giving myself ART MoJo…..

Dang. That painting chewed me up and spat me out. It is no more. I was attempting another alpaca, thinking there would be alpaca people wanting them. Thing is….I’m an artist. I can’t do it cuz I think they may want it. It’s not genuine and it fails. I need to do what’s right at the moment, not something contrived for sales. So….I’ve spent the last half hour scouring the internet for photos of things I WANT to paint. Therein lies the difference. Makes me concerned that maybe commission is not workable. I did it once though. Another reason for the paintings fail….is……that I tend to go large. I did it once, took it back off and made it smaller and in the end….it still was too big. I go big, what can I say??? Just letting you know that it doesn’t always go well….so I really enjoy the success’s. (the other spelling looked funny). I’ve had to put a trash bag over my spinning wheel to keep Baby kitten off of it. Hehe, not sure how long that will work. He’s doing great btw. His hair has regrown on his ear and tail from the ringworm and he’s right healthy! Mine is nearly gone as well. No more meds, just livin.

Gosh, I’m excited by the paintings I’m about to make. I just found the photos, but it’s 2am…too late to start now. Bummer. I know which one is first. My belly is tingling. I even know I want to use the largest background I have. I almost used it tonight to redo that one…thank goodness I reconsidered and just decided to try to go smaller….which failed. It was meant to fail. No passion in it whatsoever. It’s funny. My brain takes me shopping to a festival that hasn’t even happened yet. Shopping for and finding all the fibers I know I’ll need in future paintings. They may be future, but they’re in my heart NOW. Speaking of Now… are my Twitter stats as of this moment. On Thursday it will be 6 weeks…….Following: 1,770… Followers: 1422. Hehehehe. I most definitely won that war….now it’s just an addiction of fun. I’m hoping I can stop soon. Heheheheheeee. So……time has gone by…Jesse has been here….I’m still in a good mood and it’s time to say night night. It is….3:29am = 5 = change. Nightie night.

It’s a rainy day in Texas. I guess I’ll be doing odds and ends. My brain isn’t really functioning properly at this point. Thinking of whats left to do…..what am I missing, forgetting…..are coming up zilch. I also realize that I’m probably boring the crap outta you guys with my one track mind but it is indeed….on one track. The Kid n Ewe track. Until this is over, and I experience it for the first time and determine if I like it…….my brain is dedicated. I hate having a failed painting last night, because it made it a wasted night……but it is what it is. Having a hard time getting motivated today. Maybe cuz it’s so dark outside. Thunderboomers rollin round too.

My daughter left her community for a winter job….Amasa went too. The day after they left, the community decided that all who leave must pay $200 a month to keep their space. She is working so she can go to Peru so that’s not doable. So, she sent them a letter saying she was stepping away from the community. Ahhhhhhh, she now has no fallback place. She’s been living with these people for gosh….5-6 years???? Rediculous. Someone will pack up her stuff and put it in storage….and the dog Indigo is there as well. Yikes. It is what it is. Lotta that goin around.

It was so quiet this morning, I had to open my window shade to make sure the baby girls were in their pen and were ok. Poor dears…no roof for them. Need to rig up something. Or….just wait a few days…put Marshall back with the boys and let these babies go back to the girls. I’ll still need to rig something for future babies. Ahhh dang….need to run to town…at this hour. 3pm. Yuk. In the meantime….I’ve been doing signs. My sharpies are weak. Need new ones. Will check on 2nd black bedsheet too. Runnin outta time. But ya….signs needed to be done…I was procrastinating. More to do. Ok….off to town.

Well, 3 hours outta my day and I’m back. Got new sharpies and a couple clipboards. Still no sheets….will have to order online. No need to make dinner cuz out so late I got Little Cesars pizza. Ready to dive right into a painting now…..but there’s a kitten on my lap! He will just have to move, eh? Yup yup yup… to do. Well now…speak and you receive…lol, or type…. Jesse just came down and retrieved the kitten. Well…… I just gotta finish this blog and away I paint. This one will work though. This painting will be stunning. Hehe, giving myself mojo. Ok….signing off a wee tad early at YeeHaw Ranch.












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