Jesse kept saying….that doesn’t look safe. I said…never said it was safe, but aren’t they pretty? He tossed me a leather shearing glove!!! Hehehe. Good son. I got around 20 done in 3 hours, then went back at the painting. Now I need to get up early. Hate driving into the city so best to do it fairly early. Early to me, is leave at Eleven!!! And yes, I know 20 isn’t enough. I’m only one human. Y’all wouldn’t believe what all I’ve accomplished in this 6 weeks….or is it 5?

Did I tell you we don’t get to set up Thursday? Nope….7am Friday, get there….figure out how to set things up….set things up…make it pretty…in 4 hours. Never done it before, don’t know how to set it up…good golly miss molly. Pray for me. I’m flying on a wing….actually…many wings….and a prayer…..actually, many prayers. Ahhh jeesh…my arms are heavy….tired heavy. Overused heavy. Getting sleepy. Oh heck…it’s Daylight savings time…..thats whats wrong. My puter says 1:30….while my room clock says 2:30. Which one is right? Hate this crap. Hmmmm…logic wins I think. The smartphone and the laptop say 1:30……the cheapo clock doesn’t. It must be 1:30 but it’s really……no…it’s really not…no one could really know the time at this point. Jeeze oh petes. Alrighty…I’m tired. Nighty night. 1:36am = 1 = Beginnings.

5:30…just arrived home and fed the girls. Hehe….decided to move Marshall in with the other pen to clean up but in the end….I just opened the pen gates. They all have access to the L now. It was the sweetest cutest thing. I had just poured feed, so they couldn’t decide between eating the grain, going into the pen they’d been shut off from, headbutting someone who had been in a different pen….OR…..eating greenies. When they realized the full extent of their options….they turned into little kids. Running, twisting, jumping…running from grain to greenie…….lots of headbutting…..lots of Sexual advances and lots of huge wads of greenies in mouths. They were all so happy. Even the older gals like Mimi and Milly were running….and the babies…..wow….they were practicing running as fast as they could. What a great playday.

So…..we went to JoAnns. I find the foam I want. Then I get that particular piece priced….SIXTY THREE DOLLARS!!!!!!! Whoa…..nelly!!! Then at the register, I realize I forgot the coupon for 25% off. Guy says…got a smartphone? Yup…50% OFF ONE ITEM….yay. Still was expensive but jeesh. So….I now have a piece of foam larger than most of my paintings and 5 inches thick. What a treat. Feels like Christmas. Then we stopped at a smokeshop and we each got a small pipe. I love pipes. Have a gazillion that don’t work properly but I keep buying them, year after year. I also asked about vaporizers for the future. Dud spelled it out for me and told me which to get….obviously the most expensive, but the best. $250. Sounds like a plan. One day.

So…..last night, I had to quit on the Snow Leopard painting before it had it’s life inserted. Had all the fiber put up and was crawling into bed when it hit me. Up I jump, grabbed the sponge, the needle and a specific bag…….ten minutes later……I was laying down very happy. Life, we have LIFE. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it was a fine and dandy painting already….but it just was missing that life spark. I found it. Still not finished though….a few more tweeks. Did you know Walmart quit carrying Sculpey clay??????? Jeeze……had to go all the way to Austin for some…..but I got it. Just gonna do a few double needles to sell. It’s kinda funny….I have scattered myself….I have a few…of a lot of things. Oh well, it is what it is. Don’t write that on my gravestone though, ok??? I tend to say it a lot.

Ok….I’m all excited now…got sculpey, got a huge foam that will make things so friggin much easier. I should show you the difference. If I remember, I will. It’s getting a little chilly out in the mornings and evenings here. Gotta wear sweaters and such…..and wrist warmers!!! I usually have em strung up both arms.They really work. Got overheated with the sweater and the warmers during feeding and peeled my sweater off when I came in. Nope…still so hot. It was the warmers! Man….6 o’clock and I am not the slightest bit hungry and have to cook….always hate that. Oh well. See ya. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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