It’s all coming together……..

Ahhh, what a fun day. I had thought of it as a horrible chore, but going through those fleeces was just what I needed. It reminded me that I do indeed have quality stuff here. Plus…..I was out of red fleeces. I use a lot of red in the paintings and that was a concern since I sold most of the red goats…but……I found 2 Lily fleeces! Yay! Score! I sped the drying along of the Heaven fleece since I need it…..I just used my lay flat rack and ran it… the Express Dry setting which is for 23 minutes. I only do this once…otherwise it will fuzz it out and even burn it sorta. I normally only use this method during winter, but shoot….I need them thar curls!!! Oh dear…weather calls for cold and wet!!! Holy crap…till next Thursday. Oh well, that’s a God thing…hehe, unless it’s a gov thing, and I can’t do anything about either so I’ll just treat it as what it is. Inside days….one fleece a day washed days…..painting during the day…..sign making….labeling…..photograph printing….finding things I need. Right now, I’m on the lookout for battery powered lights that I can use to spotlight some paintings. I’m not clear on how much power I have available….but a light stand would work too if I had enough power. Hmmm, how to know? Don’t wanna bother Lisa with such a trivial thing….on the other hand, she suggested I come see her colors which are all laid out with the lids off….since it’ll be raining, I think I will. No signs from the girls still, but I’ll know more in the morning. That baby Maya fleece has been staring at me all day. Ha…I have to open it and see. Oh man….if it weren’t for the goat smell, I’d use it straight outta the bag…it’s that soft.

Hahaha…Jesse has gotten angry with me for not having faith…that there are babies inside those girls. Many times, I’ve said…man, they don’t look pregnant. Or she doesn’t…..etc. He argues with me and guarantees they are. Lol, today he said….I don’t know if they are or not! Hehe, waiting for babies is just like that. Unless of course it’s an older nanny who has done this a gazillion times and had many sets of twins and they tend to blow up like whales. It’s the first timers that can be so deceptive. I’ll say this……..some of them….are gonna have a baby. That’s my call at this point in time, lol. Well….I was able to follow the Mayan suggestion. I needled in signatures for the recent paintings I’d completed. I then attempted a car drawing for hubbys friend, but realized I had a shortage of grays. Hmmm, when I collected fleeces today there was not a gray one among em. Some redistribution is required, eh? Well, I couldn’t help myself. I had to dig up the baby Pearl, with the pencil curls….and compare them to baby Maya. No comparison. As usual…completely different fiber. That’s what I like about mohair….each goat has a different fiber….different characteristics. Pretty cool actually. Anyways folks….bedtime for bonzo. Night night. 2:14am = 7 = Holy!!!

It’s a very cloudy day…but no rain, yay. So, I have washed 2 fleeces and they are laying outside to dry…..hope the rain stays away, cuz they dry fast out there. Come on SUN!!! Fed peanuts this morning and still nothin. Am trying to order the purchase bags, but it wants to charge me 20 bucks to send it UPS one day. Doesn’t seem to be giving me options, other than faster and more expensive! Ugggh. I decided on the gusseted(standup) tshirt bags and tissue paper. Still need black table cloths, safety pins, clothespins, lighting and a few other things. Jesse gets to empty out the rest of the Rv, hehe, so hubby can take it in to get a few repairs and inspected. He’s not looking forward to that job. Oh Lordie….Jesse and I argued last night over the color of Heavens fleece. It’s darker then you pull it and it’s lighter. Once pulled, I said it was the color of Grammy’s cake icing. He said oh no……its way too dark for that! Listen up little boy…..I been making that cake and that icing for 30 some years and I happen to know what color it is. Not only that….the icing gets its color by the addition of nestle quick. I add the nestles until it’s just the right color…………….so there!!! So….I have stashed that little pulled curl until I have the ingredients and can make the dang cake. Mmmmmm, sounds good right about now!!! Can’t do it though…no devils food cake in the house.

Man……….what I wouldn’t give to hear a holler from out back. Just a good old fashioned….I’m pushing a baby out and it hurts holler!!! In the end…’s not the end of the world if nobody was bred….it was just an experiment after all. However…..I should then feel embarrassed. But should is the operative word and I hate that word….sooo…..I don’t think I will feel embarrassed if I’m wrong. Anyone would think some of these girls were preggers so I shall not feel bad. There’s still time though. I won’t say the END….till Oct 28th…just to be sure. Tonight I will be working on the most challenging painting yet. The Maya/Heaven painting. I have Maya mostly done, but the Heaven part will be mighty tricky. Have to finish that before I can then complete the Maya part. Ohhhhh…..I finally found the right medicine for this particular ringworm. Tinactin…lol, for athletes foot. It’s doing more than the yeast or jock itch creams even thought about. How funny….the treatments.

Well, I just got done feeding the girls and who friggin knows!!!! Either way….Wywy will be moved today and will join the breeding group. In the end….all are at least 6 months old, so….I’ll just leave em all in. Hopefully he has no interest in the smaller babies, but either way…they will be a yr old at birthing so should be ok. It’s just better cuz I don’t have any cover for them out in the L. So…I’ll be marking this day….10/15…..which comes to…..3/15. Mid March….usually a good time for babies. Oh well, and I’ve gone over wordwise again. Oh ya….I still haven’t received my herd ID from CAGBA….that was months ago! Ok, well……back to needling in a short while. Wish me luck on this hard one!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


















2 thoughts on “It’s all coming together……..

  1. The rack looks great; can’t wait to see pictures of it covered in paintings. Black tablecloths can be hard to find/expensive. I use black flat sheets. Much easier to find and reasonably priced. I like full or queen size so they hang all the way to the ground on both sides of my tables, that way I can hide my supplies under the tables.

    • Oh. Excellent idea!!!! Boy you’re full of em! Thankyou! Less expensive is right up my alley right now. As for the rack….it will be sprayed with black rubber to protect from any owies as when you cut panels they can be sharp. I will have an option to remove the wheels and stand it accordion style as a wall. All in all there will be 8 dual purpose racks. Hubby went overboard due to our anniversary. Thanks for saving me money!!!!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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