……………….silent screams of JOY

This feeling is indescribable. To have everything I need, to create what I need to create…..and to then create it, with a satisfaction before unknown……priceless. In other words…..God…..Spirit….PROVIDES…..as necessary for each moment. I opened a bag of fiber that’s been here untouched for years……oh my…….it escalated everything and I have no doubt whatsoever, that I was supposed to use that particular fiber on that particular painting. As you can probably guess, I was successful this time. Very successful in my eyes. Bear. I did Bear. And…..I did her justice. Bear feels mighty feminine to me. That sounds strange to my ears but not to my heart. Ahhhhhhhhrrrtysitil;ww;w;w;w./……eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!!!! That’s how I feel. Very excited. Pumped up……ready to go!!! I did it. I really did it. Problem is….it’s 2:30am. Hehehe.

And not only is it raining, but I just had an alert come across my Iphone…first time ever…..of flash flood possibilities. Shouldn’t affect me except for possibly flooding hubby in….or a goat getting stuck in the mud, not getting up and having a stroke. We’re pretty high. Hubby once described us as being at the top of a bowl. Everyone around us may flood, but prolly not us. Aggguyyyyyyy……I wanna scream again! This is so unreal! But it’s real! Me…an artist! Me…a good artist!!!! I am so flabbergasted by all this. I hate to keep repeating myself but there ain’t no way around it. It’s so new. So….out there!!! Honestly…ask one of the readers who’s been here all along! They will tell you, I have been searching for MY THING…..for well, it’ll be 2 years in May that I’ve been blogging. This IS……MY THING. Found. And here’s the sticky part. I’m not ready or willing to share with others how. That sounds so selfish, I am aware. I just cannot. I finally feel good. Secure. If I then tell others how to do it and they then do it…then once again, I got nothing special. I know how horrible that sounds. We are supposed to share our knowledge in this industry. Well…..I can’t. Even if I shared, I am aware that maybe I have a talent for it. Maybe I could still compete. I dunno….and quite frankly, I don’t wanna know. I felt such jealousy over Marie’s paintings and have finally come to terms with that…she is GOOD. Very GOOD…….but she does things a bit different than me and we are all unique. There is room for at least 2 of us…lol. Oh ya…saw another the other day. Quite good too!

How hard is it raining? It’s raining so hard that Blue couldn’t go pee. He tried. This is one hard rain. Oooooh, the name of a movie title where everything flooded, not good. Thunder. Beautiful Bear painting. Oh man, so happy with it. It’s very colorful. Earlier, I called Jesse down and told him that the painting needed to…..get some HAM. It needed me to go Ham on it. Seriously free………………that’s what I meant. I knew it. This painting called for…well, it called for a tipsy brain. Freeing. It worked. Art is restrictive to match the brain. If the brain is willing…..the art will come. Once I stopped thinking I couldn’t…….I DID. It is my WISH…..that each and every one of YOU….receive YOUR THING. SO be it. Amen. Goodness…the storm is a ragin. The thunder Gods are speaking…..or…..God is moving the furniture around….who knows. Lot’s of rumbly bumbly goin on. Night night my friends. 3:16am = 1 = Beginnings!!!! Honest to God People….I’m just a nobody…..who somehow got talent sprung on em….so it can happen to you too!!!

Well, we went to town, the other one….and yay…the 2nd black sheet has been procured. Also got the 5 light stand with swivel snake necks. Just gotta rainbowrig a way to keep it from being topheavy when lights are goosenecked. Least that’s what the reviews said. I got it anyways…only $18. On the way there….we first saw a small very white spider, and then two turtles. Jesse helped one cross the road. Tenacity and creativity. Yes indeedy! Stopped in the Yarnorama to ask about O-rings(get em at Lowes!!!) and it was Guild day. My ladies were there and one said…I love your pictures! So I showed em last nights Bear. Susan, who owns the shop told me how proud she is of me. Heheheeeeee. WOW. Yay! Oh……we got nearly 6 inches of rain last night!!!!!! Not stuck though…the bridge was passable. That’s a lot of rain. I heard some people lost their horses…miniature horses but their Pyr’s survived…..swam up to meet the owner as she was being rescued. Didn’t hear a peep outta the baby girls next to me. They seem ok though.

No activity in the Cleanup Buck breeding pen. Please let him get him some to make it worth what he’ll go through upon return. Oh please. I think about all aspects…their emotional needs, you know. I have a very large white buck. I really need him to go. Nice soft shiny semi loose curls…..but so large that he always wins….the small goats lose. Most of mine are small so lotsa losers. I hate that. They can’t really escape him. Don’t wanna take him to the sale barn, so if anyone needs a large white buck….holler at me…..make ya quite a deal. He’s the one who now calls back and forth with his mom.

I think things are starting to come together for the festival. I thought my foams and needles had arrived and I anxiously opened the box…only to discover it wasn’t even for me or my house! Hehe. I may just drive into Austin on Monday or Sunday if hubby will take me. See what they have available foamwise there. I make all these paintings on a piece of foam………about 24 inches long and 6 inches wide. Ha!!!! Picture that why don’t ya???? The Bear is probably in the vicinity of 30×30. Yup, I’m dedicated. Ok…..well, I’m tired of the unhappy looks from hubby at dinner, so tonight I made something just for him. Enchiladas. Not my favorite and Jesse won’t touch it but hey…hubby will eat happy. I don’t mind. Lordie……..the German Foreign Minister is saying….we are a member of the western community which is based on certain principals and this is not acceptable. You cannot eavesdrop on Governments or millions of people….that is just not morally right. Wow. You tell em!!!! Okie dokie. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













8 thoughts on “……………….silent screams of JOY

  1. the bear is great, you are great, I miss you. My life is upside down, I can’t think straight, so let down and sad. We need to talk but my hubby is always here, and listening so it is hard. then there is the whole hay mess that you haven’t heard about, at least that i know of. almost 1K stolen from a “friend”

    • Oh gosh. I’m sorry friend. Didn’t know it was bad. Next time you get away give me a call. Thanks’!!!! ❤ big huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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