Spending $$$ to make $$$……..? Yes!

Ok….I have officially gone …..hmmmm, don’t wanna say overboard cuz that is pessimistic…I’ve gone…..spendy. I got the bright idea to buy needling foams. I was buying a couple for myself and some spiral needles, and I talked to hubby. Next thing I know, he’s telling me I should put a kit together. So………………I’ve now spent $160 that I need to pay back…on top of all the rest that I should probably pay him back for. Who knows where to draw that line. All I know is…It would be nice to come outta this with some money. I’ve washed and washed and theres still so much vm in them all…it’s a very difficult thing but I think I got it worked out. I also realized…thank you Jesse, that I was spending so much time making hairties and bracelets…and he says…well, I don’t remember what he says…but it came out to…….very little money for the time involved, do I really wanna do that???? Ya. That.

I have arranged to go use the feltloom in the morning….a last minute thing and they requested it be early, so….I gotta get up at 6am. It’s now 12:06am = 9 = endings…..and I should go to sleep. When it says endings…it doesn’t scare me…many big or tiny things end…in ways we rarely give voice to because they slip by so quietly. Night night.

Speaking of spendy…..we, hubby and I, have just arrived home from renting the feltloom. A hundred 88 dollars later….we are home. It’s not the rental that costs that much…it’s actually the batts. The background batts. Plus 20 bucks an hour rental. I have calculated. So far…and yes, I’m being very lenient here….so far…..I will owe hubby $730 when this is over. Yikes!!! Scary that. Feltloom guy wants photos of all my works so he can make an album of what can be done with the feltloom. And….he’s gonna steer the people to my booth! YeeHaw!!! I’ll need it if I’m gonna pay hubby back! It was a quick trip cuz I wasn’t doing any designing whatsoever. Just making backgrounds. Then we drove to Austin to have lunch with hubby’s nephew at Chuy’s yay!!!! And home I am now…..oogling my new backgrounds….and doing the twitter too. I can’t wait to work on a painting. It’s been 2 days!!! I’m having withdrawls!!!

I reek. I went to visit the baby boys and they were sticky faced!!! Yuk! The bigboys really taught them well thru the fence the other day! I was so caught off guard, even though I saw them and knew they were…..I dunno…they’re just babies! So, I got stinkified. Washing of the hands doesn’t always remove said odor. Oh ya. Today is the 28th. The absolute last possible date for babies….so, that ends it. The experiment is officially over and I proved this and only this……….never before bred does…….most likely will not go in season in spring. Possibly a doe who has just delivered, but probably not a first timer. Not enough smell in the air is my guess. So there. Done. Kinda disappointing but on the other hand…it’s just a strange time. I found myself having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of babies now. So, I guess it’s probably just as well. Wy should stay one more week, but I may put the cleanup buck in early so there is no buck in there while I’m gone. Probably will pull Wy tomorrow and put another one in in a week or so. Still haven’t decided who. Well guys….this is a short blog. It’s 7pm and I’m anxious to get started. Oh ya….my hands were busy the whole way there and back……nothing idle about this chickie right now. Ok…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













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