playing….and grumbling…

Well, I guess I can play. That’s howo I’m treating the Christmas tree scene. It’s fun. Actually they’re all fun, but portraits are serious. They take deep deep thought and intensity. I enjoy it immensely, but it is, well, …….intense! Oh damn…..I guess I am a child at heart. Watching the Princess Diaries 2…where she is being crowned as Queen and she’s wearing that big fluffy long elegant gorgeous dress, with the fancy red hat that she somehow made look good….it choked me up. Doesn’t every girl wish she was a Princess? In many ways, my husband treats me so. In many ways he does not. Cup half full or half empty? Full baby, full to the brim cuz I have other love. I have my children, my beloved goats and animals and I have you guys too. I also have the passion of my life happening now, with the goats and fiber and top that off with I’ve found something I’m pretty good at. Oh man, it can’t get better than this, can it? Oh wait…it can. I could have my own FeltLoom. Hehehe. 14-15,000, that’s all. Arrrgh! I swear…I saw it about the same time hubby started my 55 chevy rebuild. Which, btw, I texted the guy last night and suggested he have it done for my anniversary Oct 11, then he said he would try but he was waiting on a part. Life story. Waiting on a part. So then I told him, actually….Oct 13 would be better because it’s my 5 year anniversary with my goats. Oooooh, maybe a baby will be born that day!!!!!

Gucci is finally joining the family again. She is at the end of my bed…laying down. The closest and calmest she’s been in weeks. Baby is up here too since she/he…he………just ate the canned food, and now Smooch gets to eat. Smooch has to wait until Baby has eaten. Yes, hubby still calls him Sneezy and Jesse still calls him Smokey…but he’s Baby. My hair is still damp, so many hours later and I even used a hair dryer for a bit. Oh ya….I was feelin bad and one of my readers…Sue, said that my putting low prices on my stuff was bad for other artists. That’s not the first time I’ve heard that. So, tonight…I yimmy yammied. I reset the prices a bit more reflective of the time involved in making them…..instead of what I thought people would like. Forgive me. I’m just figuring this out. In fact…. When possible, I intend to include time involved in making the art. Just to make a person think. Ok….nightie night you people from the world…all over ye know…….night night. 2:30am = 5 = change.

I woke up to a view of the baby boys out wandering the yard. They pushed their gate crooked the other day and escaped, so I fixed that. SO….they pushed the other end of the pen and got out that way. Propped a heavy thing so maybe it’ll keep em in. Also woke to a list of errands from hubby. Jeesh. Then went to the local upholstery store looking for foam…they’d moved. Lady tells me how to get there, broken English…I get there…I say…upholstery? She says…upholstery, yes. But guy no here. Oi ve. So glad I drove all the way into a separate town for that! Those hurricanes are kickin my butt with leg pain. Driving is a bummer. As we were driving toward our gate, I said….ye know, I’m in a pretty good amount of pain and you wouldn’t know it, would you? Jesse said…I know…props man. Hehehe.

Well……………………………….if you want something done……………………….ye gotta do it yourself. Nobody is sick he says. Nobody has diarrhea he says. Arrrrrgh! They’re my damn goats and you feed em how I want you to feed em! I’m so angry. I guess it’s me feeding everyone again. And the boy can sit on his ass. Plus…….he says the garden water is not working. Well, what about the boys? Huh? So I go check. Hubby has disconnected the water hose from the float and no water is being added. He also removed a panel. Did he put them back?????? NO! Did Jesse check their water? NO! This is for the dang birds. Back to the feed. If you throw a scoop of old, then nearby a scoop of new. The goats will eat the one they like. Then….when you’re out of that one……..they then get sick….cuz they are now eating a new food……………..when they shoulda been eating grain next to grain the whole damn time. Sorry….apparently it’s a damn day. I did throw in that one Dang for ya. My throat is sore now from all the screaming cuz lemme tell ya…the boy defends his actions! Wonder how he’d defend not knowing the boys water was disconnected??? I’m angry at them both.

Wonderful. Two new tvs aren’t working today. Whats up with that? Living room one is working fine but Mine and Jesse’s are not. Great. Man do I not wanna cook them dinner. Not one iota. Cathy will help me put the dang panel back up and get the water back on for the boys. Men. I guess I better go now cuz apparently my mood isn’t gonna shift to fairies and light any time soon. I’ll keep the rest of my nastiness for here in this room…with no observers. Y’all have a great and awesome day now, ye hear? Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!













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