Showing off my babies SPOTS……!

Ye know….sometimes life just creates a bad mood. Circumstances. Bits. Pieces. Converge. This is my moment of such. The anger from earlier…..then I cooked the dang dinner, then I found out my Directv is broken. Mine. Jesse’s was for a few minutes, but it fixed. Not mine. I spent an hour with a very pleasant technician on the phone and the result was… SIX days….a guy will come. 6 days. 6 days. Also….the proverbial “I lost my news feed” on FB has finally happened to me. Oh sure, I still have the Iphone FB, but when I have to move the phone all around the room, and in the air….just to see a photo….or to send a message….well….hmmmm. As it is, the best spot for reception tonight is behind my head. So if I get a notification…..I gotta turn my head back to find out. It’s a contortionist game. Not ideal. Boy are we spoiled. We…..we as a species, society. I’m not really working on anything due to my mood. I don’t wanna infuse my junky energy into the art. So…..I have Pandora radio on the iphone….playing Adele radio…which is anything in that genre….along with commercials. Seems I can buy an upgrade with no commercials. Ha. I rarely use it….but ye never know. Because of all this….it’s an unordinary night. Feels weird. What to do with myself? No movies. Yes, I could play one on my laptop….ehhh. Maybe eventually. Right now I’m just twiddling my thumbs and typing at the same time. And a solution was had. Transformers…the Dard Side of the Moon. A much darker flick than the first two…. to suit my mood. See ya when I have a great thought!

Smooch is really going to town on the kitten food these days….trying to mark her place. Baby goes first. She’s next…this is causing a psychological issue for her. She is overeating. Seriously overeating. And Baby, well…..he is growing each day so fast. He is now biting too. Oh, and leaping on people. NOT! Hehehe. NOT! Tonight I saw him about to pounce 2-3 ft onto Jesse and I yelled and Blue barked and it stopped it but dang! When I type now, on the laptop….the nerves in my wrist go nutso. (tv…wrist.). Well….this movie is neverending…plus I’ve paused it a lot. I gotta sleep now. It is 2:15am = 8 =infinity. Night night! 😀 Tingling wrists….that quick…One sentence. Night.

The mood has not improved. At 1pm, I decided to just go hook up the wires and catch a goat myself and shear myself. I did. Then Jesse came down halfway through. I tried to tell him that contrary to what he keeps saying…..that the best way to cut the blanket portion was from the other side of the goat. Argument. The pregnant goat is overheating….yes the blades are hot…lets keep going…shes hot. Argument. Then later, the girls in the L need to be given hay now cuz there’s not much grass out there. Argument. This is my world. If I say the sky is blue…..that boy will argue that it’s been green forever and how dumb am I to say it’s blue. It’s frustrating. Feels like neverending arguments all day long….and all night long. Not very inspiring.

BUT…..I got that sweet Petunia sheared. She was not on the list for today, I don’t even have a list…lol, but she got got cuz they been playing on the hay stack and they knocked a bunch down. I was afraid someone was crushed but nope. But apparently Petunia rolled in it. I got that coat before it was completely ruined. Nah…just the topline really. Oh so nice fiber. She stood so well on the stand, boy was I impressed…first shear and all. And what a pretty little pinto baby she is….all spotty!!!! And tall and healthy! Then we sheared Pearl, who it almost seemed, wanted it. She too stood well on the stand. Long long curls on that one. Then we moved the baby boys into the now vacated pen on the other side of the yard…..lil escapees. No more babies next to my bedroom. Gave Kiwi his 2nd Cydectin dose. Remember that rude vet saying give him 5cc’s and if he’s alive in 2 weeks…give him some more? Well, he was/IS alive…it’s 2 weeks today. 2 weeks today since he was wormed and since the 10 goats left here. We decided there were some goats missing. I ended up calling groups out by name and finding them. Pretty sure all were accounted for…it just looked like less goats. Freaky. So many goats that I think of….and they’re not here anymore. Shortcake? Where’s Shortcake…..where’s Yoki??? Where’s my Anya? Those are the hardest ones. I’m dealing….but it ain’t easy. Lily? Shoot, pretty soon I’ll be callin out the name of every goat who has left. Butters!!! Hehehe. Gosh. Hard life I’ve chosen in some respects. Breeding all these babies….for them to leave. Yikes.

What a day. Jeesh…I even got yelled at for reachin my hand out and catching some poolets while Pearl was on the stand. Sorry dude….forgot my pocketful of baggies. Man…when ya get so hot that the clothes get damp….then to come inside this house! Ooooooh…..cold. I gotta get up and do something to warm me up! Ha…washed my hair, then came back in my room to break bread for meatloaf when I realized…I’m on my bed! I have blankets! LOL. There. An hour later and the bread is broken. Hubby throws a fit if he gets a bite of bread in his meatloaf. Jeesh, so it has to be broken very very tiny. Monotonous. And…on a good note…..Jesse offered and did indeed peel potatoes for me. Yay oh yay. Just got done checking some people. The bigboys have water but when I went to give em a bit more… water came out of the hose no matter what I turned this way or that. That’s a hubby thing. Checked the babies in their new pen. Not sure if they like it….but just not ready to put em in with the bigboys yet. Besides, the bigboys are about to get to go out into the big yonder soon….so I can deworm the area. How? Gonna put horses in there. They’ll be some mighty unhappy horses, but hey…ya do what ya gotta do. They’re used to having the whole back nine to roam. Ahhh jeesh. My numbers don’t work out. I need to go make sure who is or isn’t on my list of Goats. I’m gonna go ahead and sign off from YeeHaw Ranch. Hoping to work on something tonight. Yay. Oh, and getting ready for the H blog soon…any topics you’d like covered that I haven’t covered for you yet? Lemme know! Ok….later gators.

















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