my marriage saved me…12 years ago today…..

By the time you read this…my Anniversary will be coming to a close. I will have presented hubby with his Lovey painting and then gotten in the truck and led around to wherever he decides to take me. I already know what my present is…remember, the compound bow??? Surely hoping the Truck is ready. I’m so hoping the truck is ready. Messaged the guy and told him I wanted it for either this anniversary or two days from now on my goat anniversary……then I heard someone sent the wrong part….I mean for Gods sakes. Why wait 2 years to order parts? So confused about this vehicle restoration stuff. Oh man…’s on with the boy. LOL. I told him I was creepin on his number…on Twitter….and he laughed. He really shouldn’ta done that! ;=))))) I took it as a challenge. Watch me go! I’m at 127 now….after 3 weeks. He is at 567. By the time I catch up he will have gained, so I gotta step it up bigtime. See, he forgets…he has introduced me to the young world. To the hiphop and electro world….Trap being the music of the moment. I like some of these people a lot. Mac Miller,Maclemore(sp???) Hopson, Danny Seth, Wiz, Rif Raf……the list is growing. Q somebody…lol, remember I only hear this stuff in a vehicle. At home it’s the tv. Anyways…I’m on the twitter hunt for followers! I’m not usually competitive but it’s all in fun.

People….. I have to tell ya….I’m coming so far outta my shell….my hermit nobody shell, that I hardly recognize myself. Who is that girl stepping so fast? Stepping out and beyond? Its home….but at the same time it’s foreign. I used to be afraid to talk on FB. I used to be afraid to blog….or talk on the phone or leave my house or walk across the pasture….I used to be afraid that I didn’t have followers. I still notice when it goes up and down but I don’t freak, nor do I freak at the stats….which btw, are doing ok…..holding their own, rather back to what it once was…I think because of Twitter. So I guess I have found its purpose, eh? Twitters, that is. I’m gaining readers. If I gain readers…they may go back and read my older posts where I poured out my wisdom…..hard earned all…….but I rather spoke them all and now I’m just living it. The older posts definitely have some guts in them. Now…you’re along for the journey. And what a grand journey it has become. Jesse said be careful about saying how much I’m improving that a lot of people can’t take anothers progress and joy. He’s right but I can’t let that stop me. Woohoo….I’m already up 6 followers! Haha!!! Followers was my 444th word! Hehehe. Angels will help me! What fun! I told you…other than blog readers….the main purpose I’ve discovered for Twitter is…fun. Well, I woke up a bit early…the phone rang, but no hubby. So, I’m just drinkin my tea. I have 142 followers this morning. Up 15!!! Lol, long way to go. Hope I don’t give up on this. Just checked the girls….all seems quiet on the baby front. Well, he’s home now…time to go.

Well, it wasn’t anything spectular but it was a good day. Lunch, then to pick up my new pink camo Bow in the bright pink carry case! Hehe…those precious deer will see me in my fluorescent orange tshirt and pink case and say….oh, it’s just Mama. She won’t hurt us, she only talks and presses buttons on that thing in her hand. I shot about 10 or so times and got near center more than not…yay! Then a smoothie and a fast look inside the Candy Lady’s storage room….then to Lowes for parts for the painting displays for kid n ewe. Finally I asked about the truck. No. Not ready but he drives there anyway. Nope, not ready. Turns out….it’s Terry building the displays!!! Haha. And there will be plenty of em with optional positioning and some on wheels. Saw the truck. Fairly close to drive ability and he’ll try to have it ready for Kid n ewe but might not. But it was good for me. No, the truck wasn’t ready but Terry bragged on my art Bigtime. He’s an airbrush artist….so that’s a huge compliment. He even told me how to make the Elmer painting better if I wanted to. Probably wont since its already been paid for half. Anyways…we’re on the way home now. Things have been resolved. Hubby will pay the booth fee for me and I think we’ve worked out the lodging issue. Yay me…I remembered that we have a car dolly for just such a thing as towing a car behind the Rv!!!! Yup…a good day. And I darn near almost had a dead center arrow today to top it off!!! Took last night off from painting so will be back at it here in a few. Jesse says all girls are good and no labor. Ok. Later chickies!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.












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