Myley Cyrus and…………Kiwi grew up today

I’m watching the Miley Cyrus Documentary….Miley:The Movement. Jesse had recorded it and I was lookin for something to watch, wala. Interesting. I’ve always liked the girl what I saw of her…didn’t watch the show but did watch the movie where she took her wig off and announced who she was, not Hannah Montana. Then she sang…The Climb. Recently she’s done some scandalous things…whatever, and now I’m watching this. Complete opposite. She says it’s all part of her movement…really a spiritual journey ye know, and she’s right. Strange way to act if you ask me cuz the outfit was atrocious but whatever floats your boat my dear. But she’s got a vision. Ye gotta admire that and her …oh whats the word…..crap, I can’t find it. I hate that. Ferocity maybe…towards the life she can see in her mind. That means that the goofy outfit and the twerking were meant to antagonize. I remember talking about it when it happened. Need to go see what I said, but I believe I gave two possibilities….one that she was making a statement or two….well, I don’t remember two but right now two would be…..outrageous = fame = money= lifestyle of her dreams. That sounded bad and it wasn’t intended that way. Hmmm……..yes. she wants to change the world and sometimes you have to be able to be sing bright like a diamond for people to see you! Spotlight….good and bad, can propel. Movement. Her word. Mine….Journey. Fascinating really. Smart girl.

It’s so funny. I have movies for moments. Moments of sadness where I need cheered up….Happy Feet 2. Moments where I’m needing something funny to give me a smile…especially right before bed…..Calendar Girls. Watching it now. Watched Happy Feet earlier. I had given up on the painting, rated it 95% satisfied and sent a copy to Tracee. She didn’t respond, but it registered as Seen. So….one could assume…ya, I know, ass out of u and me. One could assume she didn’t like it but didn’t want to say. So….I shall change it. Rework it….but before I really rework it…I have a few things I can try, but in the meantime…I’ve started another. I threw the pup painting on the bed but also grabbed a new background and ended up with the new one. It’s a request from my daughter and no, it’s not her dog/once was mine for many months……but it was still what she wanted. Yes, I’m still to do Indigo too! Ha!!! She said, Mama, I’m really wanting to buy them for cheap. I said Baby…there is no cheap. She said small, really small. I said…still as much time involved sometimes.

Sometimes when I’m painting…a lot with this particular painting…..I forget where I was just working….cuz there’s just so much going on. So many lines. I have to study it awhile before I do usually remember exactly why that tiny wisp of rust fluff was in my hand. Am I boring you with the painting stuff? Gosh, sorry but it is what it is. It’s in my life right now… dang many times have I said that? I should use the search button on my site and see!!! LOL. Man…I gotta get off this 3-4am bedtime kick. I got babies to watch being delivered anytime!!! To help if necessary but I always hope not. I’m always so scared when it happens, when I have to assist. First 4 years no problems….last season…yikes……but I surely got some winners!!! Well folkie olkies….it’s getting late now and I probably should start to wind down so I go to sleep fairly early, ya right. I’ve cleaned up…it better stay that way. Kitties are playing all is silent in the girl pens. Night night my friends. 2:14am = 7 = holy.

Well, baby Kiwi is a baby no more. He’s been honorary sheared….we just removed the falling hair. He did not enjoy the process, but when he was released, at the same time we let the other baby boys out…….he ran….really ran!!!He is all better!!! Yay oh yay! Oh, speaking of Yay….Tracee did like the painting…she just fell asleep before telling me! She said her daughter squealed with delight! That calls for a YAY!!! That means I get to show it to you tonight. Finally got the bigboys panels back strung up to give us our chute, after hubby disassembled it. And at feeding time, the baby boys didn’t wanna come. Oi ve. Had to chase 2 and pull 2. Hate when they don’t come when called. Tossed peanuts over the fence to all the girls….giving more to the pregger pen….ie the Girls pen.

I’m gonna fib on myself. Here’s the honest to guts truth. Last night, I was telling you about the painting I had just started and started to detail the process cuz it was so odd and different from usual….and I caught myself and erased the words. I have finally found something I can do well, and I was thinking…if I tell them…then they can do it themselves and won’t need me to do it. Like…..a magician telling how he makes magic….then it’s not magic anymore. Had to confess….it was bothering me. But since I’m still feeling that way…lets just say…last night….I not only worked upside down….but I worked teeny tiny sections…..detailed…..before I even have the main portion of the painting done. Not at all my usual way. LOL…..don’t even know if it’ll work and yet I’m protecting it. Silly silly me. Ok,…..wishin I was at Taos Festival!!!!….but signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Did I tell you Kiwi ran????? Yeehaw!!!!















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