rain pain…..and a BeatBox…..

Wow…that was fun. See, I guess I can have fun….oh for Gods sakes Sheri….of course it’s all fun! Jeesh. Anyways. I took a background that had a batt laid out and needled in on the Feltloom, then I saw what I saw and I pulled the painting out from within the background. Pretty cool. I’m calling it backwards painting. It was fun. No pressures. Just pull and pull and pull until….wala. Cute, I think. I’m done for the night. I also worked some on the Christmas tree one. Last night I dismantled…tore up the Doc one. Just not right. No interference…just me deciding it wasn’t right. I’ll do him again another day. I offered Tracee the chance to use her goats fiber in the painting. To me, it’s a trademark I’d love to incorporate whenever possible. Always put at least a little, if you can, of the animal itself. That way, when it passes, you have an even more special memorial. I sure hope I can pull it off. I never painted very well with paint…maybe that’s cuz I was supposed to learn in paint…to know how to do this. Maybe? Ya right. It has happened, so of course it’s why. Oh, for those who don’t know…Tracee wants a painting of her pinto, Elmer. He’s gorgeous, but I’m painting him as a baby. Pray I pull it off!

None of the girls look all that big, nor do they have udders so far, so if they’re pregnant, which Jesse insists they are, and I too believe, for at least most of the girls put in with Wy. So…since it’s a month span….probably they will deliver toward the end of that month, instead of the beginning. Hmmm…..and jeesh. I’m pretty sure I did feel a baby while shearing one of them…can’t remember who, maybe Milky. As I type…Smooch and Baby are playing. They did it earlier too. So cool. Baby climbs on hubby and lays behind his neck but sometimes he slides down. Hubby took photos of it tonight. Hope I remember to include one. He hasn’t been on my shoulder in awhile. But I’m loving that they’re playing. Just loving it. Bentley and a few others got out of their new pen tonight. Jesse was changing out their water and forgot to put on the bottom bungee. After we got them back in….Bentley cried. Bentley always cries. I wonder if he cried at his HOME? Where he was born? I’d love to know the answer. Man, these kitties are going nuts. Just the two of them. Gucci is watching it all. She has this awful wound on her neck from playing so hard…..plus she’s sick all the time…she’s been wormed so I’m hoping it’s not the heart thing again….she is wiz’s sister. Oh Lordie…too cute this half kitten…one yr old…playing with the new baby kitten. They are using my bed as if they were doing that cool rope thing, where they swing across the edge of the rock. Life is good. Night night sweet souls. 2:22am = wow…..master number for sure!!!!!! = 6 = earth! Full moon! Night.

As you can see, I’ve survived my 2nd night without tv. I’m playing movies on the laptop and can blog while I watch part of the screen. Lol. So, this morning….Cathy is here and I’m cleaning clipper blades, all gung ho to do a pregger and a baby doe…..and as I’m putting the screw in the second clipper to finish…..whooosh….rain. ten whole minutes of rain…..which derailed the shearing plans. So……Jesse said…..ye know, it’s a good thing that beatbox hasn’t arrived cuz I don’t have a dvd player yet to install the software. Can you believe…the new fancy laptop I just got him has no cd/dvd drive???? A lot of the new ones don’t they say. So….we went to town. When we arrived home…it was sittin on the mailbox…..the illustrious BEATBOX. BUT….we had work to do. We gave meds to the 6 mite goats that are left….3 girls, 3 boys……Socrates had his last shot today and will join Einstein and Darwin when we feel like moving him, lol. The other two are improving nicely but slowly. In the girls…..only one who is not responding. Mahada, the gal with the white socks. She is a mess. Skin still leathery, still making buildup. The other two are nearly done. It’s such a slow process. Then we also wormed Kitchie cuz he looked Off. Milky was very sweet today and stood near me and let me pet her belly all I wanted. Gosh….such a long wait for her but worth it. And right now…the boy is telling me that the part we just got….the dvd drive….has NO cord to plug into a computer!!!!! Are you friggin kidding me? I gotta go to town again…for a cord which SHOULD BE in there….in a laptop that should have a drive already in it. This really aggravates me. My dad was the manager of Sears for 32 years. He took care of stuff. People didn’t walk outta the store with only half of what they needed back then. And back then…..everything you needed was in the boxes. Back to town I go. Oi ve!!!!!!!! Who knows if this blog will make it to the webosphere. (they had sold us a desktop version….instead of laptop version. Only an hour drive.)

Yup…6:30 and I’m back home. Grabbed KFC for dinner. Been in pain all day due to the weather and couldn’t wait to get home so I could relieve it. Finally, my day of needs to be done is done and I was just now able to smoke. My pain is now hovering far away, yet I can still function in any form of functionality that may be required of me. See, I can even talk fancy. That is the joy of cannabis. I’m still me. Not drunk. Not unaware. I am aware. I’m aware that I’m approaching a thousand words…my self imposed cut off time. I’m grateful for the rain cuz we needed it. In Austin, they are moving the docks so that they reach where the water is. Drought is no fun. So, I say ok to the pain….and ok to not getting to shear my goats…but by George…they need sheared. Until next time my sweet and cool friends. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…this is so exciting. We are both on pins n needles to hear his first song from the BeatBox!!!












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