babies no more…….

I’ve got such mixed emotions about shearing my babies now. This is like their passage into adulthood. They are stripped naked, no way to avoid it. Trapped. Violated. A removal of innocence given them by Spirit/God. A new mistrust of humans. Their coats. Their beautiful warm dry coats are gone. Their mommies no longer nurse them and their life has just changed. On the other hand, there is my side of things. First and foremost is their health. I need that coat off so they can regrow a new one before winter. 2nd, it is the reason I have them here, for their fleece….and 3rd, I enjoy seeing them all newly naked. It’s like opening a present and seeing whats inside or slicing a piece of a tree and seeing the rings inside….evidence of it’s aging. Flower was bigger than I expected and Heaven was taller than I expected. Heavens curls came so low to the ground and her lower leg curls were so long, that it gave her the appearance of being squat and short. Not at all. Wowza. Plus, with Heaven….I was so looking forward to seeing her spots. My little dalmation babies…I got 2, such sweet spots.

Oh boy it’s late. I didn’t paint at all. Funny how I say paint. Anyways….. I got to lookin at it and decided I had it wrong…somehow, I had gotten the proportions wrong and it could never be what I wanted it to be without disturbing it immensely. I decided that even though it didn’t really look like Baby Girl, that it was indeed a cute Pyrenees pup….so…I shall now work on the other one and will do a Baby Girl one another day. Face….Straight on! Oh wow…gotta get up early…night night in a rush…quick…sleep…usually forebodes not so good, but tonight I say…….sleep baby sleep till you wake at the perfect time to do the perfect day. New friends…..I know Joyce, but not Lee. Meet a new fiber friend and another and show off my babies…great day. Night night. 1:43am, ahhhh, so close…..= 8 = infinity…and a fly has flown on my glasses. Fly……Hmmm……survival….multifaceted vision….ability to change waste into valuable assets…(hello, paintings use the smallest amount and I could use lint off the floor)……Transformation…hello…….adaptation to the harshest environments…please no. Easy peasy please.

Yes, I woke up in time and my friends arrived. They saw the big ole smelly boys…from a short distance and then the girls….then we sheared baby Billy. Oh how funny! The ladies were one on each side of Billy as he was put on the stanchion. He had a bunch of hay on him and they went to pullin! Hay was flyin through the air so fast and their hands were flyin and Billy just stood there and didn’t make a peep! Anybody else woulda been complaining! Then they asked…..can we buy this fleece right off the goat? Why sure you can………………so……….lol, they each got one side of the Billy goat. Too funny…a stray hair is caught….which bag does it go in??? Billy was fairly good on the stanchion…especially for being so fussed over! Hehe…..Billy. Well, he looks real good now, all naked…and gray. Silver gray. Not black anymore!!! I wonder if Kiwi will stay black…so far he seems to be. I only had one other goat stay black….Kitchie. Black is fairly rare in angora goats would be my guess. Same for dark reds. Man…those girls didn’t look pregnant at all this morning. I bet they do when I go feed them. As of today, their feed time goes up to 5pm……so they don’t have night babies.

Went to town after they left and am home now just chillin. Waiting for 5pm feed time. I am so sleepy that I had to let Jess drive home from the Whoop Stop, 15 minutes away. My brain just won’t function properly. The ladies agreed about the pup painting…too cute to redo….so I shall finish it as 2 puppies. Napping is just not my thing but think I better rest my eyes a few minutes. Nope…..didn’t work. Oh well, just had me a real nice visit with my girls. Milky came up to me to be petted!!!! Volunteered herself and that is another first. Oh goodness….got to doing something else and time flew by. Guess I’m signing off now. Enjoy the week-end folks. Smiling at ya! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…………I know I know….this one is pretty short.Pss………. thank you Lee from and Joyce from
















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