Finding shadows……………

My son has been telling me about shadow. That I need more shadow stuff in my art. When I show him Marie’s works….(the most awesome felt painter ever!!!)…he says see…….she uses light and shadow. Of course, light and shadow. I watched the Thomas Kinkaid movie, read a book, articles, etc…….where he learns that light is everything in art. I know this. I just don’t understand it well. I once did a painting of a nun dropping petals to create a portrait of Mother Theresa….it required a shadow underneath her as she was walking……I struggled so with that shadow. See….I’m all about the light. So I fight that. Almost as if I’m opposed to learning or understanding it. Tonight however, it is staring me in the face. Joyce suggested I prefelt the ears then attach them…(like I usually do)… I was gonna do that for one of the pups, but not the other. It’s not thick at all, very light, but it is not firmly attached at the bottom, to give the 3d effect. There is………………………………..a shadow under the ear. It stares at me. It’s much darker than the ear itself. Much darker than I would have thought.

I may have a new interest. There are those who say embrace the shadow side….well, maybe I need to embrace the shadow art. It’s a challenge. Who knows how it will end up, but I aim to give it a go…it’s calling to me. But hopefully not tonight. It’s midnight and I’ve been working on this pup painting all night. So close man. And by the way. When I was going through my artistic skills crisis, Cathy said she would ask God for those talents promised in the bible…. for me!!!! …….. Ye know that mustard seed thing and how I tell you constantly that it’s hard to get but once you get it you’re home free on that item……well….I got the mustard seed when she said that. As if I knew darn well that God would answer Cathy’s prayers since both she and her husband are ministers and because I happen to know of her deep deep relationship with God………so, I think I now believe that I can do art, with aid from God/Spirit….and guess what…….That competition I entered? I won!!!!! I won Grand Champion! Of my category of course, but hey…I think I get a ribbon! My first ribbon ever, and I’m actually proud of myself…although pride is not good. I can’t help it. It gives me a lift. A boost in my esteem. Not only that folks…..but my illustrator for the childrens books….Gayle……entered her own! She is a real artist….what I told hubby and Jesse and Jesse just frowned at me. Hubby by the way, didn’t say one thing. Not one word. Not one….good job or congratulations or you did good or yay or wow or damn girl!!!!!!! Yup, that’s my reality. Wow….It’s raining. Really really raining. Just started but it came on fast and furious. I mean…….wow, it’s really raining. Oh my gosh….I won. Hehehe….I won. Oh my gosh. I’m flabbergasted….furlmugated (wings whipping….(my word))…and even scrumpdillishousness’d to the core.

Ok…so…to update about the twitter thing. I’m at 2 weeks now and I have 79 followers. I follow 302. I think I might have found the reason to do it …or at least A reason to do it, besides EGO… It’s fun! When someone sees you…a virtual and complete stranger…sees you….it’s an amazing feeling! I get it now. And for the stars….I think they like it cuz they get to show themselves for who they are, not what they are required to say. Well, at least some of them…others just do promo, boring promo. Why not be yourselves people….you might attract more people to your cause, even if your cause is you. I dunno. I ain’t no star and I can’t imagine being one. Such harsh criticism and lack of privacy…yuk and yikes. Nah…..crap on that…..I feel for them though. Once upon a time it wasn’t this way. To be special, was taken very seriously. Now…there are so many people and they are all special in their own way and trying so hard to be just people….but the world won’t let them. That’s so scary. Yup, one of my fears. LofrigginL. Not a big one though cuz the idea is so remote. But snakes……the Directv guy encountered one the other day and Jesse tried to get it with a shovel…it was hiding under a mole pile….and it went under the house. Great. Can’t stop going outside though now can I????? Oh dear…I’m just rollin in the words tonight. It’s late. Goodness………….talk about cutting it down to the wire…..I just now wrote the Hoegger blog. I stalled it to the bitter end. I looked up and saw on something…probably the laptop…that it was the 29th…I said…Oh shit! So…..I wrote it! Good thing I’d been doing my homework, eh? I did a lot of it today in the truck going to Austin for feed. Yay…done. Pheeeeeewwwwyyyyy. Night night my peoples…….2:20am = 4 = Angels!!!!! Yay!!!! Night night and sleep with angels hovering at your command!

This hungry girl is just waiting for dinner time. Everybody has been fed, feed has been moved around, distributed, blended and poured. Let the baby boys out for an hour so they could run off some energy. Even Kiwi was running! Yesterday we got feed in Austin, ate, then back to our small Bastrop town for groceries and other feed. I was planning to get a tarp in case it rained on the way home. It rained while we were inside TSC. Yikes. I ran and grabbed a tarp…ripped it out of its plastic bag and flew outside. Not in time though, cuz 2 bags got pretty wet and one dumped on the porch. Wet grain. The babies found it. Jeesh was that a job to get them away from it!!! Not sure how but 2 of us got em out of it and back in their pen. I’ve taken a break from the pup painting, arrrgh!!!…..and started another. Not sure yet how it’s going. Jesse says…looks good…I just laugh. It’s so far from finished that you can’t see anything yet. Just a blob of colors. Oh man….a rarity….my stomach is growling. Oh ya…that reminds me. Stepped on the scale so I could get my wright then weigh me and Baby kitten……..I have lost more weight. A lot more. Couple more pounds and I’ll be back at my teenage weight. Probably not good, eh? Ah well. It is what it is. Yay to you guys for surviving another weekend……signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.






















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