getting my Ducks in a row……

Ever since I asked God to tell me what death was like in a dream….and He did…..I now ponder if that’s the way of it. Time after time after time. We die…….we wake up somewhere familiar. Maybe we’ve been there in our dreams or maybe we are downloaded with memories so that we think we’ve been there all along. Yes, I ponder these things still. Even when it appears that my entire mind heart and life are consumed with art…..I do indeed still have room in my brain to ponder such things. Deep things. The mundane cannot exist full time in this here body….with this here mind. I’m a ponder-er. Reminds me….I need to get back into the fairy story and finish it up. Pretty sure it’s the last part. Ya, it’s the last part. Too much to do. Too much on my plate to continue that right now….I mean, the writing. I still intend to publish what I’ve already written.

My drawing skills have improved. Out of the blue….I can draw better. I’ve always been a really lousy drawer but tonight I wanted to see if I could draw a goat for a logo…..I did! Not good enough for a logo, but I did it! It’s a decent looking goat! Maybe I’ll use one of the paintings instead. Oh…not saying they’re great….but hey…improvement is always a good thing, eh? Ahhh, so tonight, I took a break from painting…ha, well, sorta. I had a piece of polar fleece left over from the very first feltloom rental. Last year when I was in the Rv, it was very cold. I don’t remember why….thinkin I was trying to come up with a use for it…..and for days…..well, nights actually….I would grab it and wrap it around my shoulders. Just a thin piece of felt. It always warmed me up so I thought that one day I would cover it in pretty fiber and make it even warmer. Well….that one day has arrived. No real thought involved, except which curl to put which to next…..but it’s around 5 ft long so it took all night long. It’s 1am and too late to start a painting. But still plenty of nightlight left for more things to be accomplished. Didn’t go to bed yesterday till 5am. Today my brain was going so fast and I was trying to juggle so many things…that I actually got dizzy.

I’m watching Avatar. Hehe. Hey, in my defense, it’s probably been a week. I have certain movies stored in my Genie thingie with Directv, and when nothing is on…I just browse and choose….sometimes the same movie night after night or even time after time in a night. Especially when I’m painting, which is nearly every night these days. My hubby thinks of everything….just in time. Like….he handed me a pkg last night. A timer for lights. I was like…hmmm, thanks. An hour later, I told him…uh ya, that’s for when we’re gone, eh? Yup. Hehe, now I gotta figure out how to work the dang thing. Oh ya….so…I’m ready to place my order for the shopping bags and tissue paper. Subtotal $50. Shipping….One day UPS….$20. Are you kidding me? I don’t need every damn thing the next day and at that price…NO! Dang….so I’ll call them tomorrow and see if there’s a cheaper way. I’m staring at the wrap I just made and thinking I will run it through the feltloom…..and now I want to know about the speed setting. Can I speed it up and if so…what exactly does that mean…does that do? I would guess…less needle hits, whereas if you slowed the machine…more needle pokes. Hmmm. Need to know these things. Course, another option is the one I already know….force it through faster. Not really force…push. Oh heck…..I’m over on the word count. Night night folkies. 1:38am = 3 = Trinity = Holy.

Well, got one fleece in the wash and into rinse….the other fleece, the pups carried the bag off and tore it open so, even though we decided to go to town…in the fleece went into the wash. It will possibly sit in rinse all night. Got some supplies I needed and things are moving along for this thing. Ha, I even got a 4dollar mirror so they could see how they look in the scarves and shawls and things. One bedsheet….will have to go back… table covers, thankyou Major!!! Queen black…to hide whats being stored under the table. 2 clamp on lights, safety pins to hang tags with, clothespins to hang paintings, polar fleece for pillow backing and I think that’s it. Course I got a smoothie too. And JackBox. And now….inbetween things…..the boy and I are gonna go shoot my fancy bow in the backyard…..that’s where hubby installed the large round haybale as my target. Ahhh jeeze…..I didn’t do so good. Maybe my arms are tired…..good excuse eh??? Jesse did pretty well. Need a better way to secure the target to the haybale….masking tape doesn’t work all that great. The target would go flying in the wind. Also, the bow has been stinging my arm when I shoot and the guy said to wear long sleeves….it helped. Thankyou Colleen for all those long sleeve tshirts!

My room now looks like a holding facility….cuz it is. It’s hard to find a place to walk in here now. Y’all do know I’m celibate, right? Well, that makes it ok for ¾ of the bed to be covered with fleeces and fiber…I only need one little area to sleep in. The empty head vase arrived today and the feathers fit!!! Haven’t tried a hat on it cuz they are buried. Kitties are playing with the packing materials. Well….I remembered tomorrow is Saturday so I went ahead and squeezed out the water on the last fleece and got it on the rack. Busy busy. So exciting. Two more weeks!!!!! Ok…signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.












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