flyin by the seat of my pants……….

Golly bum, I’ve finished painting for the night and it’s only 2am! What to do with myself???? I looked again at the calendar and it turns out I didn’t take Wy out on the 24th, but instead, the 22nd…..which when you then put into the goat gestation calculator….you get Oct 18th as the last birthing date. That’s 9 days away. In the next 9 days…I should be having any up to 8 does give birth. Only 2 of those could have twins, but still… the next 9 days. Holy crap. I’m thinking I need to refrain from thinking Booth….during the day. That way, I won’t be tempted to run to Lowes like I need to so bad….to come up with a creative way to display the knitted and crocheted items. Finished a baby goat painting…I think….baby Anya. Not thrilled to the T with it. White goats are hard!!!! Not unthrilled with it either. It’s just not one of my favorites. Better supply of supply changes all that….for future such paintings. I think the hardest part of painting, is getting beyond the gawky stage.

I have to tell ya…this is gonna sound very silly and very girly……but a week or so ago….I saw a package of 5 lighters…the kind I buy….and there was a hot pink one. I freaked. Bought the pack even though I didn’t necessarily need any but… pink????? Usually I try to get packs with 2 purples. Never had hot pink before. I’m just being girly aren’t I? Anyway……my nightstand/pocket lighter(purple), has disappeared off my bed, so I needed a new one. I dicided to go for the pink. Funny, it’s making me smile. I have another bit of ringworm. On my forearm. It started as a mosquito bite lookin thing, but it stayed puffy. Then it broke open, which I now know is the sign of the ringworm fungus. They said if your immune system is low, you will get it….like I did. Neither Jesse nor hubby did. Ahhh, another young girl has ended her life over bullying. So very sad that that continues to this day. Why don’t the people wake up? Why are the children so mean? What are they lacking? Love. LOVE. Love. And not just from their families…but from others too…strangers, friends, classmates. Mates, being the key word here. I mean…you’re all in this together aren’t you? You teenage kids? Aren’t you all forced to go to school? Forced to perform tests and activities and all kinds of stuff…..none of you have a choice. You can make a different choice about what you think of school if you think about this. Maybe gain a kinder attitude towards your fellow mates. One for all…all for one. Now that….would be a school. I do believe I have just Waxed On. Yes…that was a pun…meant both ways for those who know what I mean. Well….I think I’m getting tired. I have wound down sufficiently I think…to fall asleep. Goodnight my friends. I’m double excited, you do realize, right? I’ve got babies due any day and I’ve got a show/sale to get ready for in less than a month…when I’ve never done a show/sale before. Got it? Good. Night folkies. 2:53am = 1 = Beginnings!!!!!

Hmmm, well, the fleece was a bit sticky this morning so I redid it with more salt, or so I thought. Anyway, I’m waiting to see if it worked this time. Then, since none of the girls showed ANY signs whatsoever…we went to town to look for display items. After spending $30 and thinking we had it sorta covered…..and astonished too…..we stopped for a smoothie. I wanted to ask if she had any items I could borrow and when I told her what I was doing….she said….well, come back when there’s 2 of us here and I’ll take you to my storeroom and you can borrow anything you like! Whoa!!!! Yay!!! This ladys shop is a candy shop. A very eclectic candy shop. Very old and vintage candies and goofy items…pretty much just a really cute store. I think I’ve hit the motherlode!!! We just got hooks and things to hang from the structures hubby will build….but now…..I’m gonna have fun in that storeroom…she said it could take awhile, theres tons of stuff. :.))))))))

I had started on the baby Anya painting in case hubby came in my room, then when he went to bed…I was too into it to stop! So, I still haven’t done his painting!!! Get some done now and tonight maybe…..nope on the now…just realized it’s 6pm. Gotta do dinner, give out peanuts, finish this here blog…..then I’ll start….guess I’ll close my door. Jesse liked the Anya painting but says I need to fix the nose….other than that he said it was perfect. I don’t know about all that, but it’s not bad.

I went in the pen with the preggers today and just sat down. Remember Milky….just recently started letting me pet her. Stood right by me and wanted petted. Even stood there while I ran my hands back there….to feel for a bag…..wowza. Just stood utterly still. Hehe udderly still. Where are the babies???? 9 days left, well, 8 now really. Jeesh!!!! Shoot….I’m gonna go back in and sit. This is so silly….surely they’re pregnant. I know I felt and saw movement on Pearl. I really think I felt movement on Milky on the shearing stand too. Craziness. Not really though….in the past, most of the time….the buck got all girls the first day!!! Then the babies came out at the same time…..i guess Wy just waited till he got good and ready then whamo. Hehehe. Ok…well, I’m hanging up now so I can go visit them. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….all those close up white faces? All different. Lol












4 thoughts on “flyin by the seat of my pants……….

  1. I am really enjoying hearing about your preparations for the show. I doubt that I would ever participate in something like that–way too introverted! So, that’s why I’m enjoying seeing you put that part of it aside and just go for it. Art makes you brave, I guess!

    • Hon it must be the art. I’ve gone 4 years in a row and twice to yellow rose but not once did I feel ready or think I would do a booth soon. Some day maybe!!! It’s freaky! I figured it might be fun for those who haven’t attended so am going forward as if I’m Not boring everyone!!! Huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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