oh my gosh….oh my gosh!

So many things are going through my brain right now. I AM an Artist. Jesse used duct tape and placed the lil goatie painting up on my wall, my long leaf pine wall…nearly extinct….lol, and hung the ribbons from it. I’m feeling proud, feeling blessed by God. I’m not kidding folks. This skill, talent I now have…really. Truly,…..my painting skills sucked. Honest. How is it that I can do this???? And not paint with paint? Or draw?????? I’m rather flabbergasted and amused and shocked and amused. I have been given a gift…in the past two weeks….a gift. A huge gift. Huge as in HUGE!!! I have never had so much belief in my abilities in my life. Instant….Instant I tell you! It’s Saturday night and I’m not supposed to be blogging. I have to lean to the left to get spaces in my words, but hey,…I’m on an art high. But…it is bedtime. Night night peoples of the world….see ya. 2:50am = 7 = Holy. Night.

Guess what???????? I got the booth at Kid n Ewe!!!! Ok, so it’s a mad dash……to get things ready, to get things created, completed, bought, figured out, sorted, established, ready…. Yup. Crisis mode. But strangely, I’m not panicking. No, I’m not. Oh, and when I got the painting back and the ribbons, I also got the paper. Out of 100 points possible, I got100!!!! Boon to the soul. I got some wrist warmers done and had some already, so…a good start. On the other hand….I have ringworm. From Baby. I gave him to Jesse, with the knowledge that if he can’t be fixed, for the sake of the goats, he may have to go…..yikes…wrong move. He’s attached himself already!!! Oi ve. Well….it’s 3:53am = 11 = master number! Oh ya….started and finished a goat painting, have one in ready to complete…and started another. Roll baby Roll.

My brain is spinnin!!! Went to Yarnorama to ask about the booth details. She gave me a list of things ill need. Seems there will be a little but of electricity to charge iPhones etc. Spent $85 so far and that’s just office supply type stuff!!!! Will need a hotel Thursday, Fri and Sat
















6 thoughts on “oh my gosh….oh my gosh!

  1. Who is the little goat in the last picture? I love the pattern.
    You know the difference between painting and your fiber art is if you don’t like it you can rearrange it, with painting you can’t do that. So you have to get rid of Baby or Jesse? confused, but what is new?
    Love you

    • My deer….the last baby is Heaven!!! Isn’t she something??? That photo is on my to do list…laying it in as we speak.

      Lol both??? No….kitten just gonna spend time upstairs till ringworm under control. You do have a point about rearranging fibers!!! im busy doing just that! So happy you sold some goats!!!!! Huggs! Love you too. Be happy.

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  2. They were ones she had said she would buy and then she was backing out and it freaked me out. I am so glad those are still sold. There is one in the group I would prefer not to sell but…

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