the breeding excitement continues…….

My palette is huge. It has to be. I’ve been washing and washing fleeces for days and as the festival approaches the idea of parting with any of it gets harder and harder. I literally just plunk bags of fleece in front of me…..and create. If it’s got VM in it….I pull it out….or if it’s too bad, I toss it. Then theres my other bags…two. Filled with color and type…they flood my world with choices. You would be amazed by my bags. You would love my bags. Sparkle abounds. My piles, my bags of fleece. I’m supposed to part with them? I’m racking my brain to find ways where I don’t have to sell so much. I think I have an idea…we’ll see if it’s a good one or not when this is over then I’ll tell you one way or the other. I haven’t counted my paintings but there’s quite a few. Spread out in stacks. I have no clue how many. Not very good at the business end. I’m gonna take my coat…who knows. The price is $2000, so I may get to wear it home…..or I may not.

I once was making a cape. I built it with the cattle pattern on the outside, all Texany, and baby alpaca on the inside for softness. It cost a lot of money….it’s huge. Two huge long pieces of felt that I never could get felted quite well enough then I gave up during my hat phase and cut a portion from one of the pieces. Not big, but big enough that I can no longer make the same cape. Idea is….take it…run it through the feltloom and from there, see what happens. It will be available as is for sale….or I can bring it home and either redesign the cape or cut it up and make pillows out of it. I would have done that…had I had time to run down to rent the machine before the fest. Gosh… much to think about. So much to plan. I’m not a planner…..well, I am, but not in that sense. I plan how things will go. I think of every aspect of how something could go wrong…or I try to…..I analyze and analyze and then…sometimes months later….I go. I think that’s what hubby does too…just figuring this out. That’s why we don’t get along so well, cuz we’re both planning in our heads….different things…that coincide and bang into each other. Ya. Sounds right.

The stack of bags of fleeces on my bed, that I threw up to be available to me tonight…are just a few that are stacking up at the foot of my bed. Oh my gosh….guess what!!!!! Jesse messaged to tell me that I had more followers than BOTH of his twitter accounts! He has risen since then but you get my drift, eh? He said his old Mama couldn’t do it. Too old to get followers my AS_! I have 633 at the moment…..4 weeks and 5 days in. Course, they’re all hip hop people or stoners, but just the same. They keep sending me their music to listen to but poor things….so far I’ve only shared one guy. And I don’t even remember his name. I will remedy that. Night night people! 3:01am = 4 = Angels!!!! Ps……Have you guys enjoyed the EVOLUTION of ME????

Good day so far. Have all but one basket of 2 large fleeces washed and drying. Had to take a break before I go wring out that last bit. My back gave out. Not only that, but I let the baby girls out for the first time since they’ve been in the new pen and all went well till the bigboys spotted them and Heaven ruled the roost! She stood there and wagged her tail at a pack of about 15 bucks very hungry for a female. Big Wyatt was tryin to come through the fence!!! Peanuts didn’t work…in the end, it was the sneak and pounce method Jesse has perfected. Then the other two followed us into the L….silly girls. So then we had to carry them out. But in the meantime….we put Heaven back in with her mom and she had a brief moment with Maya when we put Wy back in. Straight for her. Yup….I’d say it’s a safe bet that Heaven is bred. And since he got Star last night, he’s on a roll. Can’t believe he wimped out on me for my experiment. He’s sure making up for it now. Those girls were all still flirting this morning. By this afternoon….he was standing all alone…..till we moved him back and he discovered Heaven, that is. She’s just about 8 months old and is a stocky built thing. Crystal and Flower are all alone now by my window. Even if they wagged their tail…..I wouldn’t put them back in though……too small.

It’s funny. I never cared for Milly’s fleece…high lanolin, so I never bothered to wash any up. Till today. It’s drying but I think I have a nice surprise in store. Huge fleece too, took up the entire skirting table, which I use as a drying rack…along with the drying rack. As I was wringing out the first basket of Milly today, I got jabbed in my palm. Every time I would wring another handful, it would hurt and I kept thinking they all have a sticker sticking me in the same spot??? Hehehe……senior moment. It was a thorny thing….stuck in my hand!!! One of the mite girls has been hollerin all day so I suggested letting them out. One has a bad foot, so I decided to trim her hooves which might be causing the problem. Poor dear, only got out a few minutes then we got her…got 2 feet partially done and he got too close on the third and she bled. Purple spray……stopped then….and into the pen she walked. No greenies. We felt so bad. Tryin to help and made it worse. Crap happens. Wow….word limit. Guessin that’s it then. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















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