when Art meets Provision…….

Well, over 30 people liked my painting. That’s a great thing. A humbling thing.I will be leaving early…well, early for me…in the morning…to make more backgrounds. I do them for support. I like it that way. It seems all of a sudden….everyone is wanting to be a fiber painter now. I’m dealing. I think I know where I’m going with this. Animals. Friends. Our babies. I believe I can do it. Loved ones passed onto the Rainbow Bridge or those still with us. People want to remember their animals. If I can get even a handful of that animals hair….I could work it in. As my daughter said….they, you. Whoever….now has a touchable, texture thing to feel. It could go. If people want it. I shall see.

I don’t know why I get so dang excited every time I’m goin to the feltLOOM. I should be sad, but no…I’m excited at the work I’ll be able to complete. Dang, where’s my red fiber? I’ll find it. I’m also taking the two batts that were somehow left behind last time, from The Yarn Wench. Etsy. Her mohair curls are a bit course…as in older goat or the dye process, but the combination of colors and fibers makes it worth it. I like it. And it’s a nice bonus to have mohair curls thrown in that go with the color scheme of the batt. Lol, look at me, I’m now a critique!

I hate to leave tomorrow, this close to birthing. I told the lady there that I had kidding coming and this was the last week I could leave the house for awhile. Indeed. During kidding….everytime I leave the house, I freak. Literally….not calm at all. I’ve only lost one baby cuz I wasn’t here but I also lost one baby when I was here and didn’t know. It’s all a crapshoot. The girls….does…..are notorious for waiting for the human to drive away, then they kid. Most of mine this year…are first timers. Only Etta delivered and had a living baby, little Star, who herself may be accidentally pregnant as well, but also Happy. Happy had baby Hap prematurely. I found that sweet baby behind the goat house, all dried out from the sun, not one to two hours after showing off my goats to a friend of a friend. Not a peep did that girl make. We were right there. Then we left. Then the baby was born and mom didn’t know what to do, her first time and all……just awful. I like to be here, ready to hear any sound of distress. Ok…..night night sweet ones. 12:56am = 5 = change. Yup…feltloom here I come!

We have just left the mighty feltLoom place. Otherwise known as…windmill crest farms. 4 hours of work and a moment of play and we are driving home. It’s not nearly as many backgrounds as last time, probably since hubby’s not here, but it’ll do me for awhile. Went ahead and used the two forgotten batts from last time and they came out beautiful and perfect for my kinda work. Then at the end I decided we should play, so we each took a small white background and started winter scenes. Mine is a tree. So far his is a snowman. It was hard. Hard for me to “play”. So…I attempted a Christmas tree. Good bones so far.

It rained while we were here. Here’s to hoping the bags of feed at the house didn’t get rained on. Hubby took my Blazer to work and stuck all the feed in the yard. We were running late and didn’t move it. Woulda taken forever! So ya…it’s sittin in the yard. Bet my goaties are wanting their dinner! And, if it did rain….that puts shearing off till they’re dry! Won’t hurt my feelins much if we can’t cuz that hurricane out there is messin with me. Jesse is driving. Very impatient. We’re behind a school bus. Hehe. If we ever get home I’m excited to see the kids. I so hate leaving home. I miss them!!!

Oh what a joy. Yup…it rained here. Not only that but it then came a gusher as we were out to feed. Oh golly. Then Jesse put 2 new then 2 old…into the food bin!!!! Pouring down rain n I had to stand there and dig and dig to get to the other layer of feed so I could blend them. No more runny butts!!! Ha, but before he got there, after they rushed to greet me…the rain began. I ran them to the houses and I went inside too! Pups and all! Lets just say I tried. Nonetheless, Soaked to the bone. But….they are fed. Then I simply stood there while I filled the water troughs. And into the heavily AC’d house. Brrrr.it was kinda fun though. And we needed the rain. The feed bags left out…..will know tomorrow if useable. So! All done and a car full of brand spankin new backgrounds!!! Ready and prepared to get my Art on!!! Smiling. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!!











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