Who is in the Mirror……………?

Ahhhhhh. Relief. I wanted so badly to do a buffalo. I finally started it. Got the guts is more the correct phrase. I honor the buffalo so intensely. I feel connected. It feels so good. I really struggled with this one. It seems as if there’s no hope. That’s usually when Jesse comes in and says….hmmm, and he says what he thinks I should change. Tiny things usually, this time, a big one. It worked. Then again a tiny one at the end. Ahhh, what will I do without him? When he one day flies the coop and joins society as a Music Producer, DJ and RAP Artist. Yup, that’s my boy. Ahhhh……”It Could Happen to YOU”…the cop and the waitress lottery ticket movie. Love it love it. Folks….I am changing…..evolving at an extremely rapid rate. How bout you? Anyone else feeling this?????? I hardly recognize myself.

Who is this confident, I can person? Who is this….who once was terrified of vending at Kid n Ewe, but so….sorta wanted to…..now bravely gathering and taking a step for mankind…..hehe, it feels that BIG. This really is huge for me…the ex HERMIT. HUGE!!! But I don’t feel any fear really. Only good can come of it. Surely I’ll sell at least $700 worth. Then I can relax. OOOOOH. My shirt came in today!!! It’s BeautIFUL. It is very large…..but that’s what I like. 2x. I like long shirts, what can I say? The closest I can come is something called Tunics, but even those run 26-30 inches long. I get a 2x and heck, it’s practically at my knees! Yes! I’m sitting here watching the movie, typing to you and this painting is staring at me. It was done by my friend Colleen. I love it. It’s a mountain/water scene and it entrances me. It actually occurred to me to take it to the festival and see if it would see. To show her….her stuff is good. It’s not fiber, but I could consider it decoration, eh? Course, then I would deprive myself of its beauty. Hmmmm.

I was told to order a stamp with my signature on it….not sure why, but it has shipped. Notice just came across my phone. I am making paintings, bracelets, hairties, washed fiber with VM included…at no extra price!!!………….pillows, felting kits…and will have extra needles for sale too. Clothing items, of course…..and the rectangle that I added fiber to? Ran it through the feltloom and ya……wonderful! Still soft as silk. Wooo woooo wooo…..I painted a successful buffalo! I tried in paint once and was unhappy. I’m pretty happy with this. I feel so connected its not funny. I have white buffalo fur in my pouch. I’ve always felt connected. Especially to the whites. I once did a painting…bad, but the idea was there…..of a buffalo. It was set in the cosmos…the night sky….black background, a few stars……..it starts out brown/black……like a normal buffalo….then as it’s body progresses, it changes color. Until it…lol, the back end….is WHITE. I should do it in curls. I hate the word fiber. Oh wow…500 words….back to normal wordcount at night. That means……later babes. Nightie night. 2:14 = 6 = earth.

Well………….not sure how to count today. Not really productive. The first fleece I started to wash…I walked back out…pulled it out of the wash and dumped it over the front gate. The 2nd fleece, I should’ve done the same but it’s such a gorgeous fleece aside from being filled with trash. One of my favorite all time fleeces…Ghandi. So…..instead of rinsing it to clear….I just rinsed it some then threw it on the drying rack…all wet and dripping. It shall be offered for sale as garden mulch. Very sad. We are reanalyzing the hay situation. Going to reimplement a panel against a panel, to create a v to stuff hay in. Trying to get less hay in the fleeces. I’ve made hair ties all day…spinning as I need more. The Tshirt arrived yesterday…yay, love it!!! The bags and tissue paper arrived today…..and yay oh yay…the bags are just what I thought they’d be! Big enough!!! The baby girls were louder than usual today and I fed early…since I can now(no pregnant girls)……so I went to visit them….thinking they just wanted out for greenies. So glad I did….Crystal was stuck between the propane wall and the playpen. The playpen is there to help create a protection wall from rain and cold(it props the haybale up)

So happy with the buffalo painting. It was a bit rough but I still have lots of my hair. Not showing it. Keeping a few as surprise for the fest. Not sure what I’ll decide to paint tonight, we’ll see. I don’t know about y’all, but I have a septic tank here so can’t dump oil/grease in the sink. I keep empty food cans to pour the hot oil in and when full and hard, I throw it away. Well…I’m outta cans, so decided it’s chili tonight, for the kidney bean cans. Thing is……once upon a time, I made one chili. Then I made 2 chili’s. Now Jesse wants something different. 3 pots of chili????????? This is ridiculous!!! 3 dirty pots!!!!! Nah……..just 2….Jess says add black beans to mine and he’ll be happy….lol, but will I?

Marshall is just wandering around that pen with nothing to do. Not sure if the 3 who rejected Wy….later unrejected him before he got removed….or they’re not in heat yet. Poor guy. Sure hope he gets him some….otherwise it won’t be worth the scene he will be subjected to upon return to the buckpen. Such a sweetheart, my Marshall. Even during rut….he is always polite and friendly. His horns are now so large….that they rub the hair right off his shoulders. He is gorgeous……and very gorgeous horns. It’s funny…so many bucks to choose from…..and I ended up with silver. Ya. Silver pintos would be most awesome….but that’s only if those 3 let him do the deed. Fingers crossed. Okie dokie. Time to go. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.



















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