I’ve been very busy tonight getting things created. I’m in go mode. I’ve started 4 paintings tonight and have one nearly completed. It’s giving me fits. Ugggh. It’s so close! Ahhh, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to freely flow, to just chat at whim, now that the space bar is fixed. It’s been troubling me for quite some time but the ripping off part…lol, that did make it a ton worse. We have the service plan at BestBuy, so we can bring 3 computers to be fixed. And believe me, we do. It was gonna cost me 30 bucks till I told em we were on the plan…free. Yup. This here vendor thing is very bold for me. Extremely bold for me. You guys must be carrying me. Lifting me. Cuz this is big. In fact, it’s huge. For me. For me, the ex(apparently) HERMIT!!! Speaking of huge…so is the list. And it’s just a beginning list. Haha….it’s only a Blazer!!! Oh boy…you guys get to go through this vicariously with me, through me. YeeHaw! Isn’t it fun? It is. But it’s also heavy….I’m making it light, by having fun. I actually had to ask Jess to light a Cigarette for me cuz I couldn’t stop. It was midnight and I hadn’t smoked yet. He took the painting and the foam and tossed them way across my bed. Yup…break time. That was 3 hours ago….and I just now stopped. 3am and I’ve just opened the 4th beer. At least one more to go before I can sleep.

So, can you imagine my headache trying to figure out how to display paintings that don’t stand? And a bunch of em????? Hehehe!!!! A challenge! Lol, takes me to the movie Michael, you know….the angel movie with John Travolta…..when he sees that bull in the field….he walks out to it…at so many paces away……..huffs and puffs and kicks up dirt and yells…..Challenge!!!! Then he runs head first at the bull and they bonk heads and the cow is knocked on his butt. Love it. Oh gosh, and lovin this keyboard. Simple things make me so happy. Hehe….I broke two needles in tonights painting….and couldn’t find the points!!!! One is for sure in the foam…the other????? Hmmmm. Yikes! So…..did you hear me right? Did I hear me right? I started 4 paintings? Not counting the Petunia one that was already started. Well, one was last night, but 3 started just tonight. I gave myself an option. Feels less like work that way. I can work on any of 5 paintings!!! Or…I can even start another. I have a month. Speaking of a month……I just realized it is October 7th. That means that for the very first time since 1994, I did NOT realize it was October 5th. Usually that date haunts me. This year it skipped on by and said tra la la la la. Yippee! Just some nasty business with my abusive ex…….severely nasty….but no mood to get into it. My past is no longer haunting me. Yay! Well…….I’ve got my window cracked to hear goat hollers and it’s chilly out tonight. I’ve got the brrrr’s. And, it’s bedtime folks. Beyond, actually but it is what it is. 3:52am = 1 = Beginnings!!!!!!!!!! Night!

On this auspicious day of beginnings, we went on errands. Lol. Got paper credit card slips in case the square doesn’t work right…only got 10 though, hmmm. Took Baby kitten/Smokey/Sneezy to the vet and he got meds. Went to 2 thrift stores looking for display items and one was closed, the other had nothing. Checked on livestock panels at TSC and that’s the way to go, painting wise. Very cheap. Cut em up, hook em together and I have 2 free standing displays, stick some wheels on em and….shoot….lets see. 20 bucks for the panel…so we got 10 in each one so far. Add a piece of wood as a base…..probably less than 5 bucks….so, 12.50 each…..then 20 each for the caster wheels….so…….we have a grand total of $32. Probably just use wire to secure the pieces, so let’s say…$33 each. It cost $150 online! Not bad, eh? Now…what to use to display hats, scarves and shawls? Lady at one store said go to Lowes and get creative. Might just do that. Got home from town around 6pm, fed the girls and it’s chilly once again. Man, those girls acted like they hadn’t eaten in months….lol, and they already had peanuts when I saw that Crystal and Flower had both snuck out this morning and were happily munching their way across the pasture. Hehe. Ok…well, it’s late so I gotta cut this off. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….hubby was right, smaller squares gives me more versatility so now the cost would be….$47.50. Still great savings. Later!!!!!














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