In AWE of what’s happening with me……

Interesting evening. I checked into the Kid n Ewe which is about a month away. I decided I have enough stock to sell at a festival…if only I can get a booth, so I emailed to find out. In the meantime….I have been hammering away. I finished the christmas tree, the pups, the naptime scene, and I started a baby Petunia…way far along with that one, wowowowowow….and then did a butterfly. The butterfly was already done while at feltloom rental, just decorated it. All I can say is….oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it’s me doing these. Someone pinch me!!! I seem to have let free something. Something hidden and restrained. Something bound tight and now free to breathe. Funny………was gonna pay a hundred bucks or so for an art creativity let go kinda video thing, on skype. Asked if needlefelted painting would work….got no response. I think God answered me, and freed my captive artisit. I honestly can’t believe the speed at which I did tonights goat painting. Oh, it’s not done, but jeesh…..pretty dang close!!!! Then after Jess came down and I had put it up….I just grabbed that red butterfly background and wala… was had….I used the new silk brick stuff. Very very short staple….nearly no staple to be exact…but oh…..I adore it. It is so perfect for me. In fact…I am signing my paintings with it now…..on the backs.

Oh…I have a new method!!!I think it’s the new method that allowed me to create a goat painting out of thin air tonight in just a few hours. And now I have broken my spacebar. Really broken. I have removed the cover and am having to press the button underneath. This is quite the challenge. Yay, I sorta fixed it….way sorta. Btw…it’s after 3 in the morning. Did y’all hear about SilkRoad? What a bummer. Never used it but still. It was a free for all of anything illegal. I was too chicken to use it, but believe you me, I surely thought about it. If I wasn’t so afraid, I would have bought marijuana there. It was very intricate. You had to download a new and strange browser then you could browse the candystore. Now it’s gone, before I ever got the nerve. What a sad bummer….and especially for the poor folk like me who thought they finally found a way to buy it. Scary, but doable. No scary men….just ordering and getting it in the mail. Damn.

So….back to the festival. I will need small priced items as well as medium and high. Got the high and medium covered. That means that not only will I be trying to bang out paintings…but I will be trying to create small sales items as well. Grab your brain Sheri and go for a ride baby!!! Nesting babies, ornaments, bookmarks. There’s three already…just gotta fit it in somewhere. Hehehehehe. Okie dokie folkies speeding along with me…’s late. It’s 3:49am = 7 =Holy. Nightienight.

Wow….what a day. Now that I’ve got myself in high work mode….it’s awesome. Decided the two girls we crutched was not what I wanted. I wanted them sheared. In the end…..with my paintings…those colors would not be sold anyway and half the time I have to cut curls…..length was not an issue….so yay….Belle and Etta are now sheared completely! And….Istarted another painting today of Einstein! Then I needed reddish curls so started opening big bags. Oh man did I find goodies! My bed is now stacked quite high although the photos don’t do it justice. As it is on a normal basis, I’m constantly digging through curls to find the remote or my mouse or a lighter, you name it! You guys would not believe my stash. I guess I’ve been addicted for some time now, to have collected this much and this many varied things. Teeswater, all kinds of wools, wensleydale, mohair out the wazoo, mill waste, silks….oodles man!!!! Last night I accidentally, ya right, found a box of yarns. My yarns….right when I need to make bracelets!!! Haven’t heard back yet if there’s an opening, but I’m still gung ho. Oh and while I was cruising the house for red curls for an Einstein painting…guess what I find? Einstein curls!!! YeeHaw!

Well, I told ya that kitten was sick. Well, he will live and is doing fine except…now he has what I thought was mange, ie mites……but now we think it’s ringworm….and he gave it to me! Yup, I have a ring near my elbow! Itchy!!! Lotrimin is on the grocery list. Ya, and I think it’s spreading. Yum. Ahhhh, speaking of yum, it’s 6pm and I have no idea what to fix for dinner. Even though I’m hungry, I have no interest…..just wanna be felting!!! Ah well. Guess I’ll sign off now….remember, my spacebar is still broken. Have a great weekend!!! Wishin I was at Taos Wool Festival……but signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















9 thoughts on “In AWE of what’s happening with me……

  1. Oh my gosh!!! I love the puppies and the butterfly!!! They are sooo good, Sheri…really 🙂 I may have to get you to do one of my Gracie….((((hugs))))

  2. FYI, I have found a couple other sites like silk road, they still take the bitcoins though and that has become a pain to get. I wish there was someone who could do the same thing in an easier way, but now I can’t afford anything anyway 😦

    • I know. Been thinkin of you. Your solution isn’t speedy or free. A grow box is under $500. But you have it forever. 6-8 wks to harvest if done right they say. ❤

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

    • Hmmmm. Well, it kinda is right now. Let me get some wind under my wings then ill share??? Is that mean? I hope not.

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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