Sacrilege…….but no sabotage

Sacrilege….just plain sacrilege. It is in our job descriptions as angora goat raisers, to improve the quality of the goat and the fleece. That means longer and shinier curls. And here I am….cutting those precious curls in half! Do I get kicked outta the fiber guild for that? Hehe, it’s all in what you need….when you need it. I remember once upon a time, throwing away a fleece cuz it was too short…cut at 4 months instead of 6,it was just too short to spin. Yes, it was indeed…but it’s not too short for painting!!! Wow….with that realization….I can shear the ones I need for me…….whenever they look really awesome…no need to wait for it to get longer. Hmmm….that’s too hard to do.

Oh man….this painting is a challenge of challenges! I shall be the victor. I’m partway there….finally. After working on it from 7pm till 2:40am, I’m plain ole pooped. It’s still far from finished. I guess I can at least show you the photo I’m going by, eh? I’ll try to remember. Feels nice. Baby Heaven, done with baby Heaven curls. I really like that. Oh man…speaking of curls…..they called for flooding, so I pulled the fleece off the racks outside and brought them in. One by one, batch by batch, I’ve been drying them partially on my dryer rack. I still have a bit left but I’m too tired to stay up. I got yelled at for leaving the babies in with the buck….so I will be pulling out at least Crystal and Flower…very small. Haven’t decided about the other two. Much bigger. Especially Petunia. What the heck…I’ll pull them all prolly. None of the girls are in heat apparently cuz they all ran from him. He went straight for Mimi…then Maya….but neither girl was interested. No girl was interested. Damn….that really puts more work on. Not for me, I don’t care…but when I go to the show….Cathy will have another pen to feed. There are already 5. That will make 6. For 4 days man. Oi ve. It’s already asking a lot. Well, it’s 3:41am = 8 = infinity. Night night peoples.

Ok ok….so remind me to quit telling you all how hard these paintings are or are gonna be…might be making it tougher on myself. It is a difficult one, that’s an understatement. I have 2 subjects to get perfect in this one and I’m just gonna keep on and on and on….until I finish, with a grand finish! I’ve worked on it all day…all this wet rainy day. I also, with the help of Jesse, moved 3 of the babies out of the breeding pen. I’ve been doing this 5 years…..jeesh, forgot my goat anniversary on the 13th……and I’ve always left the babies in with the moms with no problem. Last year, Star was a big girl and I think that’s why Wy got her, if he indeed did. But, since my friend is concerned…..I moved Crystal, Flower and Heaven into the baby pen by my room. There is no roof there, and it’s cold today, so I had Jesse grab some hay bales and create them a small place to duck into to stay warm,. I left Petunia in. She is 7 months, as well as Heaven….but she’s a very big girl. I don’t however like being called irresponsible. I was fully aware of the risks when I put them in. I am fully aware for all the choices I make. I defer this time, but in future…..I may not. I now have three very upset baby girls outside my window crying nonstop…..and they have feed, hay and peanuts….and me to yell….it’s ok babies, you’re ok, mama’s here. Man, they are shivering…..but wet so no coats.

Wywy still looks to be trying. He’s working it. Got the tongue out, the I want you snorts, the turned up mouth, the walking down low, all bent over….slinking actually. Alas…they must not be in estrus cuz they’re still avoiding those overtures. When I checked them this morning, they were all sleeping in the house. Big change from this spring where he claimed it then let only his harem in. His harem. Hmmmm, I’m still waiting to see if there were any results from that!

I didn’t end up going to get more colored curls today. I stayed here to move the babies and work on the painting. I did get it a lot further along, but it’s still far from done. I’m trying to stay home….in case of birth. Ha. Lol, I’m in that…there are no babies in those bellies stage. Only God and the goat knows. I haven’t found a decent scale yet, well….I found some very expensive ones….so….I think I’ve come up with a way to do the show without it. I’m pondering it now. I like pondering…it covers my bases. See, I think on things a long time before I do them, usually. Man, it’s cold outside. Not cold cold, but outta the blue, it’s in the low 50’s. Let’s just say that I had to put on my warm winter flannel mens sleep pants, a long sleeve tshirt and a thermal shirt. Ya, I get cold very easy. Well……I guess those girls have been waiting long enough for their food. Get on that, then figure something out for dinner……then right back to the painting. Yikes!!!! I think I’ll remember the photo for it. Not the painting in works….don’t wanna sabotage it…..but just the photo I’m going by. Later gator……….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

















4 thoughts on “Sacrilege…….but no sabotage

  1. Shear when you want, of course! People spin cotton, and it’s only 1″ (or less). I’ve never understood the fascination with locks that are 8-12″ long. They are a pain to process. Give me a nice fleece that’s 3-4″ long; to me that’s a perfect length.

    • Doesn’t he??? All the photos show up blue around the eyes!!! I just washed Pearls baby fleece. Oh my!!! I love your goats too! Huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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