Kicked that paintings butt………..

Success. I kicked that paintings butt!!! I gotta tell ya….I knew I would. It’s a very strange to me feeling, knowing I can do something, before I do it….but I do. I have it. It’s as if someone is pouring Confidence on me and it is seeping into every cell of my body. I think the boldness of it may sound wrong, but I believe it is necessary. Necessary for me in this next stage of my life. I need to have confidence. I need to know I can. I need to have faith in myself right now. I’ve never really needed it before….hehe, not like this. I must need it…its here! Here bigtime! Tonight I decided the Petunia painting was done and I posted it. But then I saw it flat in front of me…like a painting would be and I instantly saw the flaws, which I knew were there but didn’t know how to correct them, until wham……..they were staring at me. The answer was staring at me. There, I feel better, I put up the fixed painting. Yay. That leg was really bothering me. You guys are all artists in one way or another…surely you know how I feel. Knowing it’s not right, but accepting it anyways. But then….not letting it whip you…and getting it right after all. I bet that’s the part some of you have missed. The not giving up part. It’s so hard to stay with something when you feel you’re really bad at it. Spinning yarn is something that usually takes a bit of time to really GET, ye know? A lot of people give up before they ever get there. I nearly gave up on my art. I was so disgusted with my regular paintings that I told my daughter to come get em or I’d throw em out…ya, told ya a few times….but don’t give up. Look at it as a journey.

Hey….someone tell me how to pronounce………..Huacaya??? That’s the kind of alpaca fiber I want. Even Wikipedia doesn’t tell me how to pronounce it, for goodness sakes! Twitter update. 217 Followers. Cat update. Gucci still has open wounds…holes in her neck from her and Smooch playing back when Wiz was dying. She’s on meds for the ringworm as are the others…all but Gypsy, who doesn’t have any contact with the other cats, and Liberty who lives outside. Well folks….it’s time for sleep. 2:16am = 9 endings. Night night!!!!

Yay! I got me a tax number!!!…thanks to the kind folk at the Texas Comptrollers!!! Took 2 of em, separate issues but we gotter done!!! It’s another rainy day. Shoot…..I live here, must have been mind consumed cuz I didn’t even know what had happened at the Austin City Limits Festival until late last night. I have never seen Austin flood like that…very strange….like they were in a bowl of soup!!! Horrible! Oh well, so here…..I am out of drying room so instead of washing, I will go through fleeces. Should be stinky and fun. Wow….that was quick! I now have all of the fleeces I want to keep in large clear bins. The rest has been restacked in the unuseable new shower. Turns out I was able to let a lot more go than I thought I would. I kept 6 bins for myself……and the shower is full, with fiber I can sell. Yes…I have horded a bit of fiber.

Lotsa work ahead of me. No, I won’t wash it all for sale……but what I don’t wash…I have to go through and try to get the majority of the Vm and 2nd cuts. That’s a rough job on me….with my emphysema…..but I’ll have to do some. I can’t believe that was so easy! Oh…..and I finally got the answer to a burning question. When I got the baby pintos….did I get Etta and Belle’s fleece mixed up. The answer is YES. I sold Etta’s fleece to that woman who did me bad……………………….guess what….she got Belle, not Etta. I had my suspicions cuz it seemed so gray, not black…but it was at the bottom of the shower and I only got to it today to see. Just as I suspected….when I opened the Belle bag…………it was black pinto. Hehehe. First time I ever made that mistake…..and interesting to me, is the recipient. Kinda like Spirit played a lil joke for me. He musta known what she would do in the future. Thank you Spirit.

I uncovered some other beauties too. I found Opti’s baby fleece! Ringlets galore, I remember taking photos of him with his curls dripping! And Pearls baby fleece. Knew it was in there…saving that one man….my most special fleece ever. Not for the color…for the CURL!!! That baby had pencil rings on her entire body…that fleece only. She did not repeat it the next fleece. I kept an old Ghandi fleece too….I know what I like! Oh what fun! When you raise goats like these and get the prize twice a year….you can’t always appreciate the coats when there is such a mad dash to remove them. I’m really tickled right now, knowing I got me some gooooood stuff to play with…and to sell. I only threw out one fleece. Now…if the rain would stop….lol, I know…..I need to let it rain. It’s just that it dries so slowly in the house! I just ran out and tossed peanuts to the girls. Some hate to go runnin and want you to put it in their mouths. They will line up on the fence, standing, leaning on the fence….trying to get the first bite. Oh gosh….I went to clean up the trash from sorting the fleeces and I found Maya’s baby fleece!!! Ooooh, I can see it through the bag…..yummy!!! I know, I’m goofy.

Hmmm, according to the Mayan calendar, today is not a good day to start new things. I can’t complete the Maya Heaven painting till the Heaven fleece is dry. Hmmmm. Don’t have any others started. Maybe making startup paintings doesn’t count as something new? Hehe…I’m pushing it. But I’m pretty sure I’m out of paintings. No, not out…..just out of ones that I prestarted. I can’t wait to do a painting with Pearl curls. I intend to have some of those awesome curls front and center so they can be ooo’d and ahhh’d over. In fact….any time I can show off a curl….I intend to. Oh dear. I’ve gone long again…Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













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