My child prodigy theory……

One of the spiritual theories runnin round the globasphere, is that at this time in Eternity….this time….is special. Is different.No, nothing happened on winter solstice 2012, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t the time spoken of. I think it is. In order to believe in this theory…you must allow for reincarnation. Here’s the jist. They say that the line is extremely long…of people wanting to come to earth now…to be a part of whatever IT is. Sounds feasible. Well, I’m watching The Voice, and I hear this 15 year old child belt out the voice of a professional…an aged professional. I’ve noticed a very large amount of children coming to the world with these Gifts. They call them child prodigy’s. Well……’s what I’m wondering. IF we are coming to earth at this time to experience the excitement of this time…….then that would indeed explain all the child prodigy’s, wouldn’t it? All the Albert Einsteins, the Van Gogh’s, Monet’s, Henry Ford’s and Billie Holiday’s….that are showing up now????? Am I nuts? Yup, that’s my theory and I’m stickin to it.

Interesting…..I worked on this here painting all night long….and then I got stuck. I was still pokin when Jesse came down and he wanted to rearrange it. Then he wanted a needle. So, he worked on it a bit. It’s still not right. I wish it was as easy as the position it was in last night making it look good and 3d….but that’s not the case, as it was a visual lie. I had to completely redo the head, it was not nearly big enough, which means neither were the eyes. So……I am reworking and working…as usual. I’ve stepped away from the pup painting and done this…maybe I need to step back to the pups. I’m close….but close is no cigar. What I’m working on is the commissioned painting, by Top Knot Angoras, Tracee Watson…..and it’s kicking my butt as all my paintings do. It’s of Elmer. What a beautiful goat. Of course he’d fit right in here, haha…. He’s a lot like Georgia, but it looks like he’s brown and not black. Awesome….but this particular photo. It’s hard to describe. It’s so head on. He has a lot of white in him…and it’s a snow scene, but nearly 98% of the painting is his head. It’s such a challenge. Yay!

Jesse was pokin and I said it was getting late….I said I needed to write my blog. He turns and glares at me…it’s 3 am…and you wanna write in your blog? Hehehe… yup I said…it’s how I relax. Speaking of relax….well, the opposite really….did I tell ya I was gonna try out the silk brick from Camaj? Dyed exquisitely I now know. It is in fact….just the type of fiber I had been searching for….but I need it in earthtones. But yay. Awesome stuff. Not sure about spinning, but I bet it’d be great as either fine thread or fat and chunky like I like it. Well, I guess he is right after all. It’s late and I’m getting sleepy now that he’s gone. He did help with the painting….the face needed narrowed. He has a good eye. Night night sweet ones! 3:14am = 8 = infinity. God. Night.

Well, I never did have that chat with my Buddha boy about the shearing process. Guess I shoulda cuz he didn’t like it not one little bit. Poor baby……but what a gorgeous specimen he is. Ahhh, my Buddha. Beautiful even when naked. Put him back in the pen and got my camera ready for the post shearing shenanigans and yup……raring… was Billy that confronted him. Boy, Billy is looking good too! Armani and Khalifa are starting to look a lot alike. There are differences…..a subtler face on Armani, longer body on Khalifa….other than that…lookalikes. All that’s left now is wee Kiwi, and a lot of that has already shedded. Then we took dead hay out and dumped it on the easement road so nobody would get sick eating it. Two girls didn’t eat tonight. Hmmm. Not pregnant ones either. Jesse dumped bad hay in the L, but hubby got it out when he got home last night. Could be that. I’ve just boxed up the cow painting…lol, in a Little Cesars pizza box. Fixin to run it down to the fire house in a few minutes. The pizza box worked! Well…..I’m off to deliver it. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.





















2 thoughts on “My child prodigy theory……

  1. Clever the pizza box and Jesse, perhaps you should let Jesse make is own picture. Maybe that is his destiny. Love the goatie pictures,

    • I tried. Says his destiny is music n needs to spend his time there not art. Clever if they don’t throw it away!!!! Huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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