……..a crooked Peek

Time has flown by this evening cuz I been paintin. Completely zero’d in on it and all the things I had missed a second before. All the changes. This painting is coming along….but still doesn’t truly resemble it’s counterpart. The photo. But it will!!! This is my 2nd evening on it. It’s a tricky one. Extremely tricky. I got to a point where I’m happy at the moment….but I can see I’m a Looooong way away, so, since it’s one am, I stopped. Now…..I haven’t cleaned the fiber up yet so there’s always a chance I get sucked in again…but I think I’m firm. Oh ya……I’m firm alright….I just cleaned it all up….took forever to round up all the straggly curls and I just took a photo to show you….lol, and it also gives a sneak peak at the painting. But remember…..far from done. Well actually….I’m still finding stragglers. I feel bad for talkin and talkin bout these paintings but never showin you….but they’re not ready to show…so….I compromised. It’s in a non flat position, just tossed on the mountain of curls, so it’s a peek. A tiny peek. A crooked peek. An enough peek. Enough to satisfy my need for you to see Something!!!!

Just reread the H Blog and whatdya know…done so very late at night….only needed a few corrections. I’m watching LaBamba…..and I’ve noticed…..so many cultures have the families coming together for food and music. Hmmm, not so much here in America. We go to friends houses and out to clubs but rarely is it with family. Interesting. We are indeed a different kind of country….like us or hate us…..oh ya…with a Gov out of control and lies and constitution breaking and just just just….uggggh. We also have kindness out the wazoo. People helping each other, helping neighbors, helping strangers in other countries….people helping animals, or anyone in trouble. That’s us. Not what our Gov does. We are a kind people and I wonder if the world knows this…or do they judge us by our Gov, surely not. Oh….some will, but I would hope not many. We are an eclectic people. Well folks…it’s that time again. Bed time. It’s 2:53am = 1 = beginnings….yum/eek. Night night.

On this Monday…..nothing was planned, Cathy would not be coming and I took advantage of that and went and sat with my girls. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever now about Pearl. Pearl is most definitely pregnant. Not only did I see the baby moving around…….I felt it. And poor Pearl…..just groaned, teeny tiny groans, like ever couple of seconds. No milk bag yet. It was really cool feeling the baby though. I tried on Georgia, Milky and Happy too. No movements. Milky now likes petting so much that she has become an Etta!!! At my side, nudging for more. I feel better now, knowing I’m not imagining things. Some of them are indeed preggers. Dang, I need to move into the Rv!!! It just needs driven down there to the spot. The weather is cooler so maybe electricity for the Rv won’t be needed as much.

Finally….I just went out there with the float valve and tried looking for the hose to hook up in the Bigboys trough. The hose was completely grown over…had to search it out and pull it up where we could and leave it where we couldn’t. In the end…the float is in and the boys will no longer have to lean to get more water. We don’t use the floats in summer cuz the hose fills with hot sun water and that’s what fills the troughs. We hand fill in summer and flat fill in winter. Fish when we float fill. A visit to Petsmart is in order soon, once I rehook all the floats….so the fishies can eat the yuk. Some people don’t agree with it…..others do it all the time. We find that it keeps the water clean. I’m on the hunt now for the spiral peg things I bought last Christmas before kidding. Somewhere in this house…..oi ve. Hubby didn’t hook em up for me last year….actually, hubby didn’t go get the panels is why. I need panels, with the spirals, to make temp pens for troublesome moms/babies. Ahhhhhh………….I just thought of an alternative that’s completely free and requires no truck for panels!!! Yay, I love rainbow rigging things. AND, the tools I need are already here and not in use at this time. Yay!!! Oh….crap….requires one more small gate….but then again…we need one or 2 more anyways, so…….no biggie. Just a small amount of $$$.

I finished up the Hoegger blog and sent it off. That’s off my mind now….and instead….I have images of babies rolling in the belly and the feel of the baby under my hand, rolling around in the birth sac!!! It’s like a rollercoaster listing, then going down, coming round and lifting again. The visual is nearly as good as the touch. Oh ya…my girls are very upset about the new feed time. Not happy at all, which is funny cuz they were on 5pm feed until just a month ago. One month has spoiled them.

Oh ya……I talked to the meat guy at HEB. All we talked about was the ground beef and he said if I want fresh, I have to buy the tubes. Yuk….but oh well. Still don’t know what happened to cause the meat to not last the week. Very frustrating but we shouldn’t be eating meat in the first place, but we/I are hooked. Hooked real good. Like tonight……pork roast, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Yum. Hehehe….yes, I’m hungry. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Hmmm….maybe I’ll go move the Rv. Lol…who knows. Later gators!!!!

















6 thoughts on “……..a crooked Peek

    • Ya, hope you still see him when I’m done! Had to rearrange his face and stuff. I always sweat these sneak peeks but feel I should. <3.

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

      • I am having fun!!! He’s a doll and I want to get it right! This is a very unusual perspective being all face!!! It’s quite the challenge but I shall get it!!!! ❤

        Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  1. Love all the cute goats, glad you could feel the baby/s. Hugs my friend, I miss our chats, but we will get back on track soon. Is your goat sweater ready?

    • Oh thanks for the reminder!!! I should wash it. It’s been in the Rv. Seriously…how could we be that busy and when will we be in busy??? I miss our chats too! Huggs. Love your babies too!!!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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