MamaSheri’s Fuzzzy Art…….

It’s really funny the difference in FB and Twitter. On FB, I feel I can say anything I want about my goats or my spiritual beliefs and my words would be well received. On Twitter however……I don’t feel free to say much. And when I do….if I go and see it in the endless feed….see it go by… looks so stupid, so insignificant and so not important to anyone reading. Another difference is on FB, I feel free to talk about and post about the benefits of marijuana…of cannabis…..but, I don’t feel free to post or speak of just the smoking aspect. The pot aspect. The beauty of the plant aspect. The joy of the high, the joy of breaking up a bud you grew yourself, the joy of seeing the little hairs arrive on the bud you’re growing. On the other hand, I don’t feel free to twee that either….nor to blog it. I still feel silenced. The difference though, is that on Twitter, I follow all of those people. All the people who feel free, like I don’t. Strange thing is….the mere fact that I follow them….suggests that I am a smoker. It’s a fear that they have hammered into us since day one. But why? Pot used to be smoked, it used to be used in medicines….cough syrups, headache pills, upset stomach stuff, etc. It was also illegal if you Didn’t grow it. You had to grow it!!! The benefits to the land, to the soil, to the peoples health, was astronomical. There were less trees needed cut down and it was a good thing. Then companies came in and BOUGHT the prohibition of marijuana….an innocent but miraculous plant….now deemed evil.

Back to the Twitter. It’s so indiscriminate. SO impersonal. You follow absolute strangers in a race to gain followers. I think I’m getting the hang of this thing. Tonight, I ran into a thing I tried to ask him about last night and he misunderstood. Tonight he sees what I’m doing and shows me something. I was like well, holy sheeps!!! For those who are on it….it’s one of those follow me back and get 50 followers things… retweet it, then click on the word retreets and follow away. At this moment…I’ve gained 101 new followers! IN like an hour! Hmmmm…..for those of you who’ve been here for quite awhile….remember when the laptop would capitalize whole sentences it deemed important? Well, it stopped doing that a few months ago. But tonight I’ve noticed two incidents of capitalizing the first word in a sentence. Thank you for letting me know you’re still here!!! I didn’t paint tonight. I spent the whole evening emptying the dryer rack and replacing it with not completely dry fiber and running it…every 23 minutes. I knew it would be an all nighter with that and it’s really hard to work on an intense painting when you have to keep jumping up! And now…at 2am, I’ve decided to let the rest remain in the bag and I’ll deal with it tomorrow. They’re calling for rain. Oi ve. Well, I have to go to the post office regardless and leaving the house always seems to take a chunk outta my day. Night night sweet people. Smoke em if ya got em! Lol….couldn’t resist. 1:52am = 8 = infinity!

Not the most productive of days, but it works. There was a miscommunication between hubby and I and he didn’t send in the booth payment. SO…..I had to run to the post office and priority it. Also spoke with Jesse’s boss….remember that job? Well, when there was a fire next door at the logging place, they had to shut down. Then the TABC caught an employee selling drugs out the back door so they are forced to shut down for 40 days. Jesse still hasn’t been paid there. Rumors abound, but the guy insists he’s not leaving and Jesse will get his pay. Hmmm. Hope so. I designed a shirt for myself to wear at the festival and ordered it today. I also finally found some lighting that might work. Oh ya……I figured out what to do about the feeling free thing on Twitter. Hehe….I just re invigorated my initial twitter name…Mamasheri444. I will be able to talk goat there or art or what the heck ever I want. And yes, the other accounts limits are self imposed…’s just the way I need to do it. Speaking of that…..last nights follow frenzy has netted me 175 followers! WOWza. Hehehe…..100 or so more and I’ll be caught up to where Jesse was the day I started the Twitter war.

I dished out peanuts today to some of the pens. Caught a mole diggin a hold in one of the pens and went over to take his photo. He was curious, so he kept popping out to see me. Heaven actually took a peanut outta my hand. She was so hard to earn trust with and I finally did….until that first worming when she had to be “Caught”. She screamed bloody murder and hasn’t been friendly since…..and we’ve had more wormings since then and a shearing!!! BUT….she’s comin around again maybe? Still just a bunch of fat girls in the preggo/nonpreggo pen. Not many days left at all now. Be glad when this is over once and for all. Serves me right for not using a clean up buck.

Well….there aren’t many backgrounds left for me to work with. A few. And a few are not really right to do a painting on but are great as they are as a pretty thing….so I’ll sell those as is. I haven’t told you about the cow painting I donated to the local firehouse auction. It sold for 40 or 50 bucks…..I didn’t arrive in time to bid for it….and there was no way to display it and nobody knew what it was. Yikes. My neighbors art went for 75 bucks last year….she typically gets around a thousand. So….cookies next year!!! Now, the cookies sell for some real money!!! Crazy. Ok well………..I guess I’ll let ya go….and I’ll go back to waiting for imaginary babies….OR…I’ll help deliver some live ones any minute now. Hehehe. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps……….On the back of the Tshirt….I put…..MamaSheri’s fuzzzy art. LOL.

Pss….the standoff in Canada…..well, they’re not allowed to make them leave or harass them…a judge ruled….we’ll see how that goes.














7 thoughts on “MamaSheri’s Fuzzzy Art…….

  1. I use twitter every day but I use it to connect with the testing community and for other professional reasons. I do not use it for personal connections – I use facebook for that. Twitter allows me to follow a lot of testers who may not follow me back – but I can read what they are tweeting about. Twitter is definitely harder to have a long conversation or to express emotions like you can on facebook.

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