wouldn’t wanna be a stud buck……

Well….let’s just say this ones a buggar bear. Yup, I’m talkin about a painting. I thought it was going ok….till Jesse informed me of some very obvious flaws, so…..it’s now 3:30 and I’ve just stopped for the night. Done all I can with these eyes tonight. Besides, I got up at 6:15am. 4 hours sleep is definitely not enough. Then tonight, I lost my weed and thought the boy had taken it…but no, I hid it cuz I was leaving for the day…and forgot. Shame on me. I was so relieved that hubby drove me today…otherwise I woulda had to wake up Jesse. Not just that, but oh, it’s hard to explain. No worries when with hubby. There, that explains it. Mmmm, just remembered theres a cake in the oven. Hehe….being stored there, not cooked. Keep it outta kitties reach!!! Pretty bad, eh? Left a half a stick of butter out the other night. Mistake. Huge lick indent. Gosh I love my Grammy’s cake. It’s soul food. Comfort food from my past that just fills me up with smiles. Yummmmmmm.

Either people are posting fake stuff, or it looks like ganga…..maryjane, pot…..will be legal soon in many countries. Jamaica, Uganda maybe…can’t remember,,,, or is it Bulgaria? Lol. And today I heard…..England!!! Oh ya…Israel too! That’s a bit many, eh? Maybe it’s hype. I hate lies. Oh ya….when I lost my pot, I ransacked my bed looking for it. Earlier today, I asked the universe to find something for me. Not only did I find it…but several other things that were useful. I’m making these wrist warmers…I already have some premade…just without the new touch, eh???! Good find. I found colors I thought I didn’t have of fiber. I just bought a batt with pinks in it….found 2 different pink bags. Jeesh!!! On the other hand…if I hadn’t found it…I mighta washed my bedding! Okie dokie. Tired now. 4:07am = 11 = master number. Nightie night night.

Went to bed late…slept in cuz I could and have a fleece washing now. Partly cloudy, meaning the sun pops out periodically to dry the curls….when I get them in place to do so. Better hurry then. Seriously, with partly sun…..it won’t dry as fast. Oh holy crap……she says as she looks up and its already 3pm!!!! I got one drying anyways. In a minute I’ll get the rest. Man, my twitter blew up this morning. No idea why…but a shitload of Arabs have followed me and it’s still going on….over a hundred just today and I didn’t do a follow train, so hmmmmm. My baby girls are out wandering the yard. So cute, to be out working and see a goatie baby walk past you. I just love them. Both of the fleeces I’m washing today are not for sale. One is a gift….brown wensleydale from Barbara Burrows and the other is an Ella fleece, rip, and it’s not the greatest but it’s the last of Ella……and it’s brown. I need browns.

I feel like I’ve stalled a bit. Like an overwhelm feeling. What needs done? Oh Lordie. Something that needed done just got done and I feel horrible. So does Jesse. We pulled Wy from the breeding pen and swapped in Marshall, to try for some silver pintos. The bad part came when we put Wy back in the buckpen. I knew it would happen, but never seen it like this. They were on him like white on rice. Just horrible. It was a pile. A huge pile of boy goats piled on top of each other in strings of orgies. Like…a 3 goat chain. It was just awful and Jesse was about to go in and help him when I said……NaNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! A sound that means….Don’t you DARE! He listened. Thank God. Same thing will probably happen to Marshall, except Marshall probably not so bad….there’s really only a few in the one pen, 3 to be exact and I have no idea on the other pen but he won’t go in there for a week.(so I’ll know which the daddy is, wy or marshall). So….that’s one thing that needed done before we left. Check.

Ye know, I haven’t counted the paintings yet. No clue how many. Got to thinkin. If I do a booth at Yellow Rose in April….I will only have fleeces and paintings. No knitted or crochet stuff. Hmmm. Ah well, might work. Let’s see. Tonight, I need to spin a little, paint a lot, maybe tag???? Haven’t tagged a thing. Maybe remove some fleece from washed fleece bags…..FOR ME! Don’t want this to be over and I’m outta palette!!!!! No siree!!! I should have packages start to arrive today and trickle in through the week. I need a spot. A spot that can house all the things that need to go. Well………I guess that’s all I know today. I can get started early if I end this now…hehe. Love ya. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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