O Canada I’m not smiling at you…….and fleece fleece fleece

I just haven’t felt the call to paint yet tonight so I bagged up fiber for the show instead. I forgot to pull the fiber in from outside tonight before dark…didn’t know dark would release instant water!!!! So….I’m having to run them all through on the dryer rack again. There is literally fleece everywhere. Between the bags of washed stuff, my huge pile(half a king size bed), the bins and lids laying flat to dry what has just come outta the dryer…..and of course, there are paintings everywhere too. These goofy cats think they can do whatever they please…..actually they can. But there are 2 right now sleeping on a stack of paintings. Don’t worry…they’re turned upside down. Normally I don’t let them. Thing is…I just now noticed and looks like they’ve been harmlessly there for awhile. The fiber I washed the first two days was done with a giddy cocky attitude that I was gonna get this recipe to work. And…to amaze myself at how much I could accomplish. Well, I now split the fleeces in half and they each get their own wash….a bit more thorough. But still, I got 2 ½ done today doing that so not bad. The half….was the crutch fleeces from Belle and Etta. Beautiful stuff. I washed Wywy’s spring kid fleece…it’s drying. Ooooh, and…..I discovered I can actually use the words……spring kid quality on a nearly 3 year old….my Valey. Shiny….so shiny. That makes me very happy. Man is this stuff soft. Hopefully it is heritable and her babies do the same. Yeehaw!

Ok…..what the hell is going on in Canada??? I know we got our own problems here but crap man…..people protesting getting shot?(can’t verify the shot part) Being surrounded by multitudes in riot gear…while they had no weapons at all. Guns pointed at them….the target of many many weapons….they stood and filmed and posted on FB. They stayed strong…some were arrested. More came. Elders and children were peppersprayed. Cars are burning. Many yukky weapons are being used on them. Let’s see, what are they protesting. Oh ya…FRACKING. It contaminates the waters people!!!! If you see trucks that say seismic equipment…..you got fracking going on. My well water is now permanently brown. I don’t know whats in it and don’t really wanna know. It’s not the same as the brown from the iron…I know that brown.

One might think that the femininity has gone outta me. The lack of care of what I wear, the sloppy hair with colors galore and the clomp clomp of my rubber boots on the hard wood floors. All trademarks of a hermit no more. But you’d be wrong to assume that. Even though I am celibate…..I am woman still. I still like pink roses, babies, warm jammies, touching soft, giggling on purpose, a 4 ½ ring size(wedding finger), and let’s not forget….I actually believe that I shifted the energies from masculine to feminine during mhy solstice experience and another a few years later. It’s complicated. But ya….I’m a woman. I’m the only one allowed to call me old though….but you can call me Crone if you wish and I would beam with pride….although pride is not good in high doses. Hey, whatdya know…I’m actually writing tonight. It’s cuz it’s early, only 12:12am and I’m not painting tonight. Think I’ll try to go to bed early and get up early to get to washing. Hehe…. I was just mind wanderin and thought of the three strips of background we made last time. Not very big, long vertical is now it’s direction cuz I finally decided how to decorate them. With words. Breathe. Peace. And Texas!!! Hehehe….I was going in my mind for the third word…I almost went for Love…but the words….and Texas screamed at me!!!! LofrigginL. 12:22. My friend Tom loves those numbers. Oh wow…I’m over for tonights words. Later folkie olkies…..sleep sweet. Oh……12:23am = 8 = infinity! And beyond!!!! Night. Ps….I just realized I can use those two bucks as clean up bucks for this time. Forgot about clean up bucks….they, we hope, get anyone who didn’t like the last buck and didn’t breed. LoL. Night again. Pss….the natives are saying that they are being framed about the burning cars. I believe them. I’ve seen these tactics at rainbow Gatherings……innocent as they are…..are treated as non citizens, non humans. Rumors at the gathering had them number three on the gov’s list of bad guy groups. I’m not gonna use the stupid word that begins with a t, I’m just not gonna. The rainbow are people who want to know how to survive…how to begin a new civilization from common interests…in the forest where nature rules…not the gov. That’s it. They come together to practice feeding, circle rules, market, hospital, social gatherings, etc. It’s one by one, people coming from all walks of life…to create community….once a year….and the gov absolutely hates that. Night….again. 1:35am = 9 = endings.

Another productive day of both joy and angst. 3 fleeces processed….all first clip baby fleeces. Some are so full of VM that the quality just goes down down down. I had to throw away so much vm stuff last night it was ridiculous. Soft soft shiny curls that you just wanna rub on your face…but full of trash. Disheartening. It was cloudy when I woke so I asked for the sun. Then it rained for a minute and the sun came out. It’s going back behind the clouds now. Bummer. I let the baby boys out while we were doing fleeces and they never made it past a tiny area. The bigboys spotted them so they all got together at the fenceline and the bigboys showed them how to be in rut. Showed them how to pee on themselves, etc. Astonishing!!!! They hung out together most of the day…separated by the fence….until the babies realized there were greenies and they weren’t eating them!

Now this is customer service. I’m trying to buy a vase and at the last minute I realize I don’t know how deep it is. It might be deceptive and I need it to be very deep…why I googled Very tall Vases…………so I call. She’s going to have one pulled from the wharehouse and find out!!! I like that kind of business. Yay, she called back and it is that deep. It’s a head. Lol……put the tall things in…when they sell…put a hat on it! Cute idea I had, eh? If this show works well………..I’ll most likely close the Etsy shop. Not like I could bring myself to post it often anyways…lol, think I only posted the link once. Also, I got a ton of paintings ready to list…but never listed. Ya…and now I hear they are removing the word HANDMADE from their description. Guess it’s a good thing I still have that group…With These Hands. Now if only I could figure out how much it is to advertise it??? I tried page after page and even googled it and nope….not a price anywhere!!! If we advertised that page…..towards BUYERS……we’d do well………so many vendors! Oh dear…outta time. Had to bring the fleeces in to rack dry….too moist and too many clouds. No babies. I’m seriously questioning this. What did I feel and see moving…if not a baby, on Pearl??? It’s a mindboogle. Oh well. Later then!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch! Dark and dreary but I’m smilin!















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