Quick………light some Sage……………..!!!

Ahhhh, it’s 1:44am and I gotta take a break. A new painting. It’s a good way there as far as structure but whoo, so much more to go. This is a bit larger than most, even a bit bigger than the first painting, of the baby Crystal. In fact….it’s a double animal painting. No hints just yet…what if it doesn’t work, eh? We shall see. About 6 hours in right now…but had to wrap it up for the night. Gotta blog and wind down, ye know? But I went about it boldly! I decided quickly what to paint and away I went…big and bold. Fun stuff! It’s funny. When I stop doing art…my mind immediately goes to goats. From one love to the next, eh? Speaking of loves….I have my tv back, so I have movies back and I am not watching Transformers. Nope…Paul Blart, Mall Cop. Of course!!! I just helped Jesse carry some trash out and it is wet out there! Lots and lots of dew. I NEED to shear tomorrow. I’ve still got one to shear fully…Valey…what a pretty Donna baby…which means I don’t get near her. Still. She’s around 3 now, or maybe it’s 2…it’s starting to run together. I notice the missing goats…………..all the time. Oh ya, back to what I was saying…..then I have 3 to crutch cuz their shear time isn’t for close to 2 months from now.

Back to painting. I’m discovering that some photos, scenes, don’t translate well exactly. Sometimes ye just gotta go with the flow and alter it. My son would call that an excuse for not doing it right. I call it smart. I call it……feeling Spirit and knowing. Pretty simple actually. For example. If in the photo….the animals foot is coming out from behind him in such a way that when you try to paint it….it looks like a you know what……well, then you have 2 choices. Either mess with it forever to get it right…if possible….or……you just remember another pose you’ve seen them in and you alter it. To me, it’s a no brainer. These things take long enough to paint as it is. Ye know….I can remember back oh, say, 6-8 months ago….me saying…..sorry people, all I’m talking about is one thing day after day………….well, I still do that, don’t I? Yup….cuz it’s what’s in my world…in my moment. You guys get my moments. Hehe. Love it. Ok…well, night night sweet moment getters!!!!! 2:45am = 11 = master number. (Intuition)

About to go out and zoom some fur off some fur babies. Hope they’re not wet from all that heavy dew last night. I have to get some stuff mailed off so I guess I gotta send Jess. It’s funny again. I’m about to do goats…but I have painting on my mind. Hehe, it’s usually one or the other these days. Oh good Lord. Well………….let’s skip ahead. Cathy and I sheared Valey, and somewhere in there, Jesse came down. I told him he would help us shear then he would carry the small grey and white goat painting to the post office and mail it for the Heart of New Mexico Fiber Gathering competition….as it was requested I enter it. Guess what? He sent the wrong damn painting. When he said they didn’t have a box long enough and he had to fold it….. why would you need to fold it?????? Oh…and it gets worse….he didn’t send it priority mail!!!!! No insurance!!!! And it’s folded. So much for the competition and the dang thing is SOLD……….ahhh, what a mess. It is so annoying that I can’t rely on people. Oh Colleen……I’m sure it’ll be ok. We’ll just have Gayle resend it to you immediately. See….I sent him today with the little one. I was planning on sending the big painting myself….since it was so large, do have it done right. Was gonna do it tomorrow. So many things swirling in my brain. Woulda been the very first thing I ever entered….EVER….I’m 52.

Well……..can’t whine about that all day. So….Valey Girl was a pro on the stanchion. No milk bag. Possible belly. I guess if they did it…they did it after getting to know each other for a few weeks, cuz no one looks ready. Next was Star. She was only supposed to be crutched in the backend area since she was just sheared 3 months ago, but I had to run to the house for something and when I came back….Cathy was shearing away on her head and neck. SO…………..Star got sheared at 3 month length. Oi ve. If I look for the light……I can say…..it will be a very nice deep brown for the paintings….and the length won’t matter there. Oh and by the way. One of y’all just got a new goat. A very pretty new goat…that you say is dark brown? Hmmmm, in my eyes….that goat was tan. Now Star….is so brown she’s almost black…..I don’t get this goat color system at all. No milk bag on Star either. And…..my pretty little daughter just called. She’s left today to go cross country with our friend Amasa and they have a rainbow catcher on the rear view mirror. Well, a bunch of rainbows got thrown around the car so they decided to call me! I feel better now. I also talked to Gayle and she said take a deep breath it’ll be ok. She’ll just remail it when it arrives and I will overnight the correct painting tomorrow.

The best news of the day is….Kiwi is still alive! After that antibiotic shot yesterday and him rolling his eyes…I was worried. But…he is good and came to the fence for petting! Crystal is still breathing hard and fast though. But…she can run fast. I’m boggled on that one. Was able to get a better poo sample from her today. Will check it tonight. Now that I’m calm…..I’m gonna go check those two again. Summer is gonna pray for them for me. And my friend Susan is already praying. I’m so grateful. These two are truly some of my closest to my heart goats. Breathe Sheri. What a year for goat illnesses!!! And we just had all that rain….I gotta keep on it!!! Ok….well, signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…..Crystal is back to normal. How odd. Kiwi still ok too. Pss. Then the meat was bad already that I bought Saturday!!!! Yes….lighting sage now.






















2 thoughts on “Quick………light some Sage……………..!!!

    • Well he did justify it but he feels real bad. Just gonna chunk it into the God willed it category. Hehe I love yours too!!!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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