i painted a cow…….!!!

Oh my God! I just painted a cow! Who woulda thunk? Y’all might have, but not me. Used to be I woulda struggled so with something like this. Tonight…it just came out. I think the prayers for my art have come through. Even I am happy with the cow. Now…don’t get me wrong…everytime I look at it…I see something I should change…but that my friends…is the essence of art. The taste of….it’s good…..but it’s not perfect. Perfect is life, God, nature, even in it’s imperfection. So…..my imperfections…..are perfect. I am actually perfect in my imperfections, eh??? Aren’t we all! We don’t see it. We see ourselves as mundane….monotonous creatures who do the same thing day after day. But we are so much more. We are inspiration, we are love, we are give a shit…..we are hurting, we are feeling, we are young…even when we are old. We are complex beyond complexity, in a world of complete unknowns and knowns that are shoved at us. Shoved down our throats. We need to resist the trap of being normal. Being average. Wife, husband, 4 bedroom house, picket fence, 9-5 job……..these are things put on us. Like a cloak. We wear it. Stop.

But really folks. Man, I need to find my old sketchbook so y’all can see….I can’t draw! Can’t draw worth a diddly squat! I was telling Jesse yesterday that I have always wanted to paint a multi colored animal. Like Christian Lassen used to do with his tigers and lions and such. I used to try and try with paint. Hehehe this is a multi color cow!!! I’m actually on an art high again. I know…believe me, I know…that it’s got issues, but sometimes when you work something to death…it dies. I need this cow. I want to donate it to the local fire dept for their yearly auction BBQ in 2 weeks. If anyone bids on it…then they get the money and get to buy things like fire bags…..for when they get caught in the fire and need to hide…they get inside these fireproof bags and they live. They cost money….like anything else.

Did I ever talk about my using my mind to create water in Africa? I used to do it often….imagining water just bubbling up outta nowhere and feeding the masses. Many of them, I envisioned. Well……I have been hearing lately of the finding of such new water holes. Yay oh yay. One more piece of proof that this stuff works. I also saw a thing about remote viewing today. Hmmm. Still hearing about something kinda makes you think there might be something to it. I’ve tried. The guy today said the seeing is the easy part…it’s the figuring out how to phrase the question and then the interpretation of such…..such being shapes and stuff, not words and photos. Makes sense to me. I’ve done many things with my brain that others would say was impossible. Why the heck not. Transformers it is again tonight. Dark side of the moon. But I’m on the bright side. I’ve just completed an art piece that I am happy with, ecstatic with actually. Yay me! Ok….night night sweet and wonderful ones of this earth. Hello Iraq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see you! I see you baby!!!!!! 1:54am = 1 = Beginnings.

Well……not much accomplished today. The tv guy was supposed to come Tuesday but a phone call yesterday said today…so….I waited. Cathy was to be here at 2 and we would shear then….she didn’t show up till around 3. Tv guy was here. So…….no shearing. BUT…..I do have a tv again and, we gave Buddha his 2nd dose of wormer. Then we gave Kiwi the LA200 since everyone said it was safe. He cried and ran. Then he literally leaned on the house and cried again. His eyes rolled. I hate this. God I hate this. I’ll go check my poor baby in a few minutes. It was just awful. I’m collecting his fleece when I can. Not gonna shear the baby……too stressful. Let it fall and I’ll collect it. Fevers. Damn. But Picasso is growing a new fleece just fine now. I really thought Kiwi was outta the woods but after todays incident…I even had to practically force him outta the house for greenies. I also got a few rows on the wrap done while the tv guy was here. Crystal was acting funny today too so I will also check on her. In fact….I need to go do it now. Can’t stop thinking about either one. Who cares if the tv is on? Not me when my babies are sick. Well…..Kiwi is laying in a pile of goats in the shade area of their new pen. Looks so sick. I pray for that boy, who I had thought was gonna make it….he still needs to make it. And Crystal is doing fine now. Not sure what was going on earlier. And Baby Flower, thinks of me now as her mommy. She cries when I leave the L.

Ooooooh, and another scream session with the boy. Oh what fun that is. Wouldn’t leave my room when I told him too then….wouldn’t let me close the door…so I said….BULLY! Bully! Woman bully! He says he would never hurt a woman….but he comes so close at times, in my opinion. He left then. Over what? He didn’t get his way. Boy doesn’t know what to do when that happens. Thanks tons Mom….who stole him and raised him. Ya, it still irritates me. Ha…probably cuz I’m dealing with the repercussions of how she raised him.

Ugggh. Well, onto better things. Baby kitten is chewing on my hair braids. It’s a regular pastime. Oh Lordie. I’ve made a roast for dinner and I went to peel the potatoes. Bought them 2 weeks ago…..half a bag……maggots!!!! What the???? Now what? No choice but egg noodles. Yuk. Wait…I’ll google. Maybe something better. The state of food these days. Hmmm, no luck. I’ll figure something out. Sent hubby a copy of the cow painting this morning……not a word. Showed him the latest goat the other day…his response? Ya. That’s all, just ya. Now you see why you guys rock???? Hehehe…..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.






















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