Oh no….I’m Twitterpated!

Good grief….yes, you guessed it…sucked in again. This particular painting is kicking my butt. This is a personal one and I know what they look like intensely, so I have to keep on till they look like them. It’s a good animal….but just yet….it’s not THAT animal. Oh what the heck. It’s a painting of Baby Girl and Geezer. In other words…it’s a painting of 2 Great Pyrenees/Anatolian pups. Granted, they are both over two, so they aren’t technically pups here, but to us…their name is Pups. That simple. That’s their group name and their alternate personal name. I love my pups. They are so very very faithful. Non aggressive, but know their jobs without being told. Anyways…. I need to get it right and the artistic skills I need to do so are within me and are coming out as I type. They’ve just been waiting for me to ask, eh?

Hehe…I’m on twitter now. I feel completely invisible still but I’m getting followers. I just cracked myself up when tweeting…I’m a survivor thriver. That’s not the whole tweet, but that’s the part that cracked me up. The rest went…..”if you’re considering suicide….contact me. I’m a survivor thriver.” Haha….what a funny thing to say. OH ya……hit me up @the suicideguru! I have 2 accounts…this is the one Jesse decided to get going for me. Maybe he had a good idea…especially now that it also says MamaSheri. Still not sure about this twitterpated thing. It hasn’t shown me a real value as of yet….but I’m still open. Watching Avatar. The part in the end where they see each other in their respective bodies and he says…I see you. Yes. So very important for people to feel that someone Sees Them. We all need it. See me. Well….see me in my dreams cuz it’s nighty night time here folks. 2:56am = 4 = Angels!!! Love you Angels!

Goodness….productive day!!! Sheared my sweet Flower, so very tiny and what a princess on the stand! A very tiny but beautiful fleece. Then, we did Heaven. A much larger gorgeous just gorgeous fleece. Like at least doubled if not tripled in size. Also a sweet princess on the stand!!! What a good group of babies this year, I’m stunned! And that’s it for the girls pen! After we sheared….we wormed the 2nd dose of Cydectin pour on by mouth. Donesky!!! Two I’m watching. Pearl was laying all bunched up in the path of running goats and didn’t get up. Hmmm. Also, Star was crying. Standing in the goathouse, against the wall, crying. Like a repeat of last year with Lily. My guess with Lily and Star as well, is that the baby shifted. Must be scary when you don’t know why. But I will be going out to check on them both periodically. No bags yet. Milk bags people…for those who don’t know. Oh….and the first baby born here….may be named….Lovebug. There were lovebugs out today! I think its an awesome name, so we’ll see.

And finally…..I got my first retweet!!! And 2 favorites for the same tweet. Yup..the survivor thriver one. Cool, I guess. We shall see. I went to check the girls and theres an awful lot of groaning going on. Lots of groaning. But I groaned too when I was at the last stage of pregnancy!!! I really hated worming….putting chemicals in them when they are so big with babies, I pray it doesn’t harm the babies….but these dang worms had to be dealt with. Hopefully they are good now,, wormwize. Why isn’t wise spelled wize? Think I’ll go take em so go juice. Already gave em peanuts. If I throw em far enough out, they scatter better and more babies get a taste. Although, the point is to get them to the pregger girls….I’m just a softie. The plan was to go ahead and pen them up today but ole Mama had a brain fart and let one pen out while we were still shearing. Yup…just gave em some juice…electrolytes, and nearly all the pregger girls wanted some. Lots wanted Mamatime….and in the end, after I’d already gone thru the gate, and they had all made the trek over there to see the huge oddity….Liberty kitty, and Milky was standing right at the gate so I squatted down and she let me pet her and she decided it felt mighty good up on her neck. Yay, see, she’s finally liking me. Belle smelled my hand….lol, that counts! Oh ya….nothin on the Crystal fecal. Nothing whatsoever comes into focus on the stronger lenses…think this microscope is crap. It’s the one recommended by Fiasco Farms…..but yikes…no. Now I’ve just wasted a hundred bucks….cuz it’s just not good enough to do the job. Well, I guess I’ll cut this off a bit short today. Still things to do before dinner and a painting to frustrate over and kittens to scold and to love. Later gator…..and yay me on my first retweet and 2 favorites on the twitterpated twitter. Yay! Lol. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















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