Lovin it……………………!

Ahhhh, it’s time. It’s time to talk to you guys! Its 2:30am and I have been on the phone with a friend for the past 1-2 hours…..Well…..WELL, worth the time out from my work. I adore my Mea. I’m working on OwL tonight. Well, I’m done for the night, but that’s the essence I’m after right now. Owl. I love owl. In fact….as I stepped outside for Blue to potty……the owls called. I haven’t heard them in months….tonight they called. I called back…they called back louder. Curious-er. I love owl. Definitely a totem for me, no doubt. All the way to childhood. This is a white owl with oranges and blacks. Fun. The main fiber for this owl came from a bag I’ve never opened before. Spirit works that way. Once upon a time, I bought mill rejects and when the mill closed, I bought a bunch of oddball bags of fleece. Tiny bags stuffed with different things. Those are what God is pulling out for me lately. He always gives me exactly what I need for each painting. Very spiritual. Very connected. I’m lovin it.

And on this 6 week mark on Twitter, I’ve just reached 1,500. Yay. Lol, why? Not sure yet. But it’s fun! That I keep saying, it’s fun. So is hiphop…although I’m not sure why…something youthful and so very hopeful about all these people wanting to speak and be heard. I hear ya…I relate. I’m very grateful for time slowing for me. Tomorrow feels like it should be Saturday but it’s not…it’s Friday…which gives me more time….which I need desperately. I’m very happy that I kept some portions of each fleece for myself. And one…..seems to have been yanked altogether. My Pearl baby fleece. I never sell my baby fleeces. Last summer….I was so desperate to sell SOMETHING…..that I sold baby Wywy’s fleece. Not a bit of it did I get and that really bothers me. Nothing to put into the baby blanket that I will work on again one day. By baby, I mean……single ply……baby Yeehaw Ranch yarn. There a a gazillion babies missing from it at this point. Definitely Anya. Baby Anya. I miss her and her mom so much. Yoki….with the intriguing eyes….Yoki, who popped a baby out of her 8 month old body and gave me 3 weeks of joy…little Cherub. Cherubim. Sweet sweet baby. When she was a baby, she developed a silver tail for awhile. I still don’t know if it was true silver or from laying in the black rubber bowl. Hehehe. Ahhhhh gee……apparently the art wasn’t out of me yet for the night. I saw a strip of background, which I intended to do vertical….and I went vertical. Now it is 3:38am = 5 = change. Yup. Night night sweet ones.

Well, it’s a little after 4pm and I have washed 3 fleeces, worked on the Owl painting, saw one pillow completed, fed the girls, taken photos…..hmmm, think that’s it. Now I’m blogging and planning dinner. Hah, planning. That just means deciding. Fried chicken it is. Salt, pepper and a ton of paprika in the flour and yum. Also, I hate big ones, so I take the breasts and cut em in 3 or 4 pieces with scissors. Changed things up today….no tv shows, but the music channels….Reggae to be exact. It’s nice. See, last nights Night Night time gave a 5, suggesting change, remember? Oh ya…and the $15 batt I bought the other day cuz it was pink nose color? It turned out to be an awesome batt! And so darn cheap….too cheap. I get it now. If it’s too cheap, we think it’s no good. I certainly did. I bought it for the pinks only….wrong!!!

I have to say…..I think I have a thing for this. I am so grateful for the blessing of this skill or talent or both, whatever it is, I’m so very grateful. Now, after having said all that…….I gotta say….this OWL is lookin GOOD!!!! Holy cow! Lol, Holy Owl!!! I am truly amazed. I’ve got friends suggesting photos…even finding them for me. Mea suggests a rattlesnake! Cathy wants me to do a snow leopard, YES, and hubby wants cars and trucks. Hehehe. Still not into the cars. YET! I don’t usually paint during the day, but last night, I stuck all the fibers I was using for this one…into one bag….easy access. Besides, if I can get it mostly finished, I can start another tonight. Yay!!! Hehe, who knows what? I have lots to choose from that I’ve gathered. Are we having fun yet? Hell YES!!!!

In the end, I decided not to sell my best fleece ever. Nope. So what do I do? I wash up her 2nd fleece to sell. Lol. Sometimes I wonder about me…..! I’m washing more to make up for me keeping portions of some. Someone needs to start a mill up in this area again cuz I want the waste!!!! Imagine….hubby and I looked into starting a minimill……………….thank God I didn’t!!! Then I wouldn’t be doing this! I woulda been so busy washing peoples fiber I woulda never found my Passion. Well, besides for the living angora goats in my yards. Yup….I’m a happy camper these days. Don’t really even feel the pain so much from that betrayal a few months back. It’s finally easing off and I have joy again. Thank you Spirit! On that note………………..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














10 thoughts on “Lovin it……………………!

    • I do!!! And you notice…most of the time she’s on the log. When she spies me….she Makes a beeline for the log to be up high….see me! See me!!!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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