My Zen goat……..buddha

I’ve moved the baby boys away from my window, my wall. I miss my Buddha especially. There’s something about him. I was pondering the shearing of him and I found myself visioning telling him all about it. Explaining for a full day, just what I was about to do and why it was necessary. So that his integrity wouldn’t be broken. As I type this, I realize I am speaking in reverence to another. Like a guru. A wise one. A Shaman. Interesting, due to his name. Buddha. I can’t remember my frame of mind when I named him….as to why I named him that. There was a lot happening right then. Quite a few babies were born in a few day span, so I can’t remember. I want to. He is Regal. Like his Mom, Mimi. He is regal like Crystal, Milly’s daughter, but he is so beyond those. Beyond. The calmness in my heart expands when I’m near that boy. He is so very precious to me. I have so many favorites that it’s ridiculous, but he and Crystal have the biggest chunk of my heart. Kiwi next. Goodness. Should I have shared that? OH well. It’s bedtime. It’s early, but I’m tired. No painting tonight, just relaxing and Transformers again. The first one. So…night night dear ones. 12:21am = 6 = earth….it’s also a cool number, just is. Night. (Note…this was supposed to be Fridays nighttime post but my puter petered out.)

It’s Saturday night. Saturday night on the farm. The same as Monday, Tuesday and every other day. Same house, same bed, same animals, but less……well, no tv, that’s different. I’ve been on a Transformers kick. Watched some 4 times and others 2 or so. No tv and I crave transformers. Hehehehehe. Whats up with that? Well, gee….tramsforming, of course! God works in mysterious ways, don’tcha know? Today, as we head to town, on our way there is a new gun shop. Hubby pulls in, saying…..You’re not supposed to see this early. Well, our anniversary is on the 11th. And don’t forget, MY GOAT ANNIVERSARY IS OCT 13! So, what more could he buy me gunwise that would warrant a big gift? Are you ready for this? A BOW! One of those fancy bow and arrow things! Funny…..I once was given the opportunity to pull one and knew right then and there I would never be able to shoot one. Well…..the reason hubby told me early was so they could test my arm strength. Hmmm,…..not good. He dropped the child arrow down from 30 lbs to 15 lbs and then I could work it. I said…oh ya….I can do it now! The guy chuckles and says…not yet! He grabs a target and an arrow and we go outside. I’m to shoot. It’s windy. But…shoot I did and I hit the target. Not in the circles, but on the target at least, lol. So…he orders it in pink camoflauge. HAHAHAHAHA…and it comes with a pink bag. Hubby loves me and pink. I even wore pale pink at our wedding. That dress from Marshalls, ink stain, price reduced to $2. I should take a photo of the painting hubby had done of another night. That night with my new hairdo, new $400 pale pink dress, yikes!!!! Underclothes, purse, makeup, shoes….for the Dave and Busters Grand Opening. Ii know….I’ve talked about it before, but it’s obviously on my mind. That night where the guy who builds shuffleboard tables on the east coast boardwalk…..stood watching me and said he liked my style…..that night where the two men in suits stopped me and said I was the epitomy of perfection from head to toe….and if I could be anything in the world, what would I be…..I said Oprah. LOL….if only I’d said something else! I still don’t know who they were. Very important looking men, that’s for sure. Ha. What a night. I honestly was costing $800 when I walked in the door, from all that I was wearing and services done. Eyebrows too! First and only! Awesome too…very gentle. Hehehe. And don’t forget manicure and pedicure…get one if you haven’t…awesome experience.

So, I’m soon to be a gun totin arrow shootin goat mama! I already told hubby I wanted an old fashioned gun holster like in the old westerns. Your job I said…to find it for me. Tonight I worked on a wrap promised out. I spun it long ago it seems….before the fiber paintings. Anyways…I haven’t forgotten. Not sure I spun enough though. We shall see. Still have to ply two spools. Felt weird crocheting, it’s been months for goodness sakes. Kiwi is losing his fleece to fever. I touched him today and went ahead and pulled a bit off and he ran away. Then he wouldn’t come to me at all. Poor baby…he’s going through something. Maybe I shouldn’t have moved them. Maybe he doesn’t like it. He still has a runny nose. Should I give him La200? Anyone? Kimberly? Anyone still reading me? Not many, I know. Ok, well….it’s time for night night now. 1:34am = 8 = infinity. (balance and power) Lisa says give the LA200 a go, that the things I’d read about them dropping dead from it…..she’s never experienced. COOL.

Did the neverending vehicle shuffle today so I have both my cars back. Went to Lisas for some dyed curls. Last time I bought a half ounce of close to all of her colors. This time, I knew what I needed. Greens, browns and flesh. A hundred and twenty five dollars later….I have a big bag of curls. I need to dye some of this myself to cut the cost. On a great note….she told me I have some really good looking goats now! Yay!!! I’ll take that compliment!!! She also seems to like my artwork too. Makes me feel good to hear that. She’s also amazed at the mite goats. She’s seen them up close and personal….and knows how bad off they were and yet….they are healed. Truly amazing. Man, I need more arms, hands and legs. So much to do but only one body to do it. I was considering seeing if I could get a booth at Kid n Ewe, but I have so many things to work on that I doubt I’d have time to finish many more paintings in the few weeks left. Probably just wait and do the Yellow Rose in April. Got another row put on the wrap while I was a passenger for a few minutes. Hehe. That’s how it goes now. Busy time of year. Well, guess it’s about peanut time. Want to give the pregger girls extra protein for the babies coats in utero. Peanuts here we come….and I got their favorite this time…RAW. Now, they will surround me and come close to knocking me down….Etta will try to climb up me, Pearl as well. I’ll want to try to give tiny Crystal a taste but they will swarm me. Not sure she’s ever gotten a peanut to date. Love that baby. Oh ya….I was able to get one tee tiny poolet from her today!!! Finally, baby poo! Wanna check again for cocci. Especially her since she’s so very small. Ok….peanut time it is then. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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