ripping up artwork…………..oh how pretty, they say!!! Crap!

Ahhh the joys of starting the blog at 2:30am. I watched The Perfect Storm twice tonight. How silly am I? But I just love the ending. Thing is, I get so immersed in my work that I almost don’t care what’s on. Unless it’s a beauty shop reality show….then I draw the line. I don’t think much about world issues when I’m workin….which is why this blog has changed into more of an art meets farm blog instead of the spiritual meets farm blog. I guess I’m workin the spiritual right now. I must be… of art are coming outta my hands…..surprise surprise. I’ve worked on this painting all day and most of the night when all of a sudden….I had to admit to myself, even though I really deep down knew…..that the baby in the painting, was Too large. Oh Lordie. I did know. I just kept thinking that if I could get it right, it would work, but I decided to finish Maya….then it still looked too big, so………………….I pulled/ripped it off. I did it carefully though so I could try to bring the large baby back to life on its own background. It was too cute to waste. So………I then rebuilt…or should I say, began to rebuild the baby Heaven in front of Maya. It’s still far from done, but in the end, I decided that the photo was incomplete and didn’t translate well to a painting. I added on. I think it works. I’m working on the Heaven part now. The proportions are much better now….so I just gotta perfect it and make it look more like her. It’s fun but it’s hard and frustrating. I holler a lot.

So, I’m cruising through Facebook and I see this pendant. Green chlorite. It didn’t even matter what it was. It called to me so big……I had to have it. I don’t have much money right now and hubby is odd, so I’m trying to hold onto all I have…..until the show. I call it a show, there are probably a gadozen things I could call it, but show seems to work for me. It is art and I am showing it. Then I usually add the slash and sale…….show/sale… give me energy towards sales. See, I’m trying to think of everything. I’m trying. It’s 3:42am….I need to go to bed, sleepy or not. See ya. 9 = endings.

Yay for some sunshine!!! Was able to wash 2 ½ fleeces!!! Layin in the sun drying as we speak. Ann and Judy…..gotta give ya props again…you two have singlehandedly…..oops, doublehandedly……saved me months of time and hard work. Honestly. Got the washing setup from Ann…………….and the knowhow to do the van wet from Judy. You ladies rock. Ann had also given me enough parts to complete two more washing baskets and so Cathy began building one today. Now we just need to find the zip ties. I’ve decided I was being cocky that day…washing whole fleeces… I separate them into 2. Today I had 2 wash buckets going and that speeded things up a great deal. Had everything laid out to dry by 3pm.

I’ve just made rounds to see everyone. Just for fun. They miss me. The baby boys dearly love their visits with Mama. Crystal was too busy eating…so tiny. Jesse said he saw Kiwi doing the nasty with another buck….lol, to me that tells ya how well he’s healed. From deaths door to going in Rut!!! That’s my boy! So fascinating to squat down and have all those baby boys flocking around me. I touch as many as I can at once….and I feel the huge differences in their fiber. Lanoliny, soft, like a Pretty(lol…it’s its own category!!!), loose, tight….just a smorgasbord of yum. Oh Lordie….I just got followed on Twitter by one of the guys Jesse likes. He’s like…no….nah, no way……why isn’t he following me??? Ooops….sorry kid. I dunno! Hehe…dude even has a blue checkmark!!! (that means he is the real deal…verified to be that person.) Speaking of Twitter…I’m up to 269 followers now, one month in exactly.

I couldn’t find a black background big enough to do the large baby Heaven redo……I pulled off a batt that was not my favorite background. I then get to use that batt fiber….and I can finish the painting…two paintings for the time of 4…lol. Bad joke….but it is taking forever….and I do end up with 2 baby Heavens. I’m also starting a new fashion of sorts. A new trend. Where the painting doesn’t fit within its frame. I already did one. The pups painting…you probably didn’t notice, but the tails are spilling off the page. The background I took the batt off today….well, the baby fit, but the points of her ears would not….so…….I’m going ahead with it. I like it. Most people will probably have these framed anyways and would just then put them on larger black paper backgrounds… wither way…it works.

Ahhh, just saved myself some time and work…instead of meatloaf…I’m goin with sloppy joe. I have an internet recipe…a clone for Manwich….it truly is. Well….just fed. No more chasing going on down in the breeding pen. And when the time is up………whoever didn’t have a baby………….which could be all of them………shall have the Wy come visit them as well. If the spring breeding did work…think I’ll use Doc next spring. Either him or Opti. Then I’ll probably use Armani and Bentley in the fall… improve the curls…not that they need improving…but shoot, why not, eh? On the kitty front……The ringworm is clearing up on everyone…even Gucci’s neck owies too. And mine! Baby kitten is regrowing hair and doing the grow the long body phase right now. Still a bitty babe though. There was a small crow convention here in one of the yard trees while we were washing. Wow…they are so loud and they bring in so many. Every year. Conventions…I wonder what they talk about? Maybe the state of things on the spinning ball. My latest issue on the spinning ball is……the ants are climbing up the kitchen water pipeworks……..up up up…into the sink and onto the `dirty dishes they want to eat from. Yikes. Hehe….Later peeps. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.Psss……..sorry bout the duplicates…..the app went wonky on me…also, I couldn’t caption the ripped up painting..that app froze…so, I’ll try to include it tomorrow.





























5 thoughts on “ripping up artwork…………..oh how pretty, they say!!! Crap!

  1. Do you like it? Our water here is so amazingly hard I worry about getting the salt balance correct. How many soaks and rinses?

    • That’s why you need salt!!! I’m just working it out for my water. The recipe was 2 gallons water, 2 TBS salt, 2TBS van wet. Empty bucket add salt n van wet. Add water n stir to mix. Bout 30 min soak. Rinse 4-5 times. Cold water right outta hose!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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