….the butt kickin paintings!!!

Oh my good God…..why on earth do I have to choose such difficult photographs to attempt to paint???? It seems they get harder and harder. I mean, seriously folks. These are NOT easy!!! By no means. I work and rework and rework. This is the passion of my heart. One of the paintings is a horizontal Maya, with a front facing baby Heaven standing in front of her. Yikes and oh my. AND, I want to use Heavens fleece and I thought I could use it raw, but believe it or not…lanolin in a baby fleece. Gorgeous, by the way. Nobody gets that fleece. I have basically sold all my red goats and I need red for the paintings. I still have Angel, but he’s my next layer down in colors…like a palette. I have a massive pallet. Last night, while doing Maya…I grabbed the 4 bags of fleece I had just washed and built her. Right there. From my goats only. What a feeling! I grew the goat and all the inbetween…to build my new art. Yes. Feels good.

The other painting that is kicking my butt is the Petunia one. It too is close to straight on but not. I did it though. It’s not done, but it’s finally in the right direction. This is the funnest hardest art ever. Oh maybe not, but yikes…and smiles!!!!! I’m lovin every single minute of it. I’m changing. Right before your eyes, and right before mine. I’m really changing. I’m Bold. I’ve never been Bold. I’m so friggin Bold that it scares me but not enough…cuz I’m Bold. It’s like play…..with a twist. It aggravates, it frustrates, it upsets, it devours…….the Art in me….is being released…..birthed, like a baby. Each one different, unique and in my astonished opinion…better than the last. I grow. My wings are unfurling and I AM poised to FLY! ~~~

So. I had to weigh a cat for medicine purposes. I weighed 103. Last week when I weighed for the kitten, I was 108. Way down from 120. So. What’s going on? Why am I losing weight in such drastic measures? Hmmmm….it’s a mind boggler. So……onto the Twitter thing. I’m approaching 200 followers. Interesting and FUN. Keyword. I’m figuring out how it works and gaining people. I’m even figuring out what to tweet. Slowly goes the motorboat in the shark infested waters. Oh goodness….time for sleep. I need sleep. I’ve worked very hard tonight on this painting. Goodnight sweetfolk. Oooooh, a new word…..Sweetfolk. Love ya. 2:14am = 7 = HOLY. Night night.

It’s a rainy day but I’m washing the Heaven fleece anyway. Got this wash system figured out for the most part and it is a life saver. Thankyou Judy!!!! And a big ole thankyou to Ann as well, for the donation of the drying racks and the tubs and baskets. What a difference this new system is making for me. Everytime I get up to go do the wash, I look out my window and see Happy, standing on the log. Every few seconds…..she will jerk her head back towards her backend. Over and over and over. I’ve seen this before!!! Another goat is standing on the goathouse ledge…..pawing. Digging. Bout dang time I see birthing activities!!! Not a lot, but I’ll take it!

I didn’t explain the strange but cute kitten on my anniversary blog. There is a litter of feral kittens at Terry’s place. The guy remodeling the truck. Hubby kept picking them up and showing me them…then he said one was longhair. I said, don’t even show it to me. They did. He is a beautiful gray with the must unusual eyes on any cat I’ve ever seen. I named him Mocha, for his eyes. Yes, we shall bring her home when my ringworm is gone. She’s pretty old already, 2 ½ months so bonding will be very important. The whole litter has been mucho played with and are people friendly. Mocha already knows how to kill her own mouse. She will be an in or out kitty. Who knows…might grab a sister too. I seem to be becoming a cat lady on top of being a goat lady. Oh well. More love.

On the Kid n Ewe front…….I’m looking for bags….you know…for when they buy my stuff, they need something to carry it out with! Thinkin I’ll go tshirt bag. Either that or newspaper bag. Idea being that we will roll the paintings up. Course that bag won’t do very well for fiber….lol, if I can part with any after I wash it that is!!! That will be difficult! Not joshin. Every curl I see…has potential!!! My mind is even going thru the aisles at the show….looking for sources for wools and alpaca. I need different wools of different natural colors…as well as alpaca….not the Suri kind though, the other one. Need fawns and browns…..cream too would be nice. Bought the rubber coating spray paint yesterday for the panels and got a dowel rod for the YeeHaw Ranch sign that Cathy is sewing a lip for…to hang it. The tax number is critical. I need a number from a Gov agency….they aren’t working. I’ll check with the Comptrollers office to see if there’s a way around it. Got the Square going…….not sure if I need to go to the trouble of making an inventory within it. Any suggestions? I’m really not a paperwork kinda gal and that stuff bores the tears outta me. Not required, right????? Hoping so.

Why are we having a second fly season????? It’s gone crazy and this time, they are even hanging out by the house doors…so when you open the door….they fly inside!!! Horrible! But….I do happen to have a flycatcher. Her name is Smooch. Catches then eats. Too cool. Was still misting but I fed the girls anyway. They were a very noisy bunch! Demanding food and attention. Hehe, they had already gorged on hay and some were really wearing their meal. Silly goats. Ok…..no babies today, of course. Maybe tomorrow! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

















2 thoughts on “….the butt kickin paintings!!!

    • The painting is of Petunia. Georgia musta been in a fight awhile back and has one horn catawonky. Hehe. Crazy cat woman!!!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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