Zoomed in tight and focus narrowed. Thus I spent the past many hours, lost inside the art of art. The love of the goat, as I saw him arriving before my eyes. Such a beautiful baby, now looking at me when I haven’t even put eyes in. The whole of me meets the whole of him and we dance. I love to dance with the animals in my paintings. Just last night I thought maybe the gift was not longlasting….today I keep sayin….I’m diggin this one, really diggin this one. It’s Armani. Armani Bugatti. Such a handsome boy….turning into what I thought my Khalifa would look like. Instead, Khalifa is long. Long and lanky right now like an awkward teenager trying to fit into its growing body. No, Armani has the look I like….no bones about it. Speaking of long and lanky and adolescent bodies….that’s how I feel right now as I strive and reach out in ways I would have before thought disgusting. I used to HATE rap. Now my son is a rapper. Not just a rapper, he’s a producer. In the music world that means he makes his own music, beats, mixes, outright songs. So….after 2 years of listening to rap and electro…house, trap…..I now have an opinion on it. Haha! People send me links to their songs….so I go listen, then if I like em…I post em. Just started doing it and figuring it out as I go…As I grow. I feel myself growing. But the Hip hop world for Gods sakes?????? Heheheheheheeeee Yes, hahaaa……!

Have I told you that my hubby is now trying to get off work to go to the festival? That there sentence is huge for me. It’s a mix of emotions…feelings zoomin, fears, reliefs, ahhhhhh. That he’ll be there to fix anything that goes wrong, like he always does…to come up with an idea that works……to assist with customers, many many reasons that I’m glad he would be there the whole time. But on the other hand, I am human and I have other feelings. Will he belittle me? Will he make me feel small if things go wrong? He has a tendency to do that. On the other other hand…..I was also worried about Jesse and I’s arguments and the endlessness of them and concerned about that. Hubby’s being there would also help that. So…..I shall release that fear….and…no, right now. I RELEASE ALL FEAR OF A BAD OUTCOME AT THE KID N EWE. I replace it with…….LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, WONDER, MAGIC, FUN, YEEHAW, NEW FRIENDS…..and many many more. Well shoot, like…..good fiber finds for my art, happiness in the booth, cohesiveness in the booth, style and grace in the decorations and the setup and the actions….in the booth. Ya, that feels better. Lordie….I’ve just brought all the veggies I need to bag up for the week for hubby’s lunch and wow….it’s massive. At least it’s healthy stuff!!! Done. Some aspects of my day are so rote that it’s bothersome but other parts are new…fresh. Speaking of fresh…I’ll see ya tomorrow. Night night. 3:58am = 7 = Holy.

Ok…I give up. Well, not really, but felt like saying it. I go to check out the preggo pen and there’s Georgia….calling to Wywy. Several were, and they were all mounting each other and making rut type sounds. So….we put Wywy in. Hahaha. Circles and circles. They circled him, he circled them. Each one he got, they would want more and pester him till he would life them off the ground with his horns. Scary that. So far…4 outta 8 have been got. Etta, Star, Belle and Pearl want nothing to do with him yet. I’m gonna guess that those does are for Sure not pregnant….or they wouldn’t have gone in heat. That leaves 4 that still could be. A few more days and it’ll all be over…the questions anyways. I also washed 3 fleeces today and it is basking in the sunlight. Cathy finished up stitching the YeeHaw Ranch sign so that it will hang, yay.

Yup…just fed and it is all still goin on…with the same 4 girls. Hmmm. He is definitely workin it and doing his job, that parts for sure. If Belle isn’t preggers, then she is getting fat. Star avoided the whole mess by jumping up onto the big stump…way up high. One more week and I can change things up if I want. Put in a different buck or let them all out into the L again. We shall see what happens with the 4 that refused Wy today. Tonight I’ll be working on that Armani painting again. He’s just too cute. My stomach is practically aching today with all the love I’ve been feelin for these goats. Yes, it affects my stomach. I feel a surge of love so deep….that it accumulates and makes me feel ill. One of the baby pups got out a bit ago and the others were all staring at the gate barking him on. Blue was barking to alert me. I called for him. Then I walked to the gate and did the pup come home whistle which signals Blue to do his bark and wala….Geezer came running back home. See….I love my babies… many of them! Who knew? Not me! I was never big on having animals. Well…..need to go gather dried curls from the racks and get started on dinner. I’m a hungry girl….considering I haven’t had a single bite yet…ya, makes sense. Racking my brain to come up with more product and to remember all that I need to finish up or even to start on. Later gators. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….well, Star let him breed her as well. Saw it out the kitchen window. That takes us to 3 possibles still. Later!!!













2 thoughts on “Hmmmmm………

  1. Wywy with his tongue out and Georgia on a log, I’m sorry they aren’t having fall kids, but I can’t wait to see what they have. I sold one of my boys today, well he left today, very sad, the vet said he was blue, I call him gray, regardless he is moving back to Texas, his home state, what a happy goat he will be going south before the winter. HUGs night owl

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