Rain…..blessed Rain

I am without laptop Again! It did that…blue screen with the words…preparing for crash dump. Those words are scary no matter how many times you see them! So, last nights gems are stuck in an unusable laptop. I went to bed early for a change. Midnight. I know, right??? Woke ready to go shear me some goats and rain. Gullywashers of rain. The kiddie pool is nearly half full so we got inches worth. A brief pause allowed us to run n feed and allowed them a few minutes to eat and the gullywashers are back Bigtime!!! The yard has standing water but shhhh don’t tell or the gov might claim it. Idiots trying to own water.

My poor babies are wetter than wet and little Crystal was shivering. I briskly rubbed her while she was eating but she didn’t like that much. I guess it’s hard to eat when someone is doin that. Checked on the baby boys now all the way over on the left. At least they have a house in that pen and were dry. They wanted out. Crying to get out. Nope. Can’t do that. Kiwi needs to stay dry. I just adore them all.

I also checked on the Bigboys. I can smell em all the way to the girls house!!! That’s a far piece!!! They are in primordial Rut. Never fails, year after year. Well, they aren’t going in with the girls till oh…oct 11th or so. In the meantime they are peeing on themselves and nuzzling each other and humping each other. Tongues a wagging, they sniff each others butts. There can be a long line of nose to butts and the sounds are every bit as rich as the smells and extremely gay sights. Not only that but today they were soaking wet. Gosh I have some gorgeous bucks! Einstein and Darwin are just beautiful now. And so soft!!!! I wanted to count them the other night and they had already gone in walkabout so Jesse went with me all the way out in the pasture. It was nearly dark and the air was ripe with the smells and sounds. Got my count and was hurrying away when I turn and see Jesse squatted down and surrounded. He insists that they would never hurt us even in rut….regardless what the people say. He might be right, they are gentle but I will always hear those words in the back of my mind….never turn your back on a goat in rut. Maybe it’s a female thing?

Well..I have no idea how long this blog is but it’s supper time! I’m working in a painting in works. It’s like this. I’ve got the ones completed, the blank backgrounds, the colored backgrounds and the paintings I’ve started but put aside. Hey, I only have 3 aside right now!!!! This one is coming together for me today. It’s the napping tree and my goats laying under it…roughly. Not going by a photo though…, just winging it. One cluster is for sure Milly, Crystal n Butters. Another looks like Joy. I dunno, it’s fun. Ok well…hopin I get more done tonight. Any painting requests I can attempt? Waiting on some curls to do the commissioned piece. K. Later tater! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch while thumb typing. Ps. Still raining!!!

















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