where are the babies????? I’m ready!

I did it…I did it!!! I finished the Lovey painting and it looks like him. That is crucial since hubby loved him so. Finally…a wedding anniversary present….from me….that cost real money $$$! He’s getting a 3-5 hundred dollar painting. As you can see…I still have a hard time with pricing. Worth vs what I think people will pay. Speaking of hubby….I don’t understand. He’s been after me for years to do a show…..and now that I am…he’s resisting and throwing up barriers. I shall proceed. I shall overcome. I shall fly with the wind under my wings provided by all of my friends. And that purple Grand Champion ribbon didn’t hurt one teeny bit. Funny, when I said we had some issues with taking the Rv….that we’d have to hook and unhook over and over to drive to and fro the show……but when I simply said there’s an issue with the idea of taking the Rv….he said…..that is the least of your worries. Do you have everything done????? Good grief dude….I just found out I could do it on Friday. It’s Wednesday. Gimme a frickin break. I’m dancing as fast as I can. And because I’m a procrastinator…throw in an anniversary painting to boot…when I should be doing show paintings.

But back to the painting cuz I have ta. I think…no….I KNOW, I’m getting better. Every single time I paint one…I grow. I AM actually thrilled with the Lovey painting. Thrilled, I tell you! I’m in awe of my work. God must be working through me. And angels too. I never had this talent alone. I’m literally like…..Holy Shit!!!! Holy shit batman!!! I just did this!!!! I’m quite startled by it but I love it at the same time. Something like this has never happened to me. It’s new, Brand new. I prayed for about 3 years constantly…for God to give me ONE THING…..that I could do special….in the huge spiraling out of control world of fiber in it’s so friggin many forms….shoot…they are even harvesting fiber from bananas. Finding fiber in everything natural and even making and creating in the laboratories….man made fibers. But as I entered the fiber world….it seemed…already taken. There were already so many people selling raw fiber and so many selling washed fiber and so many selling dyed fiber and so many selling goats, gorgeous goats and I just couldn’t compete. My knitting and crocheting skills are next to naught…….and my goats weren’t up to par….not only that…all my fleeces were full of Vm. (trash…hay, weeds, seeds, poo balls) So….I got new and improved goats. And then….God blessed me with a skill. Rather unique I think…which means he answered my prayers. Took 3 years people…remember that when you get frustrated. THREE years!!!!!

I’m watching Calendar Girls again. Yup, it’s bedtime….and I notice that the photographer….after many antics….finally gets in the room and takes the photograph and that’s it. Just one. He only took one. These days…..with there being no cost to take or develop a photo…we take a gazillion. I take a gazillion. I delete the horrible ones but end up uploading 3,000 every month or so to my laptop. Then my laptop ran outta room so now I’m moving photos to an external harddrive when I run outta room. Yup….we’ve gone the direction of multiple and many. Yup we have. I wonder how the fleece came out. I didn’t touch it when we got back…knew it wouldn’t be dry…no point. Ok…well…..bedtime for Bonzo here…..waiting on babies again. Only 8 days left!!! Night peoples….sweet dreams. 2:46am = 3 = Trinity = Holy.

Wow…well, the fleece was doable. A tee tiny bit of sticky but good enough for me to use on paintings. Then…..I washed 3 fleeces today!!!! 3!!! It used to woulda taken me 4 days to do one fleece…2, if it was a baby. THREE fleeces….are laying on the drying racks! This is the biggest relief! I can destash all my fiber!!! I can empty the shower…ya right. LOL. While I was washing outside….I let the baby boys out. Man did I take a ton of photos already today…..probably over a hundred. They had a grand day….got to go in the garden since there was no longer anything critical in there……then they met the bigboys at the fence while they were eating from the oak and fig trees. Everyone was wanting to drink my rinse water, pups included. Hubby got the goats a treat. Oats. A bag of oats. I’ll have to divvy it up as a treat so they don’t get sick…..see what they think of it.

The first year we were at the Kid n Ewe when they had the feltloom…..hubby knew I was in love with the machine…so he took me to the Kai Mohair salad bar of colors and said….pick your colors for a YeeHaw Ranch sign. I chose rainbow colors. We then went back to the feltloom and we laid out the curls into the words….and ran it through. It’s been sitting here for years now, waiting. Cathy is gonna fold over the top and stitch it for me…..leaving a slot for a pole…so the sign can then hang. It may not be in the booth perfectly this time….but it will be in the booth. I have a sign!!! (thought we were gonna have to skip it this year)…..so, as you can see….I’m slowly working toward this thing. Got my Square hooked to my bank account and get to receive a payment tonight…to try it out….Tracee is paying for the baby Elmer painting she commissioned and this way….I get to try Square BEFORE the festival!

Right now…the biggest sticking point is…….lodging. It’s around a hundred bucks a night at a hotel, or $40 or so a night at an Rv park. BUT…if we take the Rv….the ONLY way it would work is if Jesse drives my car….I drive my other one and hubby drives the Rv…then I can use the car to get around and not have to hook and unhook each day. Hubby says no way……but I’d be willing to do it. If he doesn’t speed, it would be ok. Ugggh. Decisions need to be made. If I had the money….I’d pay for the hotel and be done with it. I can at least pay for 2 nights I think, maybe that will work. Hmmm…….they better have smokers rooms. See, that’s one reason the Rv is good. Yikes and LOL. Gosh, I’ve gone over my 1,000 word limit. Having fun though!!! See ya. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…..where are those Babies?????













2 thoughts on “where are the babies????? I’m ready!

  1. The pictures of the goats are wonderful as always. Great colors and composition. The Fiber painting of Lovie is awesome. Very talented!!

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