For the love of ART……….

For the love of art……….I am about to open up some bags of unwashed suri alpaca. Last time I did, I sneezed for the whole night. But this painting I want to do….requires suri….no if’s or butts. ……..Fast forward about 7 hours and we are here. I like it. It may need some fixes but I like it. It’s another cow, to replace the one that sold so dang cheaply. This cow is more my style. It’s got hair!!! It’s actually my favorite type of cow…if I really had a favorite that is. I’m not all that into cows, but I like these guys and even looked into getting some. No memory though of how the research came out. I obviously don’t have one. But I painted one. I’m actually really happy with it. I also fixed a laying down goat some. I need to improve on those apparently. And I shall. It’s already 2:30am but I’m just now winding down and only have my bed partially uncovered. I have 2 paintings worth of fiber on here right now….but I got everything in its respective bag. So many bags. Hubby is trying to get me to move to boxes, you know…the clear kind. They just don’t work on my bed. And I work on my bed!!!

So funny. Do you guys remember when I was gonna quit blogging? My reason was I needed to spend more time spinning and crocheting shawls and such. Ha!!! Look how that ended up! Way better!!!! Even though I do owe a shawl to someone and it’s driving me crazy that I haven’t finished it. I am now proving myself and challenging myself on a daily basis. And coming out good! I never liked my art before much. This….I like. What I like….is this feeling of…..You did it! Oh my God…you just did it…you just did that! It’s such a fresh feeling. New. Sparkling! Well, speaking of sparkling….I just made a new version of my wrist warmers. I like it. Now….to put it on assembly line and away we go. Ha…..time is speeding swiftly now….as the thing approaches….it’s weird… slows to let me do my thing…then it speeds up. Oh yes…this wrist warmer is really nice. Warm and very soft….and not a bit of mohair in it…oh well…wait…one curl. Hehehe. Gosh…see…I don’t stop. It’s like I’m in high gear…till I wilt….then, I rest a bit and go again. Like the energizer bunny, only without manmade energy…no pills or anything…just pure adrenaline and passion. I can’t just be a passenger in a vehicle anymore. I have to have something to do….or….I’ll “do” my Iphone and FB and now Twitter. But still….I now have to do things…be busy…be productive. Never used to feel this way. So many new things in my world…in my body…in my essence. Man….I need a feltloom….it’s that simple! I just do. On that note…..I shall take my leave and attempt to lay these old bones down to sleep. Hehe…still so wide awake. Oh well….nightie night. 4:03am = 7 = Holy!!!!!!!

Btw, I never did sneeze last night…whats up with that, but Yay!!! I’m reminded of it cuz I had to run to the convenience store for salt so I could wash more fleece and while down there I decided to whip on into the yarnorama to see if she had anything I needed. Hehehe. Yup….a batt of pink animal noses for fifteen bucks later and some sneezes, a drive home, a fleece in the wash and I now sit, talking to you. Hehe, it’s just a batt with some pinks in it. Gotta find bulk salt!!! It’s warm out today. Had to put on my summer clothes. Remember I let the mitey girls out yesterday…all elder gals….well, we didn’t put them up. It’s not an issue really, except they were flirting with the bucks. Anyways……one of them is sleeping at the front door. I keep having to use the kitchen door. The other two are settled under a shady tree, intrigued with my washing. Put them up and let the 2 baby girls out. Such cuties. Washing is done….still drying. Girls fed…still holding out hope for Belle and Pearl….4 more days till there is no more hope. Well, then they just get bred for spring. The difference between spring breeding and fall breeding is…………………….the hornyness. The rut. The rut is going on here and has been for months. I guess Wy just couldn’t get in to the spirit of things in March….girls either for that matter.

Made a few more wrist warmers today…..well, partially made. Still so many decisions to be made for the show thing. Jeesh and I still haven’t ordered the shopping bags. Ahhh….gotta work on some of this stuff tonight. I have kitties in and around my lap, entwined in my arms as I type, playing and licking each other. Yup, Smooch and Sneezy Smokey Baby have really hit it off. Poor Gucci doesn’t have her all to herself now. Ernie is growing his tail feathers again and perching himself up on things to show it off. Silly boy. Bert hangs out on the porch out the kitchen door all day…laying on feed bags.

I have this odd space of time, when I’ve already fed, but it’s not time to cook yet….where I just want to hurry up and cook dinner already, so I can eat….and get on with getting busy with my night things. It feels like there are like 2 hours which could be utilized better. So….starting yesterday…..I just go ahead and cook, eat…get it over with and away I go! Hubby just has to reheat. It’s working at the moment. I think I’ll enjoy the rest when this is over with. Ha….then I’ll most likely be gearing up for an April show…if I can get in to the Yellow Rose. But I’ll have a few months to prepare!!!!….and rest. So tired. Was tired before this started…am tireder now. Well………..gotta go. Things to do. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Still not sure about this things coming off the painting idea…..the cow I really like…..has one horn going off the page. I just don’t know if others/buyers will like it. Later Gators.
















2 thoughts on “For the love of ART……….

  1. It’s a Scottish Highland, that is the cow I want, I love them more then any other cow and I dream of them. I think you need to do a rattlesnake, I know you hate snakes but I think it could be incredible and someone will LOVE it

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