Whirlwind of emotions and and and………….

I couldn’t write last night cuz my computer wouldn’t hold a charge. Turns out….its my outlet and I charged it a few hours so I could still post. Whirlwind going on here. Finished another painting last night…very happy with it and no….you don’t get to see them yet! I can’t have Every painting already seen for the show! Gotta have some sense of surprise, eh? Today was the second day of our 2 weeks off from shearing….my idea. We were pretty well caught up, so I wanted to take some time to do something with the fleeces. Since I now have the recipe for supposedly fast and bulk washing……I thought I’d wash a bunch up and also, hubby bought me large plastic see thru bins to store fleeces in. Then I ended up getting the booth so I figured, ya…great timing…….I’ll take some washed and unwashed fleeces there!!! So, we are organizing the fleeces. Today was experiment day. To see if the recipe for the Van Wet would work for me. So far I’ve had no luck with it. Today…….I did an entire fleece in one bucket of recipe. Then 3 rinse buckets. It went really really well. The fleece looks clean and it doesn’t feel sticky….so, they are out drying on the awesome wondrous drying rack gifted to me by my friend Ann, the purple goat lady….lol, she wants one….koolaid will work she says!!! Lol. I also grabbed a handful of old lamb fleece that I had planned to throw away and threw it in the dirty van wet water. WHatdya know…..I have white….unfelted wool!!!!!! Lordie…this will make my life so good if it works….if the fleece isn’t sticky. If it is….I think I’m supposed to add more salt to the recipe. So…if it works….today I washed 3 or more lbs of fleece in the time …less time actually, than it would normally take me to wash one pound. Next time though, I will do it the right way….outside…so much less work…..wow…..this is good!

My anniversary is in a few days. I have no gift for hubby yet. I may have to take time outta my booth rush to paint him one….and that’s only if I can find a photo of his old dog somewhere. But, instead of looking for a photo…I find myself looking up Tax Id’s. Lol. I hope I stay sane through this. Ok….I took a sec to look thru old laptop photos and realized…..shoot….I’ll do Lovey!!!! He would love a Lovey painting!!! He loved that baby so much….as did I. Ha, and what a rarity…it’s an actual hard copy photo. Hehe….the guy doing my truck is doing a fancy cooler for hubby and he will be painting the same photo. Hehehe…..we get to see who’s is better!!! LOL……look who’s getting competitive!!! Guess I better do that painting tonight, or at least get it started. They generally take 3-4 days each….and I only have 3. Terry said he wasn’t looking forward to it cuz after doing Mooney and Lovey on my truck, he knows goats are hard. This photo is of Lovey running with his ears out….and you can see his body shadow. Straight forward comin at ya running pose. I have another painting in works that is similar sorta. They’re not the easiest to do….straight on….sideways is MUCH easier. Ya….I think you guys will be pleasantly surprised when you see the new paintings….as I AM.

Oh…here’s a Twitter update for ya. We are at about the 3 week mark. I now have 114 followers. Still nothing tangible. No connections….no new friends I can’t live without. Still feel like a grain of sand in the Sahara there, but I’m sticking with it still. Hmmm…well, I still need to go to town….better do it tomorrow. As the days creep on, I wait for these babies. Just did the goat gestation calculator…… http://www.goatbiology.com/animations/gestcalculator.html and it’s saying Oct 21 is the last date for births. It’s already the 8th!!! Dang boy…did he do all the girls the same dang day???? I’m already stressing that I have to leave brand new babies for 4 days…but Cathy will check on them and will try to interact with them for me so they’re still socialized when I get back. If we have bottle babies….oh man will that be ultra busy for us at the booth! Only time will tell. Petunia is growing so fast that she’s nearly caught up with Star! What a beauty…well, all of them are!!! I got some really good goats last batch and intend to again this batch!!! Hehe, I’m typing to you and planning the Lovey painting in my head. I have to triple and quadruple multi task these days or I go nuts! Ahhh well, I think I’ll go feed half an hour early so I can get started painting earlier. I’ll leave you on that note. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch! Ps….ahhh poo, it’s still sticky!!!! More salt???




















4 thoughts on “Whirlwind of emotions and and and………….

      • Hey, thanks! Well, it was my first try with the system and it came out sticky, as usual when it dried. Ill share the method once I get it worked out. As for the burrs…ye just gotta get em out yourself with your fingers, no way around it. Are you signed up for e
        email notifications of my blog? When I get a comment it shows up in my ema and I respond direct I think. ;))))).

  1. I LOVE your washing system,!! Tell me more about it! (for some reason, despite clicking on the setting to do so, I never get notifications of your responses here!) also, My two angoras got into stickers BAD 😦 What in the world can I do to salvage the fleece?? I need to sell them but would like the fleece

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