A Donesky kinda day………………

Well….I opened this up cuz I had just put all the stuff away and quit working on the painting for tonight but guess what…..gee……yup, I just pulled the bag out again. Oh Lord….someone please stop me. It’s 2:32am. Ok…..just wrapped it up and put it all away again. 3:06am. I’m close. Feels like I’m close now, but in painting…close can be so very far or it can indeed be close. It can go far if you alter something….then alter something else…..then oops……you’ve completely changed it and now have to completely change other things as well. I’m exhausted. There is no way I’m gonna be able to charge by time involved on this one. It’s an extreme challenge and I’m……well….it feels like I’m so close. Where’s my damn cigar????? Why do I do it? For the feeling I get when it’s completed to my satisfaction…….it’s done and it is good. I just adore that feeling. AND….I’ve done it again. Good grief, save me from myself. 4am now. Plum tuckered now. Watchin Calendar Girls. Love it….as usual. Such a fun fun movie. I need fun right now. Tracee asked me the other night if I was having fun while I was painting Elmer. Well…..yes, it is fun…but it’s very hard and stressful to boot. The real fun comes when it’s done…if it’s done right.

I’m in listen mode now. Listening for hollerin goats. Need to get my act in gear and move the Rv. AND…..move the little gates from one pen to the next. And I need to put up the girls. That has to happen tomorrow cuz I had a scare tonight…thought I heard someone crying. Nope….want them penned. Ah well………best sleep a bit, eh? Night night folkies. Later. 4:09am = 4 = Angels!!!!

And yes, I still got up my normal time……and had a good day. Well, aside from the me and the boy arguments that is. Slide past that and on into Odds and Ends day. I grabbed the small gate off the baby pen by my bedroom then untied the two in the Ladies pen and moved them into the Girls pen. Remember….if you are looking at them from my yard….Ladies on the left and Girls on the right. To make it easier…..in the Girl pen….are 1st time mommies about to give birth. In the Ladies pen are the old hat moms with their newest kids. And Lila. Lila will live in the L with the doe babies when the buck goes in. So. I took the 3 small gates and rigged em behind the goat house. And one at the far side of the goat house….which gives me two separate pens in case I need a small space to integrate a reluctant new mom with the alien that has come out of her. That…is done! Donesky!!! Milly is still not feeling well but she let it be known that I should give antibiotic instead of bloat meds. She had crud in her eyes and she looked at me when I talked about the antibiotic…..right in the eye…..drastic head turn toward me. Ya, I’m nuts but I trust. So, she got her LA200. When I went to feed….some girls were already in a pen. I shut their gate. Then I grabbed a few preggers that were standing next to me and got them in there. Removed a few and was left with only 2 in each pen to swap. Grabbed the LA200 and the boy and away we went. Milly got her meds and the 4 gals got swapped. Donesky. Tried to move the Rv but alas…………I let the battery drain…didn’t start it in awhile. Dang.

After we did the gate thing and before the feeding…..I worked on the painting. I knew where I needed to work on it. Had seen a few tiny issues before bed. I’m at the point now where I think it’s done….but I’m not 100% thrilled. If only I could get it perfect. It’s not there. Not perfect. I’m kinda afraid to go any further. There is such a thing as working a painting to death. I want to work this one to LIFE!!! I want Elmer to shout out saying….I’m here….Here I AM. Maybe there are a few tiny things I can do that will make him better. Here’s to hopin!!!

Ye know…life sure has changed in many ways since the boy came here….just one item being….we no longer buy canned tomatoes of any kind. Only tomato sauce. No more chunky chunks in my chili, etc. It’s a small thing, but I miss it. There’s no point buying it, he won’t eat anything made with it. Ha, yes, we are having chili for dinner. And yes, I’m hungry just talking about it. I never eat lunch these days. Must be why I’m shrinking. 108. That’s my weight. Hehehe, this tiny body is hiding under 3xxL tshirts and large mens sleep pants tucked into my snazzy rubber boots! Another funny thing….when I make chili….I have to make 2 different cornbreads. Sweet for me, unsweet for hubby. Like the spaghetti…….two pans….two sauces. Rediculous…..and he says my son is picky. Oh wait….chili……….two kinds of chili too! My way for me and Jess and hubby’s way for him….separate pots. Am I complaining? Not sure…maybe.

My stomach has butterflies. It’s the painting. It’s like it’s soooooo close. The butterflies are because it is NOT where I want it. How I want it. Oh but so dang close. Can I do anything to improve it??? I just don’t know. Kiwi…………my Kiwi is doing well folks. Thank you so much for the prayers!!! So close to death and He LIVED……………..I should be able to do that with the painting, eh? Gosh I’m goofy!!! Oh ya….I took photos to show you the gates in the pen……all of the gates are secured and in open position, so nobody gets stuck and beat up. They can pass all the way around the goat house right now. In the event I need the pens….the gates will be closed and while I gain the 2 pens……I lose my chute. Shouldn’t need it. So, when you see the photos of the gates…just picture them closed and you’ll get the idea. Showing you guys things here isn’t always so easy. Right now….I’m inside my house. Behind me are the Ladies and the Girls. To my extreme left, just before you go into the big yonder pasture….are the Beautifuls pen and the baby boy pen. In front of my house is where the bigboys are. …past the garden. I know…it doesn’t help. I’ve tried google earth but no luck so far. Haha…spoke too soon. Got a screen shot of my place. Zoomed in to show you the goat stuff. Hmmm, wish I had an app where I could then draw arrows on it and say….girls….bigboys, etc. Ok…….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!! Later peoples!!!! Ps….think it’s done????















2 thoughts on “A Donesky kinda day………………

  1. Where is the painting? I want to see Elmer!!! Crazy day, ready to kill my son. Silkroad is gone 😦 Feds shut it down

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